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  • Load your site on mobile instantly
  • Drive more mobile customers to purchase
  • One click setup of the first and only Google AMP Shopify App

RocketAmp is the first and only Google AMP plugin for Shopify.

AMP (which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a technology developed by Google that makes webpages load faster. RocketAmp effortlessly creates this special AMP version that enables this technology for your Shopify store with just a few clicks, giving your customers instant access to your products and collection pages. We even allow you to theme your AMP version so that it matches your desktop store. In order to improve your SEO, we use special canonical links that go directly back to your site!

RocketAmp automatically and intelligently creates your AMP site at the push of a button and stays updated as you add or change your products making it simple to set up and virtually maintenance free!

  • Want to add a new product?
    Not a problem - RocketAmp will automatically handle those pages the instant a customer looks at them.
  • Want to change your store theme?
    Not a problem - RocketAmp will still be able to make sure your site looks great on mobile. (Note, full theme integration is not yet available)
  • Worried about your main site breaking?
    RocketAmp only adds a minimal amount of code necessary to make sure that your user’s device uses your AMP optimized page.
  • Want to keep the important engagement functionality?
    RocketAmp can already handle image and social functionality like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We’re constantly building out functionality to add more optimized rich media like video, as well as tracking, analytics, and more as possible.

Google has already started promoting certain sites that use AMP in their search results. Starting with news sites, sites participating in AMP receive special treatment that allow users to know the site is AMP enabled through the user of an AMP icon. Already, 90% of publishers that have adopted AMP have seen higher click through’s to their sites. While AMP hasn’t been used to change search rankings, Google has been careful about how they word their answers but has indicated that product pages are in its future.

Since RocketAmp is a Shopify App, it’s a simple one time setup that will make your site faster for every mobile user and work with any changes you make. Get your customers from search to browse to buy with lightning speed using RocketAmp.

See our FAQ here: http://www.getrocketamp.com/frequently-asked-questions.html

RocketAmp reviews (3)


Don't waste your time if you are trying to improve your SEO .. RocketAMP uses there own domain name in-front of your domain to insert the required CSS for AMP pages - The correct AMP page and full SEO benefit is if the pages are cached on the google servers.


The speed in obvious using mobile phones. awesome app. Hope to explore more and the customer service is awesome!!


So far so good, Simple install and instant speed. Worth a try

From $9.00 / month

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14 days

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