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Edited April 12, 2024

What a pile of trash, and I had to pay $10 to find out because the Free version is vaporware and only gives you a silly checkout editor simulation. Actual checkout is broken. Often messages boxes are hidden under other elements. It seems to block checkout by removing shipping methods, however, Checkout Extensibility keeps trying to add them back in, so you just see shipping rates calculated over and over and blinking. Finally, it is trivial to defeat since it's just running JavaScript in the browser. This won't stop bots or resellers or anyone else who knows how trivial it is to defeat. Finally, finally, it's EXTREMELY expensive considering our order volume. We should be refunded our money. Don't waste $10 and your time to find out it doesn't work. One more thing: it breaks the customer address book. Blocking the app's JavaScript or uninstalling fixes checkout. And, yes, the developer should use Shopify Functions NOT JavaScript. Completely over-hyped, over-priced app that breaks checkout and doesn't do what it's purported to do.

Staging Shoe Palace
United States
About 1 hour using the app
Checkout Plus replied April 11, 2024

I have no idea what you're talking about and this review is completely ridiculous. Most of the issues you mentioned have nothing to do with our app. I think perhaps you're having issues with Checkout Extensibility overall. There was no attempt to contact support before you left this horrible review. It doesn't block checkout by removing shipping methods and of course the checkout extensions run in JavaScript. We can't do anything about that, since Shopify controls it.

Edit: Yes, Shopify Functions could potentially be a solution. However that is not what this app is designed to be. It's designed to show address suggestions as the user is filling the address out. Also many times there can be false positives so we don't want to just completely block without offering a way to report false positives. This app isn't designed to prevent bots or anything, just to help the users choose the right address. A bot could just enter a valid address anyway.

The app pricing is comparable to other apps in the same category. You pay a base price monthly plus a few cents per order. We did issue a refund to you after your review, which we would have done sooner had you reached out via our support channels.