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Rich Snippets for SEO

Rich Snippets for SEO

Developed by Orbis Labs

7 reviews
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  • Increase conversion rates, get more traffic and stand out in search engine results by enabling Rich Snippets on your store, products, product reviews and blog articles!
  • Add your social media profiles show them show in search engines!
  • One off payment - no monthly fee!

What is Rich Snippets for SEO?

Rich Snippets for SEO is an app that enables Rich Snippets for your store, products, product reviews, blog articles and social media profiles.

It allows search engines to add snippets of information to its search results which will make your store standout from the rest.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich Snippets are structured data markup that allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on your store, products and blog articles. An example would be price information, how many comments a blog article has and product reviews.

What are the benefits of enabling Rich Snippets?

There are numerous benefits of enabling Rich Snippets such as:-

  • Eye catching results

  • Potential CTR increase

  • Providing 'quality' results

  • Product reviews in search results

Not only do Rich Snippets significantly improve clickthrough rates, the traffic you’ll be driving will be more qualified, too. These users are ones who are making an educated decision -- they know your pricing, your product’s availability, and your track record.

What sections will have Rich Snippets?

This app will automatically add Rich Snippets to the following sections:-

  • Products

  • Pages

  • Reviews

  • Blog articles

  • Store wide information e.g. company name, address etc


If you run a food based store you can add recipe information and this will get included into search engine results. This is completely optional and if you don't add recipe information the app will automatically add normal snippets instead.

Social Profiles

You can add your social profile information and Rich Snippets will add these when customers search for your store. See screenshots for an example.

Company Logo

You can add your company logo so it appears in search results as seen in the screenshot.

Supported Review Apps

Having reviews isn't required but it will help. This app supports the following review apps:-

  • Shopify Product Reviews

  • Judge.me

  • Orankl

  • Stamped.io

  • Loox

  • Yotpo

  • SocialShopWave

  • Trust Reviews

  • Kudobuzz

What if there are any future changes/updates to Rich Snippets?

Don't worry, we've got your back! Any markup changes or additions to Rich Snippets will be automatically applied to your store. You can sit back and relax, we'll take care of the rest.

How long will it take for Rich Snippets to show in search engine results?

It can take several weeks, sometimes up to 11 weeks for search engines to analyse your Rich Snippets and index them into its search results. Patience is key here and the rewards and benefits you gain are worth the wait.

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One Click Installation

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!

One off fee - no monthly payment

Get Rich Snippets for a single, one-off fee - no monthly payments! You’ll never have to pay for JSON-LD markup on your store again, even if you replace your theme.

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Rich Snippets for SEO reviews

7 reviews
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The team has been super helpful getting our structured data going in organic search. They were open to adding new fields and also gave us 1:1 support and corrected an issue we were having with our code. Great app!


Just installed the app and its working great.


Really nice support!
Just installed the app and it's still being read by google, but all seams to be working according to search console :)


Just installed and tried using it, but it seems to work only well for Recipe based products...


This app has help me in a big way! Really been getting more traffic. Get this app now!

HARVEY'S Pest Control www.harveyspestcontrol.com


Excellent product. No manual updates with code. Takes care of my schema update manually and provides a nice snippet of product reviews in google search. Grateful there's no monthly fee, but a one time fee. Very responsive support.


Fast and great support! Thanks for making a fantastic app. Looking forward to seeing what other updates will come.


Get Rich Snippets for a single, one-off fee - no monthly payments! You’ll never have to pay for JSON-LD markup on your store again, even if you replace your theme.


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