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Sendinblue ‑ Email Marketing

by SendinBlue

Connect with your Shopify customers via email marketing & SMS

3.0 of 5 stars(7 reviews)

Easily sync your contacts

Automatically add customers and orders to send responsive newsletters via our powerful editor

Better email deliverability

Benefit from Sendinblue’s sender reputation - ensure that your recipients receive your transactional emails so that they don't miss anything

Multichannel communication

In addition to emails, stay in touch with your customer by SMS. Send both transactional and marketing SMS directly from Shopify back office

About Sendinblue ‑ Email Marketing

Sendinblue’s official plugin for Shopify is a free, powerful all-in-one email marketing app. Use the Sendinblue plugin to deploy effective email and SMS campaigns, improve email deliverability, and track detailed metrics including delivery, open and click rates. The plugin is available in English and French.

Automatically synchronize your Shopify opt-in contacts and their purchase data with Sendinblue for your email marketing

Connect your Shopify customer list with one or several lists in your Sendinblue account. At checkout, your customers may agree to receive marketing emails, and those contacts will automatically be added to your selected list(s). Then, you will be able to search, segment and target your contacts in Sendinblue based on their purchase history or other contact details, and send email campaigns to the perfect recipients.

Get the best deliverability your marketing and transactional emails in Shopify (e.g. welcome emails, order confirmation, shipping notifications, etc.)

The Sendinblue plugin allows you to use professional SMTP to send your Shopify confirmation emails. Optimized deliverability ensures that all your emails reach your customers’ inbox.

Use the powerful and intuitive email builder to create engaging emails

With Sendinblue's design tools, it’s easy to create emails that are beautiful and effective. Start from scratch or choose from dozens of free, professionally designed templates. When you create email templates in Sendinblue, you can use them for Campaigns (in the Sendinblue platform) and for your Shopify transactional emails. Bonus: use your contacts’ details to personalize your subject line or email body to send customized content that resonates.

Send marketing or transactional text messages directly from your Shopify back office

You'll be able to reach your customers through multiple channels. In addition, research suggests that about 98% of SMS messages are opened - SMS represents an excellent channel to Set up transactional text messages to notify - in real time - your customers of order confirmation and shipment confirmation. Send SMS campaigns directly through Sendinblue plugin for Shopify.

Transactional Emails & Statistics

When you activate the Sendinblue plugin for Shopify, the default SMTP templates are replaced by your Sendinblue templates. You can easily create transactional email templates that are simple to reuse via our API. You will also get access to real-time and comprehensive email metrics: see exactly how many emails were delivered, opened, clicked, etc.

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Overall rating
3.0 of 5 stars
Based on 7 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Capra Origine

En français plus bas.

The site sendinblue looks to work well, though it takes time to handle.
The integration with shopify is just reaaaaaly basic. It does'nt allow to directly turn on the automation that will send your templates with your visitors actions, you need to use code.. (Know more about the process here: )
Besides it is not possible to make automaticly a difference between your customers being also subscribers to your newsletter and those whom are not subscribers (you'll have to do it by hand).
About the support: anwers fast, gives links to ressources related to the subject: where by reading and navigating and reading again.. you may eventually find the answer you've been seeking for.

Le site Sendinblue en soi est efficace, mais prend du temps à prendre en main.
L'intégration à SHopify est absolument juste basique. Vous ne pouvez pas créer directement mettre en place l'automation qui enverra vos templates en fonction des actions de vos clients, vous devez passez par du code.
Plugin qui installe le code de suivi du site indisponible: Complexité pour mettre en place le marketing automation basé sur "suivre l'activité de votre site Web".
En savoir plus sur le processus:
Il n'est pas possible de différencier directement vos clients inscrits à votre newsletter de ceux qui ne le sont pas (il faut le faire manuellement).
A propos du support: répond rapidement, et vous enverra les liens vous envoyant vers leurs ressources relatives à votre question. Ensuite à vous de trouver la réponse en lisant et naviguant et lisant encore...

COnclusion: approprié au nivea (très) expert en informatique, pas si vous voulez une application simple avec utilisation immédiate.

Capra Origine.

La Classe magique

Application lente, si vous avez une soirée à perdre avant de réaliser une campagne c'est parfait. Très mauvais service. Assurez vous d'être un expert avant d'utiliser cette application car pour avoir de l'aide, vous devrez être un connaisseur ou avoir un WebMaster pour aider leur équipe qui sont plutôt condescendant quand viens le temps de vous aider, ils n'ont surtout pas le temps ni l'envie de vous venir en aide. Ils n'ont également aucune envie de trouver des solutions pour vous aider à réussir, donc assurez vous d'avoir une banque d'emails sans failles que vous aurez au préalable tester pour être bien certain de n'avoir aucune plainte. En ce qui me concerne, ce fut une très mauvaise expérience. À la lumière des autres reviews, il semblerait que je ne suis pas le seul.

Slow application, if you have an evening to lose before making a campaign it's perfect. Very bad service. Make sure you are an expert before using this application because to have help, you will have to be an expert or have a WebMaster to help their team who are rather patronizing when come time to help you, they mostly do not have the time or the urge to help you. They also have no desire to find solutions to help you succeed, so make sure you have an unfaulting email list that you will first test to be sure you have no complaints. As far as I'm concerned, it was a very bad experience. In the light of the other reviews, it seems I'm not the only one.

Bold Addictions

I DO NOT recommend Sendinblue. Looking to switch over from MailChimp, looked up about 25 different email marketing companies and decided to go with SNB since they have a free plan and the structure of designing emails and sending them is simple. PLUS I've used SNB in the past with no complaints.

Why I DO NOT recommend using SendinBlue:

-no way to contact customer service other than by email. so, send an email and WAIT until someone responds, and hope that person reads and comprehends your email so you won't have to send another and wait, again.

