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  • Enable magnification (zoom) on high-resolution product images
  • Choose from three unique high-resolution image viewers
  • Adjust, tweak and customize

Rocket fuel for your product images.

Scope is a simple but powerful product viewer for Shopify. Packed with three distinct ways to show off your high-resolution images, Scope allows your customers to zoom, expand and explore your products in ways that most shops do not.

Check out our marketing site to try a live demo.

Let your customers explore with zoom on high-res images.

Images that are too big for your product pages will be automatically made magnifiable.

Choose from three different, high-res viewers.

Built with flexibility in mind, Scope comes packaged with three distinct image viewers. You're guaranteed to find something that fits both your products and your aesthetic.

Looks great on mobile devices.

Scope is built to be totally responsive, no matter who's viewing your products.

Adjust, tweak and customize.

Take control of orientation and spacing by adjusting margins and tweaking the presentation of your product images. Scope is designed to look good with any theme.

Easily tweak:

  • Lightbox style: a simple lightbox, anchored modal or floating modal.

  • Invert overlay background (from white to dark grey).

  • Invert modal background (from white to dark grey).

  • Adjust the size of your images to control the extent to which they can be zoomed.

  • Adjust the padding around each image in whichever modal you've chosen.

  • Adjust thumbnail orientation on product pages (top, bottom, right, left).

  • Adjust thumbnail spacing on product pages.

  • Adjust the padding surrounding Scope on your product pages.

    • Installation in three simple steps.

      Installation is a simple three step process but we've recently started adding theme specific instructions. We currently have theme specific instructions for: Atlantic, Nouveau, Carleton, Couture, Editions, Jitensha, Kickstand, Megatronic, Minimal, The New Standard, Radiance, React, Simple, Solo, Technophile, Threadify and Vintage.

      If you're having trouble installing, we're around to help. Simply add support@pixelunion.net as a staff member to your Shopify account and send us an email. Our average response time is 16 hours. You can also view our documentation.


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