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MoonMail Autoresponders

MoonMail Autoresponders

Developed by microapps

Price: Free – $249.00 / month More info
  • Increase revenue with personalized emails to your customers.
  • Boost customer engagement, feedback & retention. Remind wire pending payments.
  • Autopilot. Mail your customers at preset time intervals without lifting a finger!

Wish you could fire off triggered emails without lifting a finger? If so, you could use an auto responder.

An auto responder is a system that sends event-based emails to your customers. Whether they’re being used to reclaim pending bank transfers, to distribute targeted cross-selling emails, or to boost customer retention auto responders can be the 24/7 sales force that you need to boost sales and revenue.

Within minutes, you can easily launch and manage the system from your dashboard. And as you work with MoonMail autoresponders, you can quickly change or adjust the parameters of any campaign, all for no additional cost.

To help you make better business decisions, just place a tag to any url so you can quickly see how Respondfiy is helping your business. See how to here.

No long-term obligations. 50 free emails per month available to all Shopify stores. Try it out today and discover what the ecommerce big boys already know: Auto Responders Work.


  • Event-triggered outreach for Shopify stores

  • 4 ready-for-service templates:
    How did we do?
    Payment is pending
    Want to order again?
    Review Email

  • Activate or deactivate any template at will

  • Customize the content of your template (text, html, graphics, links and liquid tags allowed) with a full featured rich WYSIWYG html editor

  • Send the template at preset time if order conditionals as payment status, shipping status and order amount are met

  • Each template has its own set of control

  • Check specific activity on every email (use Google Analytics to track MoonMail autoresponders performance)

Take a look at our Shopify customizations by clicking here.

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MoonMail Autoresponders reviews (32)


Just great! Works like a charm!



Just testing this out on trial and it's great so far.

This is going to save me a ton of manual time, very helpful. definitely worth it for the time you save. Recommended!


So far just used the free version but seems to work very cleanly and smoothly integrates


Still testing it out, but so far so good. I've used several 'review' apps and it wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted something I could collect reviews but control if and when I posted them, and MoonMail does that. Job well done.


Simple way to send followup emails to customers


We love this app to automatically follow-up with each customer in a personalized manner after their order. We also used it for feedback on our new site when we launched. It has been incredibly valuable and easy to set up!


this is a great app. very helpful.

saves lots of time and its extremely easy to use!


So far, a lot of fun creating meaningful autoresponders!


a great app that saves a lot of time.

has worked great so far. thanks!


Actually quite nice. I am impressed

Free – $249.00 / month

Support & Sales

+1 (844) 611-0814 (Canada)
+1 (888) 273-3630 (US)
+44 (800) 011-9670 (UK)
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