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Knowband - Scratch Coupon

Knowband - Scratch Coupon

Developed by Knowband

4 reviews
Price: Free – $5.00 / month Free Trial: 15 days More info
  • Engaging user experience to the customers which encourage them to scratch and win a random discount each time
  • Provides the best way to capture customers’ email data through a win-win offer
  • Increases conversion rate of the store by encouraging customers to apply the coupon to their purchase.

Shopify Scratch Coupon App is the smoothest way to encourage your customers to stay on the shop and purchase more products by availing discount coupons. It provides an interactive interface that asks the user to scratch the card using the cursor and find out how much discount he has won. To get the discount coupon, the customer has to provide his email address and that’s it, coupon will be shown. The user can apply this discount coupon oh his purchase from the store.

This App is a fun way to engage your customers and improve your conversion rates leading to joyful customers.

Click here for demo

Click here for admin side demo

Login Email: akumar2@velsof.com
Password: demo123

Easy Installation

  1. Users can install and configure this plugin with ease by following some simple steps.

  2. Enables or Disables the plugin on the store front.

  3. This will enable the pull out tab feature. Users can re-view the popup.

  4. Email Recheck makes sure that a user will get the coupon only once.

  5. Scratch Box Display Interval ensures that after a certain time the scratch card will not be shown again on the same device.

    1. Layout

      1. The admin gets 2 themes for the scratch coupon.

      2. The Outer Box Background Color field can be used to define the background color of outer part of scratch coupon box on front end.

      3. Box Background Color field will be used to define the background color of scratch coupon box on front end

      4. The Main Title is the field that shows the title on the top of the coupon box on front. The user can customize the title as desired

      5. With the help of Button, the user can set the title, change the color of the button and the color of the text of the button.

      6. The Success Message will be shown after sending the coupon to the corresponding customer.

      7. Success Thanks will show the acknowledgment message after sending the coupon to the customer.

        1. Discount setting of the Coupon Code

          1. The admin can create custom coupon codes based on. You get two options: Fix Percentage, Percentage Range and Fix Price.

          Display Options

          1. The Display Option features Display Position that allows the admin to choose the display position of coupon from the numerous options.

          2. Minimum Screen Size allows the user to adjust the size of the scratch box from the given screen sizes.

          3. Maximum Display Frequency can set the frequency of the coupon displays.

          4. Hide After will hide the scratch box after a certain interval.

          5. Active Date/Time automatically enable the scratch box after a date/time entered by the client.

          6. Expire Date/Time automatically disables the scratch box after its expiry.

          7. Where to Display will allow the user to choose the pages where the scratch coupon will be shown. By default, it will be shown on all pages.

          8. Who to show will allow the client to show scratch box to a selected group of people.

          9. Fix the time of coupon display with the help of When to Display.

          10. Choose the desired country from the given options in which the scratch box will be shown with the help of GEO Location.


          1. The Scratch Coupon App provides detailed statistics to the admin. Presented in the graphical form, the stats provide an insight of the number of times the card is scratched, the number of times the user entered their email ids and the number of time user actually used the coupon code. By default, the data of 10 days is shown.

          Additional Benefits

          1. Displays a scratch card on the home page.

          2. The card can be scratched by hovering the cursor over it.

          3. Integrated customization to personalize the look and feel of the scratch card.

          4. Option to customize the messages on the scratch card.

          5. Option to customize the button on the scratch card.

          6. Efficient reporting system to visualize the coupon performances using graphs.

          7. Customizable email templates.

          8. Responsive layout to show the scratch card even on mobile devices.

          9. Easy to use both by the admin and customers

Knowband - Scratch Coupon reviews

4 reviews
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  5. 1 star (2 reviews)

I really like the functionality. Good support by the developer when I messed up the installation. Overall the app is a must for any store and the developer is highly recommended.


Love it. Perfect for your store. The developers were helpful in getting the configuration done. Loved working with them.


One of the abilities this app advertised was the main reason I was trying out this particular app. This option isn't there at all. There is a spot for one coupon code and that's it. "Can generate random discount coupons in a range" - FALSE. Follow up: they have now removed this claim from the description.


not enough customization available. looks too amateur.

Free – $5.00 / month
15 days

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