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14 reviews
Price: $25.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • High quality T-shirts, for UNBEATABLE prices!
  • Build ENORMOUS email lists with tee giveaways!
  • 500+ FREE designs you can start testing immediately!

How Does Rocketees Work?

You already know that nowadays to be successful selling T-shirts, you need a serious competitive edge. What if you could sell T-shirts with beautiful, multi-color designs for just $6? Well, now you can, with Rocketees!

How is this even possible, you ask? Well, most print-on-demand companies make their profit with a markup on the base cost of each product they sell. Rocketees doesn't do this, and cuts the middle man completely for you. We make our profit just from our flat monthly fee.

But doesn't lower price mean lower quality? With Rocketees, not at all! Our T-shirts, both male and female, are all 100% ring-spun combed cotton, which is one of the softest and most comfortable apparel material you will find anywhere.

But this isn't all, with Rocketees you also get access to hundreds of free T-shirt designs! You read that right.

Install the app today, and start transforming how you do business.

Free Design Library

Our app includes a design library with 500+ original designs in various of the most passionate buyer niches. These designs are free to use by our merchant partners. Try out our app free for 7 days and take a look at our gallery!

Shipping & Fulfillment

When your customer places an order, Rocketees automatically fulfills and ships the order within an average of 1-2 business days. Shipping costs $3 in US + $1.50 per additional item; international shipping is $8 + $6 per additional item.

How Can Rocketees Change Your Business?

Our mission at Rocketees is to remain a relatively small POD provider, and to build individual relationships with our partners. We'll always reply the same day to your emails, if not in just a few hours. We don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity.

If this all sounds interesting to you, give Rocketees a try for 7 without making any commitment or paying our monthly fee!

Rocketees reviews

14 reviews
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Reasons why this is a 1 star rating

1. This app is horrible to use. If you want to submit a design you cant have any spaces in the name of your design. Therefore you have to rename your design with no spaces so you can upload it. Total hassle if your trying to upload a bunch of designs

2. If you want to check for a tracking # you have to find the date of when it was ordered and you get a csv file sent to you. You then have to sift through a bunch of letters, names and #'s until you find the order your looking for.

3. The owner of this app is in Brazil and has nothing to do with the printing of the shirts. If you look up the business for the people he uses you get an apartment complex. So the people he uses print out of an apartment in Florida.

4. The prices for shirts minus the low budget heavy 6.oz t shirt for 6 dollars are all the same prices as other apps on shopify. So if you go to teelaunch or teescape you get the same prices and better quality without paying a monthly 25 dollar fee.

5. Did I mention your paying a 25 dollar fee for a completely low budget app that is extremely hard to use and all your getting out of it is a Gildan 6.oz t shirt that is boxy and no longer in fashion

6. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and work with him and basically wasted 2 months of my time and sales trying to get the apartment printers to get more modern fit t shirts. Now I have to restock my store with my designs all over again

7. The claim to fame is that they ship out in 1-2 days. This rarely happens and in the 2 months I worked with them I had multiple misprints and items sent to the wrong address.

8. In a nutshell dont use this app as the owner has no control of the printing or print quality as he lives in another country. You would be better off using other printers who are actually printing in a warehouse or shop and not out of an apartment complex.

Mike how much did you get paid to write that bogus review???


I am leaving a review on behalf of being a rocketees client since the beginning of my shopify experience. I have been working with Rockettees and other Print on demand provides and honestly, If this wasn't a good company I wouldn't still be doing business with them. If something goes wrong with a product, it is probably on your behalf because Luke the owner of rocketees definately backs up his word on his quality and process. I seen below a person said something about limited quanity of garments. READ WHAT I'm SAYING AND READ IT CLEAR...." YOU DON'T NEED A THOUSAND PRODUCTS AND ASSORTMENTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL" I started out with luke and rocketees when they had only ONE PRODUCT LOL and it was a shirt....basically what i'm saying you can't be great at a thousand things, but if you can be good at one thing AKA t-shirts, that is really all you need. Not to mention, rocketees has the fastest turnaround out of all the product providers. I've had some prints that were bad, but guess what I contacted luke and he sent out another shirt for free to the customer without any hassle. This company supports there clients and know how to do business, so if anyone has anything bad to say, it probably is your own fault. I'll give you a couple tips on how to get good prints on your tees, so your shirts arn't crappy due to your lack of knowledge.

