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SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge

SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge

Developed by Verge Studios

18 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Helps improve your search results on Google with one click!
  • Adds JSON-LD structured data to pages automagically.
  • Does not touch/read/edit/append your template files - no screw up risk!

We have provided this tool free of charge to increase the searchability of your products across the web and hope that through our contribution you are able to grow and expand your business.

In comparison to other products out there, we do not modify your template. This means that if you remove this application, we will remove any traces of it. Equally, you won't need to re-install this application every time you update your template.

What is JSON-LD?

JSON-LD is a lightweight 'Linked Data' format. It is a way encode your website data to be easier to understand for all of the other machines on the Internet - including search engines like Google!

Why is JSON-LD important for my shop?

Google looks for JSON-LD, and rewards websites and webshops that serve JSON-LD data. Many of Google’s search results page features (including rich snippets and Knowledge Graph cards) are enabled by JSON-LD mark-up. Their 'Shopping' search results tab is also powered by JSON-LD. Making sure that your site serves this type of data can be very helpful in your search engine rankings!

What content types does your app support?

Currently we support specialized JSON-LD data on the following pages:

  • Landing page

  • Product pages including variants

  • Collection pages

  • Content pages

  • Blog overviews

  • Blog content page

Why does my product show up multiple times in the Google Structured Data testing tool?

Many templates include metadata as part of their tag structure. For example you may see something like this: itemtype="http://schema.org/Product" in your HTML. The tool will pick up this data as well as the JSON-LD data that we inject into your shop.

Why are you doing this for free?

As we are already using this application in all our stores as part of a larger, comprehensive SEO package for Shopify, it was not difficult to split it out and make it available for free to all Shopify users. If you are interested in being notified upon the release of our more comprehensive SEO app for Shopify, please contact us through our support email.

How is your application different to other JSON-LD applications?

We inject JSON-LD data into your shop using Javascript. Other solutions we have seen modify your template directly. While this is also a solution, Shopify prefers our approach.

Is this one of those crummy free apps that never live up to what they promise?

We hope not! If you are having problems with your set-up or ideas for improvement, please contact us through our support email.

SEO JSON-LD Boost by Verge reviews

18 reviews
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Splendid App to have!

Watch at your own Wrist! https://www.watch.sg


App works great for shops not using Goggle Shopping
Too bad developer does not answer mail, so this could be corrected.

JSON-LD Schema for product offer is missing:
"itemCondition": "http://schema.org/NewCondition" and this is very important for shops using Google Shopping.


This is a great app for our store, it has got me started with json, but having dug a bit deeper, I think that it would be really great if this was more configurable. json markup is huge and the code injected only covers some of what you can give google for certain products and blog posts/articles. I'm also interested in the other review that mentions that not all the markup is there for Google Shopping. This is important to our store so I will dig deeper around this.


pretty good app would recommend


Your app is AWESOME and very useful.
Thank you very much for making it available for free, it is much appreciated.

Your app was able to find Google Structured data in my Shopify store that I wasn't aware of, and helped me to fix the errors.

Great work!


Will I Ever be able to edit Structured Data, Or it is always automatic.


Installation is very easy and Max helped me when I needed help with errors that appeared in the app. It'd be great if there was a guide for common errors and how to fix them. Thanks!


App does OK wish there were just a bit more options but overall I recommend.


Installation is trivial and it just works. I noted it wasn't setting the gtin13 value based on the barcode, emailed, Max replied and BOOM a few days later there it is.

Highly recommend, easy to set-up, great support.


Great SEO JSON LD tool that's free. Really helped Kulor Cases to get the JSON LD setup!


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