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Revenue Conduit

Revenue Conduit

Developed by Unific

14 reviews
Price: $49.95 – $349.95 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • The Power Of Data - Fully utilize your marketing platform's capabilities by automatically syncing then segmenting order data and finding your best customers!
  • Downloadable Campaigns - Quickly launch campaigns that help you attract, convert, retain, and GROW
  • History of Success - Trusted by hundreds of online stores across multiple platforms!

The Data an eCommerce Marketer Needs

The deepest integration available for Hubspot, Infusionsoft, or Active Campaign with fields that include information about product and category, abandoned carts, orders, last product bought, and much more. The data you need to send the right message, at the right time, to the right customer; all through marketing automation.

Your Marketing Platform Ready to Go

When you connect your store to Hubspot, Infusionsoft, or Active Campaign through Revenue Conduit, you can build your own your lifecycle marketing campaigns, including:

  • New Customer Welcome: Welcome new customers and get them to buy again.

  • Customer Re-engagement: Automatically re-engage one-time buyers.

  • Customer Rewards: Reward your best customers for loyalty.

  • Replenishment: Remind your customers to buy your subscription products.

  • Upsell and Cross-sell: Automatically start campaigns that will upsell or cross-sell based on purchase history.

  • So much more: With actionable eCommerce data you can easily run campaigns based on the unique buyer profile.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Marketing

Automatically recover abandoned shopping carts through a powerful, customizable campaign. Check your data - it’s likely that upwards of 70% of your carts are abandoned . With Revenue Conduit, you can automatically recover those carts, growing your top and bottom line. Include your product pictures, cart items and details in a multi-step email campaign. You can even protect yourself from customers gaming the discount system by only delivering a coupon code every second or third time.  

Sync Customers, Orders and Products

As your customers buy, Revenue Conduit automatically syncs all your customers, orders and products to the Infusionsoft CRM system.

RFM Segmentation

This one feature alone can provide you with a return on your investment in Revenue Conduit. Automatically segment your customers based on the last time they bought, how many times they bought and how much they have spent. Using Revenue Conduit, customers will be given a 1-5 rating for Order Recency, Order Frequency and Monetary. This is called RFM Segmentation. The big eCommerce companies use it, and now you can, too!

Referral Partner Integration (Available for Infusionsoft only)

Infusionsoft includes a powerful Referral Partner System that allows you to build and manage a Referral Partner Program that compensates your partners for sales they help you generate. Revenue Conduit makes it possible for you to sell on your Shopify store and track sales and commissions in Infusionsoft.

Coupon Code Generation, Sync and Automation

Automatically generate one-time use coupon codes when your visitor opts-in and send the code to them through an email. Segment customers based on the coupon codes they have used, and track the ROI of each coupon code.

Revenue Conduit reviews

14 reviews
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We've been using Revenue Conduit for 3 years, and have always had a great experience. Customer Service is great. The app works seamlessly with Infusionsoft too! Highly recommend them.


We use Revenue Conduit as an integration between Shopify and our two CRMs (Hubspot and Active Campaign).

It really helps us with so much work that would otherwise take a long time configuring and setting up (believe me, I've had to do it manually before). Email automations, customer segmentations, and the huge amount of contact properties provided are incredible.

Kudos to the team for providing such a useful integration and also for their great sales and support team.


I've been using Revenue Conduit in combination with ActiveCampaign for over a week and I've to say that it has saved me weeks of work! I'm not sure if people realise this is not just a data interface, it's a fundamental framework that helps you structure your global marketing and remarketing campaigns strategy. If you are new to ActiveCampaign YOU SHOULD use RC as you will be operational literally in less than an hour. Their support team is amazing too, very reactive and always looking at making sure your installation is a real success. Keep up the good job Revenue Conduit!


I love Revenue Conduit! I use it to track all my sales, and it allows me to re-sell to customers who have purchased specific products. And the customer service is great!


The tool very thorough and has built in solutions for many scenarios that may develop over time. Their in-app chat support is fantastic as well. They've been able to help me research solutions almost immediately which have all worked very well. Comes with great out-of-the-box campaigns and tracking as well.

This is the best Shopify to Infusionsoft connector app I've ever worked with.


Flawlessly gets our order data into Infusionsoft with the proper tags. Only reason I took off a star is because I feel that the price is a bit excessive.


Great product and great service.

This product is essential for Infusionsoft and Shopify users. Make sure you opt in for the pre built marketing campaigns that Rev Conduit pre builds for you with your purchase - it makes getting started on Infusionsoft so much easier.


We decided to move from MailChimp to Infusionsoft and without Revenue Conduit this wouldn't have been possible. The team at Revenue Conduit made the process of integration Shopify and Infusionsoft easy and were responsive to all my questions.

I would highly recommend their Premium Marketing System within their set up services. Our consultant, Justin, was amazing and helped me quickly understand Infusionsoft (which can be quite confusing at times), set up campaigns which generated ROI from day one, and was there anytime to help me out.

I highly recommend.


This company has surprisingly excellent customer service. We had just signed up for Infusionsoft because we really had just outgrown our current CRM tools. We knew that connecting Shopify to Infusionsoft was a must, so we turned to Revenue Conduit. I will say that getting the process going was a little difficult and took some time. There were some glitches. Dan personally reached out to me had his team fix everything that was wrong, and even added in over $500 of freebies to make up for it.

Everything is running smoothly now and I really can say that if you need to import data from Shopify into any CRM software such as Infusionsoft or Hubspot, this is the hands-down best option. The dynamic coupon code generation feature is great! As a shop owner himself, Dan really understands what people running on Shopify Stores need.

One of the best things about Revenue Conduit is that if you are like us, and just starting on Infusionsoft, the 6 campaigns they include are gold. It can be hard to know where to start, but they really provide a solid foundation to jump off the diving board and get into it. These aren't standard infusionsoft templates people, they are turbocharged selling monsters.

One additional thing we appreciate about Dan and his team is that they are constantly improving their app and what it can do.

If you don't have Infusionsoft and Revenue Conduit yet, you are losing money and leads every day. What are you waiting for?


Thank God I found Revenue Conduit! I now feel that Infusionsoft is working for HighChi! If your store is on Shopify and you've integrated Infusionsoft, Revenue Conduit brings it all together! Justin and Kenda were excellent at getting me all set up and ready to go!

$49.95 – $349.95 / month
14 days

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