1. make sure you have a design software to create unique designs per your niche.

2. Understand colors are not the colors that are printed on the shirts, DO RESEARCH ON THIS IT IS KEY!!!!!!!!!!

3. Some t shirt colors require pre-treatment - be sure to research this as well if you want to be succesful and understand what your selling.

4. Keep up with your customers, so you don't have to blame your problems on other people - if your customers arn't first and your not engaging your probably not right for this business.

5. This isn't a get rich scheme that happens over night, you have to take your brand and what your doing off the computer to be successful because I promise if you don't Know about SEO - you will fail.

6. Rocketees is the smartest Provider to start with so you do not get overwhelmed...I first started out with a store like wish and now it is shut down and I have a new domain.

7. Then I just started selling products I was in control of and new the process about that rocketees enabled me to do.

Enough of that small talk, what i'm trying to say is:

****if it wasn't for rocketees I wouldn't be were I am right now*****

If any of you guys want to look at some of the work I have done with rocketees please feel free to visit my page @ www.TeeLish.com - also feel free to reach out to me for tips about how to be successful with rocketees @ mikegee@TeeLish.com

I wish you guys the best of luck, but the $25 a month for this service is very fair considering the shirts are good quality and ONLY $6 with $3 shipping and only $1.50 after that. No one beats that guys, understand that it will help you benefit your profit margin.

From my experience with rocketees it takes exactly SIX DAYS FOR THEM TO DESIGN, PACKAGE, AND GET THE PRODUCT TO THE CUSTOMERS DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want happy customers and able to make a good profit margin I HIGHLY SUGGEST ROCKETEES.

Michael Gee


I'm writing this a little pre-maturely, as I have yet to test RocketTees ability to handle more than a few orders (which I'm testing this week through next with hundreds of orders I need out within 10 business days latest).

I will update this review hopefully to a 5 star pending the performance of the vital week ahead with all these real orders going through this app.

I come from a few years selling on various eCommerce platforms, testing out, proving, and trying not just a t-shirt apps for shopify t-shirt fulfilment.

With that said, I'm coming at this from a beat the competition with unique artwork (Which we are really good at) but also pricing. I have not found a better price as of yet, not sure where the other reviews are coming from. Yes, I get the 25 a month, but I am holding out hope that this subscription fee makes up for lack of quality I have found with other larger company apps.

I am holding out hope that the developer (whose business is registered at an address down the road in P.G., Utah USA from where I'm at in Provo, UT) works at this full time and isn't just doing this as a side parallel entrepreneur project, as if he is serious this can go places. I like to support good startups, and this has all the earmarks of a good startup so far, and I know enough and have been in the business long enough to state the same.

I put a lot into the apps I use, esp. newer ones like this with less reviews. I am savvy enough with technical know how to be able to see if the app was a hodge podge or professionally done and so far it shows to be very professional (The app itself). I am holding out hope that the printing process is as professional as the app development and support has been.

1. Customer support is amazing.
I'm a techie myself, so I appreciate the kind of support I've been given, as I give valuable feedback, which feedback has been heard quickly and implemented.

2. Mockups.
I had some issues with whatever filter the mockup generator was using, but the customer support fixed it quickly and answered my questions and then some. Mockups are high quality PNGs, that are slightly larger than needed (file size), see cons.

