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Right Click Defender

Right Click Defender

Developed by Adolab

Price: Free – $1.99 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Protect Your Shop’s Content From Being Stolen!
  • Prevents ANY Image Or Text From Being Copied On Your ENTIRE Site (By Disabling Right Click, Copying, Highlighting, Cutting & Pasting)
  • Increases Your Site’s Safety By Blocking Spammers & Bots From Attacking Your Forms

Stop people from copying your photos!

Right Click Defender is the perfect way to guard your images & text.

Plus, helps to fight spammers by preventing pasting into forms!

Install our app today & we'll instantly generate code that will protect your images & text from thieves.

★ Why Right Click Defender?

Right Click Defender beats the competition. Here’s why:

Functionality: Disables right click so people can’t steal your images or text

Customizable: Toggle features on and off, with one click

Performance: Works perfectly on desktop, mobile or tablet!

All-in-One: Other apps only protect images, but we protect BOTH images & text

★ How can Right Click Defender help your business?

  1. Protects your one of a kind images from content thieves
  2. Gives you peace of mind that your content can’t be stolen
  3. Prevents spammers from pasting into your webform
  4. Safeguards your product listings from copycats
  5. Protects your blog posts from plagiarists
  6. Shields your Product names & descriptions from being reproduced
  7. Guards your website 24/7 from spammers & thieves
  8. Stops people from taking your hard work and passing it off as
    their own
  9. Puts an end to people copying your Shopify store
  10. Ensures your store will remain unique!
  11. ★ Keep your Store Safe from Content Thieves!

    Right Click Defender is the best way to keep your images and text out of the hands of copycats.

    Our app defends your website’s content around the clock and stops content thieves in their tracks!

    We understand that you don’t want your hard work to be stolen.

    You’ve spent a long time creating the perfect product descriptions and taking the best photos.

    Right Click Defender is the perfect solution, so protect your content today!

★ Features List

  • One-click installation!
  • Super easy to use
  • Instantly generates the code that will protect your images and text
  • Customers can shop and add products to cart, without any interruptions
  • No design or coding knowledge necessary
  • Daily updates to the app ensures your images & text are always protected!
  • Easily turn any features On or OFF depending on your needs
  • Disables right click on images
  • Disables image dragging & dropping
  • Disables the right click menu on images
  • Prevents text highlighting
  • Prevents copying & cutting on selected text
  • Disables pasting into form fields (fights spammers!)
  • Creates a beautiful widget for your site
  • Works great on all desktops
  • 100% mobile friendly!
  • Improves the safety of your shop’s content
  • Easy to use admin panel
  • Flexibility to remove widget from your shop
  • Fast & Friendly customer support

How is Right Click Defender Different?

  • We offer the LOWEST PRICE!

  • No cap on the amount of products or text being protected!

  • 100% risk FREE TRIAL period

  • Other apps don't protect your text, we do!

  • Our app works 24/7 to protect your website

  • Works instantly!

  • Offers fast & friendly help from a professional programmer

★ How Does Right Click Defender Work?

We add a couple lines of code to your site that will instantly protect your photos and text.

This code does not interfere with the standard users experience.

Shoppers can easily browse products, zoom in on images, and read product descriptions like normal.

It simply blocks people who are trying to steal your content.

Stop content thieves today and protect your hard work!

★ Risk Free Trial!

Yup, you’ve heard right!

Unlike other Shopify apps, we offer a free trial period.

You can use our app for several days and decide whether or not you like it.

During the trial period, you can see how our app automatically shields your images and text.

Our app instantly protects your images and text which ensures your website will be safe from further attacks.

It will also give your site further protection against mobile content thieves!

★ Get Even More Mobile Features

❤ Prevent copying text on mobile devices

❤ Prevent people from copying your images on mobile devices

★ Highly Customizable

Simple Admin Panel   - Our easy to use dashboard will rock your socks off!

Customize your settings  - Just click on a button to toggle features on or off

Advanced Features  - Ability to select exactly which options you would like enabled/disabled

Risk Free Trial  - See our app in action without any financial commitment

★ Fast & Friendly 24/7 Customer Support

Email us anytime and we'll create a ticket for you.

We promise to get back to you under 24 hours.

We love hearing from our customers, and are ready to answer any question you might have!

We pride ourselves on being quick to respond & frequently reply in just a couple of minutes!

★ Shopify Text & Image Protector

TRY OUR FREE TRIAL! For less than the competitor's price, you'll get:

  • Instantly generates the code to protect your site from copycats

  • Improves your site’s safety against spammers

  • Instantly blocks content thieves!

  • Protects all images and text

  • Works great on ALL computers & desktops

  • 100% mobile friendly

  • Easy to install without any prior coding knowledge!

  • Works with all Shopify themes right out of the box

  • Fully customizable settings, with one click buttons

  • Includes help from a Senior-level programmer

  • Fast & friendly 24/7 Support (Quick response time!)

So what are you waiting for?

This is a total no brainer. We offer a total risk free trial.

You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to GAIN from this app!

★ Click the 'GET' Button Now to Get Your 5-Day Free Trial ★

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Simple, effective and not expensive :)
totally recommend

Free – $1.99 / month


  • Made in the USA

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Instantly protects your photos and text by disabling right click menu options.

  • Helps safeguard your original work and keeps your content unique!

  • Fight spammers by blocking pasting into forms.

5 days


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