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Restocked Alerts - Back in stock alerts

Restocked Alerts - Back in stock alerts

Developed by Booster Apps

59 reviews
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  • Increase sales by notifying customers when products come back in stock. Don't miss out on potential sales and allow competitors to take your business!
  • We deal in proven results. Over 95% of users get product signups from customers within the first 4 days of installing. The app pays for itself. ☺
  • One click instant setup for our FREE trial. Fully customizable to suit your store.

Restocked Alerts increases sales while saving countless hours spent trawling through customer support enquiries

Add the ability to allow customers to subscribe and receive alerts for when products come back in stock. Don't miss out on potential sales and allow competitors to take your business!

☺☺ $4.5M worth of sales recovered using Restocked Alerts in 2016 ☺☺

See Restocked Alerts in action

✩ Increase Sales and Prevent your Competitors Stealing your Business ✩

A customer wants to buy one of your products - but it's out of stock. What usually happens? They promise to come back... but either forget about it or go one of your competitors instead. With Restocked Alerts this is a thing of the past. Automatically email customers when a product is back in stock and see your sales start to rise.

✩ Save Countless Hours Trawling Through Customer Support Enquiries ✩

Before using Restocked Alerts, a customer would hopefully have sent an unprompted email to your store enquiring about when a product would be available again. These emails stack up and need to be individually replied to... Restocked Alerts saves you countless hours of trawling through customer support enquiries by sending emails automatically and reliably.

✩ Gain Valuable Insights Into Your Most Desired Products ✩

Measure demand for products with our reports dashboard. View notifications collected and sent for each product.

✩ Simple and Straightforward ✩

As usual our apps are designed for all types of technical skills. We offer regular out of the box customizations along with advanced options should you be so inclined :)


  • Startup - $14.99 p/m => 100 emails sent per month

  • Growth - $34.99 p/m => 500 emails sent per month

  • Professional - $54.99 p/m => 5K emails sent per month

  • Enterprise - $79.99 p/m => 50K emails sent per month

Recent Updates

  • 23rd Nov 2016 - Receive weekly email summaries of your Restocked Alerts activity

  • 19th Nov 2016 - Receive email notifications when a customer subscribes to an out of stock product.

  • 8th July 2016 - Now automatically determines your theme and added more theme options

  • 2nd July 2016 - Now tracks order conversions. See how much revenue you're winning back


Booster Apps' Proven Reliability

We are fully dedicated to supporting our customers. Based in the US and Europe, we are a full time development and support team focused purely on building outstanding Shopify Apps.

  • Over 40,000 Shopify stores use our apps

  • Over 5,000 ★★★★★ app reviews

  • Over 10 years ecommerce experience

Feel free to get in touch at any time along the way should you need us.

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Restocked Alerts - Back in stock alerts reviews (59)


Love it!! Has worked great for us!!


Love it! Works great even with my custom theme.


So far so good. Have had many re-stock alerts in just a few days. Wish I downloaded this app years ago.


I have only had the app for a week or so, so I don't know if the re-stocked alerts will actually get my customers to complete their purchase when the products do get back in stock. However, in the single week I have had it installed, I have gotten 5 times as many email requests for items that are out of stock than I did before, when customers had to do it manually by just sending me an email.
That alone is hugely valuable, because now I know what I should be ordering more of, and what sales I am missing out on by not stocking enough.


Works very well, easy to see how many notification are queued up, and when they have been sent.


Great app and customer service!


Great app! Does what it should. But how do I delete customers from the database once they signed up? That should be possible!


I had an issue connecting but it was fixed pretty quick. So far so good!


Update 3:

Ahhh! They've added email notifications for the owner when someone subscribes to a sold out listing. This is perfect for me as I need to make the items that are sold out before I can restock them. Thanks for listening!

Updated review:

Would be much more useful if the app sent an email notification when someone subscribed to a sold out item. Who has time to monitor an app on the daily? Finding this app to be more expensive than it is useful.


I would have LOVED to have this installed when I first opened my shop (as I sold out of many pieces), alas, the original "floating button" design was so in-your-face and omnipresent (and covered too much mobile real estate) that I decided to uninstall it before launching.

Happily, a text only/link option was recently added to Restocked Alerts, and it is much more in line with what I want on my site. It seems to be working well, and I appreciate that it's a more minimal "email when available" link in my product descriptions. (I do however wish this only displayed when OOS variations were selected.)

I found customer service to be hit or miss, with many of my emails going unanswered until I followed up weeks later. Once you have them on the line, they're pretty good about helping you install. Customization seems very limited, and I am a bit put-ff by the typography in the pop-up that my clients see (and have yet to hear back about this...at least a week since I asked for help in customizing it to look like my theme).

I like that it will automatically send emails on a first-come-first-served basis, which saves me time when I restock jewelry designs. Overall, could be better, but the functionality is necessary for what I do so...I'm keeping it for now. We'll see if there's much ROI in terms of sales.

- Dianna | soft-gold.co


Great App that automates replies very well. I would give you 5 stars if the system also sent an alert to us when someone filled out the form so that we could immediately respond. We deal with around 800 products and dozens of inquiries so a notification that didnt require us logging into the Dashboard would be brilliant. Cheers. G

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