3. T-shirt quality.
They updated their t-shirt material, here's hoping to it being consistent.

1. Order Shipment Time.
I'm holding my breath here, as I have had a few issues with orders being a whopping 10 business days out and still no shipment. I was told it was a printer issue, but I'm hoping this is not a reoccurring issue, and I'm hoping this isn't a hodge podge put together operation (i'm crossing my fingers), as I'm depending largely on this working with hundreds of orders over the next few weeks (will help me know if this business and owner is serious about what he is doing, and so far I have the feedback from the owner that such is true).

This is the biggest concern of mine however, is shipment time. I have to see improvements in order to bump my rating up or it will come down and I'll update my review as well pending the experience.

2. Mockups.
The biggest issue (if it is even an issue) with the mockups so far, besides a glitch of an image effect that rendered fine lines way too fuzzy (fixed by the quick support) is the size of the PNG files. I had to purchase another Shopify app just to convert the png files to jpg and downsize the files, as they add up quickly. Not sure how that can be adjusted, but my home page was over 15 MB before I converted all images to jpg.

I'm OK with new apps working out bugs, only if the app works and shows to be professionally done. I see that this app was not done in some back office in India. I don't care where the owner comes from, what I care about is quality of UI (check), quality of app flow (check), ease of use (check), automation as much as possible (check), and most important, if the actual production of the product matches the quality of the app.

Here's to the next two weeks and the developer and owner making good on our trusting him with hundreds of new orders coming his way.


Outstanding customer service and constant expansion of the product line! I have used Rocketees for three months now and have nothing but great things to say. Quick production, high quality shirts with vivid images--Cant beat Lucas and his team!!


Excellent customer service, a quality product and lightening fast delivery!


First and foremost, the most important thing: amazing customer service. If there's a goof, they make it right, and they make it right fast.

Second of all, the shirts and prints really are great quality. Limited in options, yes, but high quality and something you'll be proud to sell. Plus extremely affordable.

Third, they're constantly improving their system and it's only going to get better and better. Highly recommend.


Don't be put off about the pricing of the Rocketees shirts - they are super high quality and have been a complete game changer for my business. After having processed multiple orders with this company over the course of the last month, including an order I personally placed for myself to assess quality, I am so pleased with the product and service that I am transitioning the majority of my t-shirts over to this platform.

1) Excellent product. The women's tees in particular are what I have experience with, and they are quality printed on Gildan soft style women's fit. They do not smell like vinegar or plastic (like many other printed tees from other vendors).
2) Super fast shipping! Thus far, every order that has run through my Shopify store has been processed and shipped the next business day. There has even been one or two orders that were placed early enough in the day to have tracking information uploaded SAME DAY. No more preparing my customers to expect 3-6 business days before shipping. If you print on demand, you know how valuable that is!
3) EXCELLENT customer service. I have contacted Rocketees on two different occasions with questions and minor concerns. Both times, the response was fast, complete, and professional. I did not feel like I was being fed a canned response, but very much as though I was speaking to an actual person who cared about my questions and my satisfaction with the service. I am so confident in their ability to handle any issues that may arise (let's face it - there will be issues occasionally no matter how great a company is) that I have no hesitations in utilizing them almost exclusively for t-shirts.


1) The only drawback I can even come close to finding at this point is the fact that their product selection is still limited. And even at that, if they just offered a greater color selection on the same tees they offer that would be enough for me! For now, I just utilize other vendors for hoodies, raglans, and additional colors. But if Rocketees ever decides to expand their offering, I'll move my production of those items over to them as well.

Bottom line - you can't go wrong with this company. You'll be happy you switched over to them, trust me.


“Great service so far! Customer service has been excellent, and I was very pleased with the shirt quality. Thanks!”


Excellent service! I needed a company that replied quickly to my emails. Lucas sometimes gets back to me in just a few hours! And I love the customization options that come with the app. Thanks!


be careful
30 days did not arrive product

$25.00 / month

The base cost of each tee is $6. (A small Stripe transaction fee charged daily).

7 days

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