-takes forever to get started. if starting new without switching from another email marketing company, it's fast. just signup and you're good. Since I'm coming from MailChimp, I wanted to make sure all was well (my Mailchimp account had 250 email subscribers, when importing them into SendInBlue it was about 500. This prompted my 1st email to Sendinblue). I sent SNB an email:

I'm new from Mailchimp. I just want to make sure I imported my contacts correct from Shopify and Mailchimp. I have more contacts now than I had with Mailchimp. How can I make sure I'm doing everything correctly?

Also, can you make sure everything is right so far? I'm trying to learn sendinblue and want everything to be correct. Thanks!"

Response from Sendinblue:

"Hello Candy,

Thank you for your email!

I am sorry to hear that you have been facing such issues. But do not worry- I am here to help! :-)

Please be informed that through zapier you can only integrate new contacts from MailChimp. You may refer to the link below for the same:

We can transfer all of your existing MailChimp contacts to your SendinBlue account. We will just need your MailChimp API key (Locate this in your MailChimp account here: Account > Extras > API keys). With that, I can transfer over your contact list and I will let you know when it is finished.

Please note: You need to create exactly the same attributes in SendinBlue and MailChimp that you wish to add in your contact list.

Go to settings-->contacts attributes and CRM-->configure-->Normal attribute-->add new attribute.

Please note that the attribute name is case sensitive. For example, if you are adding "FIRSTNAME" in your contact list, the attribute created should be same "FIRSTNAME", it cannot be "firstname" or "FIRST-NAME".

Once you have created the attribute, then you can share the MailChimp API key with me

Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

My next email:



Also, my sendinblue account states "Your account has not been validated yet. You are only a few steps away from sending your campaigns, Find out more here". How do I verify my account?

***Please note my API key has been removed from this review. Also, until your Sendinblue account has been verified (okay from SNB to send any emails), you can't send an email.

Remember, days are passing and no emails are being sent to my list since I quit Mailchimp thinking the transition would be same-day, smooth sailing. I have to manually email each new person who signs up for my email list through my actual email, while I wait for Sendinblue to get me going (had I known all of this I would've stuck with MailChimp until their last days with Shopify).

This is the next email from Sendinblue, note, I am still waiting to learn why I have so many subscribers and still waiting to "get started".

From sendinblue:

"Hello Candy,

Thanks for your reply.

Our system has detected that you've created a second account :

Please know that Sendinblue can only validate one account per user/entity/company.

In order to close one of these 2 accounts, please log in and under "My Plan" (press your name on the top right corner), you'll need to go to the bottom of the page and click on "Close my account".

So that we may validate your account, please provide answers to each question below.

• Could you please tell us how you collected your subscriber list?
• Would you be able to provide us with the link to your subscription form as well as a link to the website that advertises your services?
• Can you tell us the number of contacts in your current database that you plan to email using SendinBlue?

Thanks in advance for sharing these details! We verify each SendinBlue account to ensure contacts are 100% opt-in. This helps our users send successful email campaigns and ensures the highest quality deliverability possible.

Best regards,
Sendinblue Customer Care

I had an old account from SendinBlue I totally forgot about from an old email. Had to reset the password and go through that to get into the old Sendinblue account to delete it. Time is still ticking. I do as told and wait more... Feeling like crap at this point.

My reply to SNB:

"Hopefully I can get my emails up and running after this, didn't expect for this to take so long.

Old Account is now CLOSED

1. subscribers ALL OPTED in from the front page of my Shopify website, I DO NOT have any other ways people can signup for my email list.

2. (scroll to bottom and signup)

3. this is a question I initially asked SendinBlue to help me with. I am coming over to sendiblue from Mailchimp since they are no longer integrating with Shopify (Disappointing I know, heartbreaking asf, esp when your emails have to halt because you're forced to switch email marketing companies). I'm not sure if the customers in my Shopify account and the subscribers on Mailchimp are being counted twice. I don't know the exact number of subscribers. My Mailchimp account says 250, after importing them to SendinBlue the number doubled. -This is something (I still) need help with."

SNB's response:

"Hi Candy,

Thank you for your response.

We have reviewed the subscription form on the website

however, this form is not 100% GDPR compliant as the contacts are not given the option to explicitly subscribe for email marketing beyond their initial query.

Is there another way on which you gain they consent to receive periodical marketing information?

Also, we would need you to create a campaign that would be considered "Ready-to-Send" and upload all your contacts in order to review your account for validation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


1 of the main reasons I choose SNB over the others is because of the double opt-in which is 100% able to be edit (for free) to include my logo, colors, font, etc... In Mailchimp, my subscribers would get an email saying something like: you signed up for this email list on this website. are you a robot? do u wanna signup etc... Should I reply to sendinblue and tell them this or assume since they know I'm coming over from another email marketing company, the signup form I use is "compliant"?

I don't know. At this point, I'm over it and missing MailChimp. This is making me not want to have an email list. Other companies charge too much and/or have too many stipulation on what you can and can't create - like ConvertKit, it's text emails only, no photos can be used in their emails. Or like GetResonse, since they don't integrate with Shopify, you have to use a 3rd party app (like zapier) to help you. I don't have the time to baby sit my email marketing company.

I've been trying to avoid paying but maybe I need to, going through fires for free email marketing. Klayvio seems so hard to figure out. Everyone else is entirely too expensive. I'll keep looking until I get a good match. My subscribers have waited this long for an email, I guess they will have to wait longer :(

Hopefully this helps someone. Good Luck with your decision.

Developer reply

April 16, 2019

We're really sorry you had such a poor experience with the app and our customer support.
Know that we're taking into consideration your feedback to improve our services.
Thank you again.