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25. březen 2023

A few customers have gained a loyalty reward; however, Rivo does not notify customers when they have points to spend. The app really is not fully integrated into the site because I do not get notifications when customers have points to spend either. Seems like I would have to check daily to see when customers have rewards, and then create custom emails for each customers. That is really time consuming and difficult to manage.

Kultured Kurlz
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Vývojář Rivo odpověděl 26. březen 2023

Hi Kultured Kurlz's team!

Appreciate your review and feedback. I'm so sorry you weren't able to find these options in the app. Every time customers earn points, an email is sent out notifying them that they have points to spend. This is also the case with rewards.

Additionally actually have points reminder and expiry emails built in to the app. https://help.rivo.io/en/articles/6778445-points-expiry

Happy to have our team jump on a call and walk you through best practices and set this up personally for you! Let me know if that's something you're interested in – james@rivo.io


10. říjen 2021

App works fine so far. I just started using the app today, once I've used it for a month I will submit another review.

Sweet Epiphany Candle Co.
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Vývojář Rivo odpověděl 11. říjen 2021

Thanks for your review and feedback! Looking forward to your thoughts after 1 month. Have fun exploring the app and let us know if you need a hand with anything :)


1. říjen 2021

i just started using this app .the customer care is incredible otherwise cant say more about because of the lack of experience.What annoys me though is that i have to type a minimum of 100 characters for my review

Safe Kimani
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17. říjen 2021

App looks good. Excited to use the app on our ecommerce store. Will share feedback once used. Thank You.

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12. září 2022

This app looks great. Unfortunately the support in setting up has been rather average hence the 3 start. The link to book an onboarding call does not work - initially it was blamed on their own theme upgrade, and now the new link sent doesn't work either so they are 'looking in to it.' As I said, it looks a great app and should tick all the boxes of what we need but tt does makes me wonder what support will be like if we do install and use and encounter issues.

The Transformation Chef
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Vývojář Rivo odpověděl 12. září 2022

Hey there! I am so sorry for the hiccup with scheduling a call. Initially when you raised the issue, we had it updated, but our web team rolled back some changes on the website and I believe the link update was rolled back with it. This is 100% our fault and I'm sorry for the rough start.

Please feel free to book a call with me anytime, I've also sent over an email to help make things right.



28. červen 2021

I like this app it helps to set up a great rewards program. I really want to be able to reward my customers for leaving reviews. I would then give it the full 5 stars

Recovery Formula
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15. březen 2022

Have not used app yet, but customer service is on point and quick to respond. Can't wait to use the app!

Geek Alert Collectibles
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Datum úprav: 7. leden 2022

I think this app looks great, though nobody has used it as yet so I can't really comment on what it's like.
The support, when accessed, however, was top notch.

Master Medical
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4. září 2021

It was easy to setup. Live support chat was helpful. I'm using this app to increase customer engagement.

Paradigm Shifted
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9. březen 2023

So the app was quite complicated to navigate to install. Things were not in obvious logical places like where to change text etc. There were lots of curves and roundabouts but I got there thanks to the help of Mica who was fantastic about helping me even when I asked really obvious questions. She was prompt in getting back to me and very professional. That's def the type of person you need to reward on great customer service. It's what it's all about in the end.

Jihoafrická republika
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Vývojář Rivo odpověděl 9. březen 2023

Hey Cheeky Bum team!

Thank you so much for your feedback. I read through your chat history and wanted to touch on your feedback here.

We're making some major improvements to User Experience in the app next quarter and wanted to thank you for your feedback. And I'm sorry our app made it difficult to find what you were looking for! User Experience is one thing we keep front of mind when designing and developing any feature at Rivo this is another reminder that we need to continue to focus our efforts there.

More than happy to jump on a zoom call and go through a UX interview with you to help improve our app. Let me know if you want me to take us up on that: james@rivo.io.