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20. únor 2024

Does not offer a free plan as listed on store, only a 7 free day subscription to the growth plan.

The Platter Girl
Doba používání aplikace: 2 minutami
Vývojář CartKit odpověděl 21. únor 2024

Hi there, please note that we do have a free plan! You can downgrade to the free plan by clicking the profile Icon and going to the Plans & Pricing page. Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live chat if you need more help :)

30. červen 2019

this app is super sweet, but it seems that it hasnt appeared in the app dashboard for my homepage. I need to sort that out before I give an honest review.

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23. duben 2020

So far very interesting. Looking forward to exploring this app's potential. I wonder why the videos start at random places or is that where the user lands ?

Runder Biltong
Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 3 roky
Vývojář CartKit odpověděl 23. duben 2020

We use geolocation based on the IP address. And although it is reliable, it isn't 100% accurate all the time. Reach out via email if you have any other question :)

Datum úprav: 1. květen 2019

I like the premise, but not sure if my customers are just leaving or the recording is messed up. Hopefully its the recording.

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Datum úprav: 4. červen 2021

Update 05. June 2021
In an email conversation, the changes were explained to me in more detail because of privacy concerns. These are described on the website, but it remains that data is requested and accessed, which are irrelevant. The app has received a nice update and the UI is much better. At the same time, more features have been added. I have installed the app again and will look at it again. But I am still skeptical about privacy.
************************** **************************
Update 27. February 2021 I was a bit surprised when I wanted to open the app today, after a long absence, and was prompted to reinstall the app because the already installed one no longer works. In addition, the app wants to access data that are completely irrelevant to the function of the app, just to grab customer data! Why? This is a no-go for me! A deterioration towards my customers and data protection, even if the app can be used for free. For this 1 star and deleted.
************************** All in all a good app, but the rendering in the desktop browser is not correct, as it shows the mouse always in the wrong position. There is for sure more potential in this app, but for a free app, it is really good. Not sure if during the recording session the shop was slower. Maybe it was just a feeling. PRO
+ Helpful to find errors, navigation problems or other issues
+ Very clear and understandable UI CONTRA
– Rendering not correct in a desktop browser (Firefox 75 on Mac OS X 10.13.6) and iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13.4.1, the mouse is offset visible
– Implemented videos on product pages are not recorded (JavaScript Error)
– Form fields and search field are not readable, only stars are visible, even if it's not a password field. Would be good to see, to check if people write wrong search string for example (search string is visible in the dropdown history)
– Would be nice to have a timeline in the progress bar to check how long a user stops browsing at some point (e.g. when they read info or article)
– The first 30% of a record was idle time and was not skipped. The whole record was (11 min), 30% of 11min is a long time not skipped. Thanks to the developer for this great app, I will continue using and hope you will find a solution to the issues.

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Vývojář CartKit odpověděl 2. březen 2021

Hi! We truly appreciate your message. We did experience an issue with the login over the past couple of days but it was resolved as soon as we noticed.

We addressed your concerns via email and we're looking forward to your reply! :)

27. únor 2020

I like the features and good for tracking customers in stores viewing and improving for better store

Infinity Values Store
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11. březen 2022

It works, but lacking documentation on how to use the advanced features. Not worth the $30 in my opinion. I'd say between this one and lucky orange, which are the only two I've used, lucky orange is a bit better.

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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 roky
Vývojář CartKit odpověděl 11. březen 2022

Hi! We thank you and we do appreciate your feedback! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

We've sent an email and we're looking forward to hearing from you.

CartKit Team

9. březen 2021

why is this app not tracking add to cart and initiate checkout at all? if it doesn't do this then its pretty much useless just to see people viewing home and product pages

Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 2 roky
Vývojář CartKit odpověděl 9. březen 2021

Hi! Our dev team is investigating this for you. We'll follow up via email!

31. květen 2020

Which customer is logged in is not an option not sure why.but overall cool add on if you want to analyze the work - Natural wine delivery in Thailand
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16. září 2020

it works okey
might need upgrades
it works okey
might need upgrades
it works okey
might need upgrades

Doba používání aplikace: Více než rokem
Vývojář CartKit odpověděl 16. září 2020

We appreciate your feedback! You can share your requests via email at

We'd love to hear from you :)