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'Shop Clerk: Where's My Order?' for Amazon Alexa

'Shop Clerk: Where's My Order?' for Amazon Alexa

Developed by ShopClerk.ai

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  • Makes Alexa your 24x7 Personal Store Assistant.
  • Automatic Installation + Fast US-based Support
  • It's free!

Connect your store to Amazon Alexa in minutes. Easy to set up and requires no ongoing maintenance or support.

- Increases customer engagement and 'emotional connection'.

- Better customer support with less effort on your part.

- Fun to use. Makes your store more memorable.

There are millions of Alexa users - with disposable income and experience shopping on-line.

Adding package tracking via Amazon Alexa is a simple, inexpensive way to make your store stand out in an increasingly crowded e-commerce market. It builds customer loyalty by making your store more engaging, easier to get information from, and more fun. It also makes your customer’s experience more memorable and something they’re more likely to talk to their friends about.

It also improves your customer service while actually taking less of your valuable time. It puts Amazon’s Alexa in your corner as a 24x7 ‘intelligent shop assistant’ to answer one of the most common customer questions – “Where’s my order and when will it get here?”.

Letting your customers ‘talk’ to your store increases their emotional connection to your store. And ‘emotional connection’ is key to building lasting customer loyalty – and increasing sales. In fact, according to a recent article on InternetRetailing.net:

“81% of emotionally connected consumers will not only promote the brand among their loved ones, but they will also spend more. The research suggests that 70% of consumers with a high emotional engagement are willing to spend up to twice as much with those brands. Indeed, suggested the report, retailers who are able to foster loyalty through higher emotional engagement with consumers stand to gain from a potential 5% boost to annual revenues.”

Provides accurate, up-to-the-minute status. Supports 400+ shipping companies.

ShopClerk monitors package delivery status using one of the top 3rd-party delivery tracking services and supports over 400 shipping companies around the globe. When your customer asks about their package, we query the shipping service in real-time to ensure they get the latest information.

So we can tell the difference between a package that's in-transit and a package that's out for delivery. Some of the shippers we support are:

  • Fedex

  • UPS

  • US Postal Service

  • DHL

  • Old Dominion Freight

  • Canada Post

  • Royal Mail

  • China Post

  • UK Mail

  • Over 400 More

Click 'GET' now to install it in your store.

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ShopClerk: Where's my order" is free while we develop additional features.

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