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Returns Manager by Bold

Returns Manager by Bold

Developed by BOLD

100 reviews
Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Offer Hassle Free Returns so Your Customers Feel Safe Buying From You
  • Any Customer Can Manage a Return, No Account Required!
  • 100% Customizable Interface and Mobile Friendly!

Did you know…

“91% of customers state that a good return policy is something they consider when making an online purchase” - - New York Times (Recent Harris Poll Study)

“One of the primary keys to the success of Zappos is their return policy and a system that handles it.” - Time Magazine

“The most important factor to online shoppers isn't always price. Return policies are play a larger role than most stores think!”
- Inc.com

91% of your customers are thinking about returns... Are you?

Introducing: Returns Manager for Shopify!

(Also referred to as an RA App, RMA App, Return App)

Returns are not just something every store should handle, they're an extremely important marketing tool! Now there's an app that allows you to create & manager returns in a professional yet easy to use way.

✓ Custom Rules by Product

You're not just forced to have one return rule for every product in your store! You can create rules for as many different groups of products as you like. Maybe you want some products to be allowed to be returned for a Refund only and for up to 30 days, while others can only be returned for an Exchange and up to 60 days. Creating different groups with different rules like this are a cinch with this app!

You have the ability to hand-select products for the different rule groups or, to speed up the process, you can select entire collections, brands or product types. Then for each "Group" of products you can specify if, and for how long, a customer has to return it for each type of return: Refunds, Exchanges or Credits.

✓ Store Override Capability

Don't worry, no matter what return rules you create for products you have a screen in your admin that allows you to override them and create a return for any product you like, no matter how long it's been since the purchase. So if you have that angry customer on the phone who missed the return time you can still take care of him too :-)

✓ Customizable Customer Admin

The returns manager interface that the customers use to submit a return is clean and effective. It's also 100% responsive so it will work on mobile themes as well! It comes with a good "out of the box" look but we've built everything to be completely customizable so you can give it a look and feel all your own to match your store's branding.

✓ No Customer Accounts Required

One of the great things about this app is that it doesn't require customers accounts for customers to be able to request and manage their returns. We all know many customers checkout as "Guests" and never create an account when making a purchase.

The returns manager can be embedded on any page(s) in your store with a simple custom embed code. It's just as easy as embedding a YouTube video... Actually it's even easier :-) All a customer needs to login and check if a product is returnable and request a return is their email address and order number.

✓ File Management - Attach PDF's JPEG's, PNG's etc...

NEW: From the request of our users we've added the ability for customers to attach files to a return request. Generally this would be for a picture of the damaged product. AS WELL we've also added the ability for store owners to attach a file to an active return from their end. This is perfect for attaching Shipping labels and things like that!

✓ Language & Branding Settings

The app has a language manager that allows you to control all the text customers see displayed on the front end on the returns manager. You can change the wording on any field, text header, buttons, title etc… You name it!

✓ Notification Settings

The app can notify you by email when a new return request has been submitted. This way you can stay on top of things without logging in all the time to check.

You can set the app to send custom emails to a customer when their return is approved or denied and as well when it has a status change. It handles a number of merge fields so you can customize the email with the things like First name, last name, product name, RA#, Order#, return type etc...

(You can also turn off any of the above email notifications if you like)

✓ Custom Statuses

Statuses are the different stages that a return passes through. For example "Waiting for product", "Pending inspection", "Refund Issued", "Exchange Sent" etc... There's a handful that are pre-loaded in the app by default but it's 100% customizable so you can edit those or add new ones to make it work exactly the way you want! And as mentioned, each status can be set to send, or not send an email update to the customer.

✓ Custom Return Reasons

"Return Reasons" are what a customer selects as the reason they're returning an item. For example: "Damaged during shipping", "Wrong Size", "Wrong product" etc… There's a few that are built into the app by default but you can edit and customize those or add any more reasons you'd like to support.

✓ Multiple Shipping Options

Depending on the reason a customer selects as to why they're returning a product you may want to pay or you may want them to be responsible for the shipping. For example if the wrong product was shipped you'll probably want to pay for the shipping. However if they simply changed their mind and want to exchange the product for a different size you may want them to pay for the shipping.

For each "Return Reason" you create you can specify who is responsible for the shipping. Then if a customer selects a reason for which they are responsible to cover the shipping it will display your message for that, and same thing the other way.

✓ Display Settings

Every aspect of the returns manager (that the customer sees) is 100% customizable! We've built in some user friendly tools to edit basic things like backgrounds, borders, fonts, etc... but you can inject any custom css you want to give it a look all your own!

The returns manager is mobile friendly as well, so customers can manage their returns on any device :-)

The Customer Experience

The return manager can be embedded on any page in your store with a simple piece of code. You can customize the area above and below it on the page and as well you can enter html in various areas of the manager to help your customers or give special instructions.

