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SaveMySales - SMS abandoned cart recovery with real conversations

SaveMySales - SMS abandoned cart recovery with real conversations

Developed by SaveMySales, Inc.

11 reviews
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  • Grow Sales Instantly - Get started in under 10 minutes with high converting text messages that increase abandoned cart recovery.
  • Automated Conversations - When customers respond, our team of expert live agents answer questions and offer discounts to maximize your sales. It’s like having a well-trained sales team in a box!
  • Automatic Optimization - Your personal account manager takes your suggestions and runs real-time experiments to continuously improve performance.

Real Conversations Drive Revenue

SaveMySales is the most effective solution for turning abandoned carts into sales. We use personalized SMS messages to start conversations and expert live agents to close sales and delight customers.

How it Works

Setup in under 10 minutes

SaveMySales analyzes your abandoned cart history and identifies your opportunities for growth. Just choose how you want to talk to your customers and what kind of discounts you want to offer, then set it and forget it.

We delight your customers

Our agents review your FAQs, product pages, and customer reviews to respond to questions quickly. For any questions we can’t answer, we ask your customer service team with automatic text message prompts.

Watch your sales grow in real-time

Log-in to your dashboard to watch your live conversations, analyze your sales numbers, or work on optimizations with your dedicated account manager.

Key Features

* Send personalized text messages to all your abandoned carts

* Watch SMS conversations in real time

* Track key metrics like reach, sales, and average order value

* Dedicated phone/text account support

Start your SaveMySales trial today!

The first order we generate for you is free. After that, you only pay a performance fee for each sale, based on your store's Average Order Value. No risk, all reward :)

SaveMySales - SMS abandoned cart recovery with real conversations reviews

11 reviews
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Started working with SaveMySales a few months ago and although was a little skeptical at first, Tivan and his team have been excellent along the way. Their customer service is first class and he implemented everything from his side, so it was a seamless integration. Highly recommend.


This app has been crucial in our funnel in ensuring we hit customers from every angle to ensure we close the sale. Love the team and can't recommend this enough!


We started working with SaveMySales before they were live on the app store, and they have been amazing! Their service and their team is great to work with. They have definitely helped us save our sales :) Would highly recommend using them.


We started with Save My Sales before they hit the App Store and oh my gosh! Have loved them from the beginning. Abandoned cart emails only convert so much....sms is waaaaay better. Our revenues have increased with no additional advertising and we are thrilled.


An integral part of our killer Abandoned Cart Recovery stack. Our customers love engaging with the personalized touch of a shopping assistant that they can chat with on SMS.

If you are looking to boost your cart abandon recovery efforts it is a key driver in getting people back to your site.


My favorite app on Shopify! We just started working with Tivan and his team a few weeks ago and have already seen great results. Their process is much more effective than standard abandoned cart emails. Highly recommend!


- You get revenue that you would probably not convert
- You are engaging people on a platform they are most likely to use ("text")
- Minimal setup time and the support people doing your texting are well trained. They easily take information that is public but maybe not the most accessible for the end user, delivers it to them in a fun & conversational way.
- Monthly reporting clearly shows what happened. You can dig in and see each specific conversation to learn more about your customers
- They are doing cool tech improvements all the time. So I am excited to see what the future has in store for them.

- The sales you do get will be at a lower profit margin than ones from ones converted organically.
- Some customers will be shocked to get a text after an abandon cart. It's hard to say how many actually feel this wouldn't saying anything but we have had a few customers reach out regarding this.

- The profit you gain from working with SMS is a net positive.
- How many new sales you are getting >> Sales 'lost' from SMS converting them instead of you.
- 5 Stars because anything profit generating is hard to knock.


Tivan and his team have done an excellent job for us recovering our abandoned carts and making sure we leave as few of sales on the table as possible. We’ve used this service for 6-months already and have been very pleased


We've been using SMS for over a year (since early beta period). The service is very streamlined and effective. The team has an open line of communication with our customer service team for times when questions come up. On the whole, we've been really impressed with how easy it is. Definitely worth a shot.


Love this App. I've always sent Abandoned Cart emails, but this app adds a layer on top and lets me access customers in a new way. I'm recovering more total carts and my customers seem to really like being able to have instant interactions with my brand. Plus this app is totally hands-off and is just adding extra revenue to my store. Definitely recommend it!


The first order we generate for you is free. After that, you only pay a performance fee for each sale we generate, based on your store's Average Order Value (AOV):

25% fee for AOV $0.01 - $24.99
20% fee for AOV $25.00 - $49.99
15% fee for AOV $50.00 - $99.99
10% fee for AOV $100.00+

Support & Sales

SaveMySales, Inc.
(617) 539-6820
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