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22 Ağustos 2023

This app has been a game-changer for me and has saved me so much time. I used to use the built in Returns Portal with ShipStation, but it did not have the customization options to choose different service levels with USPS, so I was always paying Priority Returns, otherwise customers would receive errors with First Class. Now having the options to do both returns AND exchanges has simplified things so much. This app really has it all - it does take a bit to get set up and understand everything - but once you pass that learning curve it's a very solid app. I couldn't imagine being without it now. As far as Customer Service, I have worked with many people, especially Lian, and they have all been wonderful and extremely helpful!

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30 Kasım 2022

We were previously using ReturnMagic, once they shut down we were looking for a good replacement. Thus we have done trials with many other companies.
After a lot of searching, we have found ReturnGo to be a great fit for our company!
There are so many automations that really make the return/exchange process as easy as possible!
We are a small company and Junessa did an amazing job at making this the right choice for us!
She responded to our questions promptly and was more than happy to help us every step of the way from step by step instructions to zoom meetings. We cannot thank her enough. The support team is also very quick to find solutions.

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11 Mayıs 2023 tarihinde düzenlendi

I've only just added this App and it is so easy to navigate, looks like it will be very beneficial to us and our customers as it allows exchanges and updates stock. Emails go to customers efficiently with updates. Very easy to use, and the 2 problems I couldn't' navigate myself were very quickly and efficiently looked after by the customer service team. Very happy so far.

Just an update / We have been using this app now for a while and it is very reliable and has helped with seamlessly organising returns. Our customers love using it and are happy that they can now do easy exchanges. It syncs perfectly with inventory and orders and the customer service is ten out of ten. Any questions we had were answered quickly and any changes we needed were done. Very very happy with this app.

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11 Mayıs 2023

ReturnGo is a specialized tool with very innovative and smart solutions. The system can draw orders numbers from multiple shopify stores in one front end. The whole flow can also be implemented on your website as an embedded solution, so it really feels like a native tool. Also defects can be handled within the tool. Junessa (our star) and Eyal (CEO) have been extremely helpful and kind. They've put a lot of effort into setting everything up and even they even implemented some custom development. Patta got love for ReturnGo.

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9 Mart 2023

Their staff have been SO helpful, and have been incredibly useful. I cannot thank Geanica especially, who has been an absolute blessing for setting everything up for us. Their team is responsive, quite literally responding instantly, and cut straight to the point and can answer your questions. I highly recommend this app for you to use for returns. I have tried SO many other apps, but this one has been quite literally perfect. Thank you to this team again! And Geanica especially.

The Traveller Series
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8 Haziran 2023

We're brand-new in using the app but have been VERY pleased with how easy the integration and setup has been. It's a much more robust solution than our previous solution and much better customer support! Mike, Chris, and several others responded extremely fast via chat and were super professional, helpful, and positive. Made the whole onboarding experience very enjoyable! I would HIGHLY recommend!

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7 Nisan 2023

Really great app and amazing customer service!

> App is able to handle customers uploading photos with their returns
> Questions are customizable based on shop owners' needs
> Emails that customers receive are customizable to reflect shop branding, messaging, etc.

Customer service
> Super fast, I can hardly keep up!
> Super friendly and over the top helpful

Streamlines the return process for customers which is most important—great app, thanks!!

Running With Wolves
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1 Kasım 2022

We started our initial account with ReturnGO for our tv segments as our then returns service was lacking features we needed. We were so absolutely blown away by the outstanding level of service that we have received, that we switched our website to ReturnGO too! We have all the features we need and more. We had the absolute fortune to have Stephen as our account manager and have never received better service! We have had some odd situations arise with our Shopify/website setup, but it has never been a problem for them! The care and attention to detail that we've been given is absolutely unmatched! The 24-7 chat support is incredible and every person that I've chatted with from RTG has been helpful, kind, and knowledgeable - thanks Lian, Mike, Nikki, and more! When we had a weird issue pop up that was time sensitive and hard to figure out, both Stephen (acct manager) and Eyal (founder) went out of their way to set up calls to handle our issue. I am very grateful to you both and to ReturnGO as a whole. We are very happy.

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15 Mayıs 2023

Top review for them! The onboarding with the team was quite more than amazing and their support after settings is very quick and efficient. We were looking for the best way to create an automatic and cool return and exchange process for the customer and our employees. Til now, it seems we found it. All the team is very willing to help and answer your requests asap. We are still working together on improving the system for both sides. Highly recommend them!

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2 Ağustos 2023

I just did the onboarding process, going from Returnly to ReturnGO. My first impressions are that ReturnGo is much more intuitive and user-friendly on the back-end. And the front-facing customer experience seems to be better too. Also, my onboarding specialist was AMAZING. She walked me through everything with the nicest manner and with lots of explanantion.

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