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Sellazy - Dropshipping , Order Processing and Fulfill Tracking Numbers Automated

Sellazy - Dropshipping , Order Processing and Fulfill Tracking Numbers Automated

Developed by Lazy Business Co.LTD

14 reviews
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  • $100 reward balance
  • Auto-Fulfill Tracking Numbers
  • Process Bulk Orders with 1-click

You Sell, We Ship, You Earn!

You will be completely get rid of the things like process bulk orders/select product/fulfill tracking numbers. You will have more time focus on sells, which means you can have more time spend on promotions,and we will take care the rest things.

As we all know, the dropshipping business is more and more popular now, we can see there are many apps for dropshipper already, like oberlo/expressfiy and so on. And they are using Aliexpress.com / Amazon.com / Ebay.com to provide products and fulfillment..

But the sellers from those platform are uneven, some good or some bad, so our sellazy.com provide another options. We work with the factories and powerful suppliers directly , which means we can provide the best price & good product and fastest shipping.

And the most important of all is that we have powerful bill system to provide you with a range of automated services, such as order settlement, delivery, tracking number fulfillment, etc.

So what should you do?

  • Listing products to your store with few clicks, you can edit the details as you wish.

  • When orders coming, you just need a cup of coffee, date your friends, check your money account. Our suppliers will take care the rest things.

What we can do for you

  • One-Stop Order Processing

    After customers place the orders, Sellazy will synchronize them automatically, you only need to pay for that. Then our suppliers will take care of the rest things.
    Our payment system supports you to pay up to 500 orders at a time. But if you have great sells, we will provide you our VIP service which contains a brand-new bill system.

  • Fulfill Tracking Numbers Automatically

    Suppliers in Sellazy will help you to fulfill tracking number, system will fulfill the tracking number automatically, which means you can have more time spend on promotions. When our suppliers fulfill the orders, sellazy will synchronize that information to shopify to fulfill your orders automatically.

    Our suppliers are verified, of course have a lot of experience in Drop shipping business. If you don’t have special requirements, generally order will be processed in 48 work hours.

  • Provide Affordable Trending Products

    Sellazy has a professional buyer team that will only provide you with upcoming or on sale trending products on the social network, which saves you a lot of time to select products

  • Powerful Products Support(Your order can only be sourced by sellazy)

    We can provide both better price and better quality as we can access to those factory owners. Same product could be more competitive then Aliexpress and Ebay.

  • Customize Resources To Help You Build Your Own Brand

    We offer OEM services and customize as your requirements to help you build you own brand .

  • Multi-store support

    With single Sellazy account, you will able to manage all the orders from multi E-commerce stores. Great convenient for retailers.

  • Import Products With One Click

    Quickly and easily pull products and place them in your store with just few clicks

  • 24 Hours Online Service

    We offer 24 hours after-sales services for you to solve any order problems.


  • Can I cancel my account at any time?

    Yes. If you ever decide that Sellazy isn’t the right solution for your business, simply uninstall the application from your Shopify store.

  • Will my customers know I am dropshipping?

    No, Sellazy will not informs your customer about the source of your products. We also don’t insert such information into your shop, and we don’t publish our customers list publicly.

  • Can sellazy keep my profile safty?

    Sellazy will only take the necessary information for order processing, we will ensure every customers' privacy as we won't take sensitive information like email.

  • Contact us

    If anything you want to know , Contact us http://www.sellazy.com/support

  • Learn more about us


Sellazy - Dropshipping , Order Processing and Fulfill Tracking Numbers Automated reviews

14 reviews
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So most dropshipping guys will always recommend you to use something like Oberlo, but I would always recommend Sellazy, you don't need to worry about the delivery. They have many tips on their website about things that I find important, such as shipping methods, all their products are priced well.


Product images refuse to load after the 6th or 7th row. I've tried it on chrome & safari with no success. Really needs to be fixed.


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Rip Off
After One Month, You will know that none of your product has been shipped.
They will give u fake tracking id and such.
>> They do not refund for the products that were not delivered and sent back to them.
>> They say LA post takes 5 to 7 days but actually, it takes over 45 days and do not come with full tracking info
>> They do not have products on hand. They buy products after we pay them (They keep lying)

>> They do have a refund policy and they will never refund you whatever the cases.

Please Use Aliexpress directly. We learned hard way


When processing new product no picture pop up in the shopify?


Very nice sellazy, that is easy sell and save times, I would recommend to use this apps,


Nice app for our business, thanks for the teem. I'd like to recommend it .


I had a very smooth and successful drop-shipping business that i used to test products and gather data to build my own label, all was going very well until i found this company and thought i would give it a shot. THE WORST BUSINESS DECISION EVER!!

I did large transactions with this company and i speak from real life experience, rather a very expensive lesson that almost costed me my business!
They didn't ship my orders on time, and when they finally did, they used the cheapest carrier which resulted in customs returning 100s of my packages due to wrong logistics!!

The part that really affected me here, i found out about this mess a month after placing my customers orders, leaving me with 100s of angry customers, lots of disputes that shut my paypal account down for a while, and no real way to recover from this mess since they refused to refund me so i can try to reorder the merchandise from another vendor!!

It was very frustrating and scary at same time. they have no sense of customer service and they wouldn't even own the problem, and insisted on reshipping the returned products by customs, rather than refund me the money. Having very lil options at the point, i foolishly agreed, and after 3 more weeks of waiting, guess what? over 200 orders were either lost or never shipped due to wrong logistics Again!!. they kept on giving me new tracking numbers to buy time!

So far i had to spend over 20k of my reserve funds to recover from this mega mess and take care of my customers! which is an obligation that they never seemed to honer or understand! i was able however to recover a small fraction of that amount through paypal disputes since i used paypal to pay them.

All in all, this was an absolute nightmare that kept me up for over 2 months, costed me thousands of dollars and i lost hundreds of customers because of this, not to mention my marketing spending down the drain since i cant re-target these shoppers anymore.

Needless to say, i would not recommend this service or this company to my worst enemy!!


We have been using Sellazy for a while now. It's hands down is the best app you can use for dropshipping, order processing and fulfill tracking numbers. Thank you so much, :) TheBandz.co enjoys doing business with Sellazy and plan to continue to due so in the future! Sellazy is a must need add-on for all Shopify stores! DON'T WASTE TIME SHIPPING NO MORE!


The best app I have used so far!! The customer service is top notch, they help source products at the best price, and they fulfill the orders and update the tracking. I couldn't ask for more and recommend this app to everyone.


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