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Samaritan Goods

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What is Samaritan Goods?

We are a company dedicated to helping e-commerce businesses implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Similar to a “buy one, give one” program, Samaritan Goods enables Shopify stores to make monetary donations to social impact projects based on product sales.

Why is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) important?

Millennials are quickly becoming the highest spending generation, and according to research studies, 91% of Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause.

Getting started

Once you install the app, Samaritan Goods will import the products from your store. Setup is quick and easy! Simply:

1. Choose a project

Where do you want to send your donations? Good news – there are plenty of options! From the Home screen, click on “Choose Project.” This will open a pop-up screen featuring projects in need of funding. Browse by Theme (such as “Education”) from the drop-down menu to narrow your choices.

Don’t see a project that interests you? No problem. We can add any project listed on GlobalGiving.org. Shoot us an email (at GoodSamaritan@SamaritanGoods.com) with the Project ID and we will add it for you.

2. Choose the amount to contribute for each unit sold

Just like a “buy one, give one” program, the next step is to set the dollar amount to contribute for each unit sold. This is done in the “Contribution/Sale” column on the Home Screen. The contribution amount for each product will default to $1.00 (they are not active yet!). You can adjust this as you wish by simply typing in a new amount.

Your total donation amount is calculated by multiplying ‘units sold’ by ‘contribution per unit’ for each active product. The “Next donation amount” figure on the Home Screen keeps a running total since your last donation. You can view the orders and products that have contributed to your donation on the Donations page.

3. Choose the products that contribute to your donation

This is done by clicking the toggle switch associated with each product on the Home screen. By default, all of your products are inactive and the toggle will be set to grey. When the toggle is set to blue, the product is active and Samaritan Goods will include contributions from sales of this product in your donation amount. When the toggle is set to grey, the product is inactive and Samaritan Goods will ignore the sales of the product.

Then you’re set! Samaritan Goods will track sales of your active products and compute the total amount to be donated on a monthly basis.


Where do the projects come from?

GlobalGiving, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. GlobalGiving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country around the world.

How are donations made?

To send your donation, navigate to the Donations page and click on the “Submit Donation” button. This will bring up a form where you can enter your credit card information. (The amount auto-populates with the “Next donation amount”.) Your credit card information is sent directly to GlobalGiving through their API. GlobalGiving processes your donation. (Yes, it is tax-deducible!) Samaritan Goods is just the conduit to make it happen. The minimum donation is $10.00.

On the credit card information form, you have the option for future donations to be processed automatically. If you choose this, GlobalGiving will charge this credit card for the “Total donation amount” on the first day of each following month.

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