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14 Nisan 2022

This is actually a great app. One star because I was very clear from the start that I needed to do cross-border returns (US returns need to generate a USPS return label to send the return back to us in Canada). This app cannot do this. One star for me doing days of configuration only to realize it can't meet our most basic requirement - a requirement I was explicit about with the support folks I chatted with extensively. If you need to ship returns within Canada or within the US - 5 stars. It's a great app. It's easy to use. The interface for configuration is straightforward with just enough power to enable complex rules and exclusions. The user experience is really nice too. I'm annoyed that we can't use this tool. The support staff were regularly available, easy to chat with and generally very proactive and helpful. I'm just annoyed at having wasted so much time.

Navas Lab Apparel
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16 Kasım 2022

Everything that Stephen said was an option on the phone was not! a feature where the customer pays for the retun is not available, they said they are working on it and will be available next week. I was following once a week for a month, after a month I received an email confirming that the option is now available, I schedule a call. On the call the person informed me that the option is not available, wasting my time again!!! Please note that this company is in India, both Rav and Lian that I previously spoke, have very little knowledge of the software and can not answer basic question! Also, the accents are beyond understandable. Both me and one of my managers had hard time understanding the representative! The app has limited functionalities, the demo "sales call" is all a lie, the tech team that suppose to onboard you has limited training, and no basic comprehension of how shopify works!!!

iLevel Lab
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
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ReturnGO yanıt 18 Kasım 2022

We sincerely apologize for the experience you had. It is definitely not an experience we want to provide our merchants. After investigating this issue with Stephen and our team, we realized there was a misunderstanding about "Paying for Return".

Just to clarify, we allow merchants to charge for return shipping labels as either an invoice from your Shopify store or as a deduction in a refund that is based on a fee of your choosing or the expected label fee. We do not charge for labels ourselves. We are sorry for any confusion on this feature in the return platform. We'll do our best to learn from this.

For the sake of transparency, we would like to point out that we are incorporated in the US and Israel, with a significant part of our 24/7 live support team in the Philippines. They are an integral part of ReturnGO.

Again, take full responsibility for the misunderstanding of your request, and we understand your frustration. One of our executives has contacted you in person to discuss further our learning after investigating the issue, hopefully to improve the experience and also to suggest some practical solutions.

We hope to provide you with a better experience in the future.