Some of the features from the customers end are:

  • Return one or multiple items from an order

  • Add custom notes to a return

  • View notes that the store adds to a return

  • View status updates and other details

  • Get email notifications on status updates

  • Doesn't require a "customer account"

  • Mobile friendly!

The app comes with a FULL 30 DAY FREE TRIAL so give it a whirl today!


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Returns Manager by Bold reviews

100 reviews
  1. 5 stars (71 reviews)
  2. 4 stars (15 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (2 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (4 reviews)
  5. 1 star (8 reviews)

This review is mostly to make you notice this. I've tried to contact the customer service but I didn't receive and answer. First of all, since I started to use it you didn't make any changing in the app. As a result, the app is very slow and makes the whole return process even more difficult.
There's no option to select more requests at the same time. if I want to accept 5 requests from one customer all in one, I can't do it! I have to do it manually for every request and this takes time. I can't also change the status of a return all together. There should be also two dates on the app: one should be the date of the request submission and the other one the date when the request was accepted. This would help my work very much because the app, as it is now, has to be used with an excel file so that I can write when the request has been accepted. I'm telling you this because sometimes it can happen that we don't accept the request the same day. Our return policy says that the return request is valid since the acceptance day. This update will help a lot of other companies that use your app.
You should also give the possibility to view the returns for each month, this will also help me a lot because if I have to look for a return in the list I have to see 50 pages of returns. Not every customers complete the return process. We delete the old return request if more than 2 months are passed but right now it’s impossible to look for the newest returns in the list. Also there’s no option for importing it as a CSV, am I right?

I’m telling you this because I thought this app was the most useful thing in the world but I’m starting to regret it. I think that the field of the tab should be more like this:
Order numer // SKU item // Request Date // Acceptance date and all the other fields should be left as they are.
No one really cares about the name of the customer, you can find the name if you see the order from the Shopify page. What’s important is the SKU item so that you can make a statistic of how many times that item is returned.

The sort by feature should be improved, I can sort by date but I can’t sort by newest to oldest or viceversa.


We aggree with Soleil Blue. The app is far from perfect... but most of the flaws are manageable... except this multiple item return thing:

to recap, the app treats every item in each order as a separate return. If a single customer returns 5 items from one order, they have to enter 5 separate returns. Also, our team has to approve 5 separate returns.

Seems a bit silly and not well thought out. Sad that Bold doesn't seem to want to fix this.


We we're REALLY excited to find this app. It has a lot of cool features. Our entire office was ecstatic. We imagined a life free of so many of the returns headaches we had experienced over the years. We thought how amazing it would be to free up some of our time that we normally spent dealing with return questions & Return Authorization emails etc. BUT our excitement quickly turned to major disappointment when we finally got it all set up. We received a request from a customer who had multiple items on one order that she wanted to return. Sure no problem! Then we saw the flaw. A MAJOR FLAW. You have to issue a separate RA number for each item on the order. The RA number is also sent via a separate email. So, if one customer returns 10 items from an order, they will receive 10 different RA numbers and 10 different emails. This was a deal-breaker for us. Not only does it make our store look dumb, but it's confusing to our customers. What happens when we get the items and and mark them received? Does the customer then get 10 emails stating the items were received? And then another 10 emails when they receive an update on the refund being processed? We contacted BOLD support and while we received a very quick response, they did not have a solution for us. They told us they have had other complaints on the topic, but do not have any immediate plans to fix it. So, for now we're going to uninstall. If they ever fix it, we'll be back! Please fix this. I beg you. It's such a cool app, but with the multiple item issues, it's completely useless to us.


LOVE this app! Would highly recommend it to any business owner who accept returns!


Once again, Boldapps has supplied exactly what I was looking for with Returns Manager. This app provides all the returns functionality modern customers expect from online retailers at a reasonable price. Love it.


Does the job. Wish there was a way for emails that are sent out to customers automatically via the RMA system to have shipping labels attached to them (after we upload it in the backend) rather than making customers login into website interface again to get the shipping label.


Takes all the pain out of organising, tracking and following up on returns. A really professional and slick app, with a really easy to use back end that can be customised in so many different ways.
Thanks Bold Apps!!


This is the second app from Bold that I've installed and it's pretty easy to setup although I had to spend a few quid with my developer altering the css to fit in with the site's theme.

Very happy with the support from Bold, particularly Holly and Ron, who were extremely helpful.

For better or worse, we have to embrace returns in the ecommerce world and I believe that this app will help enormously.

Take a look at my implementation: http://adamsimmonds.co.uk/pages/delivery-returns.


Returns Manager ultimately wasn't robust enough for what we needed, but I was still very impressed with the functionality it provided and the ease of installation and use.


Dues what i need, saves me time what more could i ask for.

$19.99 / month

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