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Shop Secure - Country Restriction, Disable Right Click and Copy.

Shop Secure - Country Restriction, Disable Right Click and Copy.

Developed by Eggflow

14 reviews
Price: Free – $10.00 / month More info
  • Block or allow unwanted visitors from certain countries, filter our scammers.
  • Create GDPR consent banner with 1 click, suspend the use of cookies until visitors grant their consent
  • Disable right-click to protect your copyright: Designs, ideas, content, etc.

Secure your store

Blacklist visitors

Filter out suspicious visitors by IP addresses or visitors from specific countries. These people will not be able to get access to your store.

Whitelist visitors

Give permission to visitors from certain countries to get access to your store and block visitors from other countries.

Log visitors IP addresses

As soon as a visitor enters your store, Shop Secure detects and makes a report of the visitor's IP address. This way, you can easily block suspicious visitors right after they enter your store.

Disable right-clicks

Disable right-click in your store, prevent website visitors from copying your resources.

GDPR consent banner

Stay GDPR compliant by creating a banner to collect consent from your website visitors.

Better perfomance

Lower fraud rate

Blocking people who try to cheat on you with stolen credit cards will protect you and your store from needless loss.

Lower refund rate

Practical experience shows that some countries have a higher refund rate compared to other countries. The reasons vary from shipment unavailability, payment method unavailability to physical locations, etc. Many merchants choose to block visitors from certain countries to lower their refund rate.

Protect your content

Disable right-click to prevent your opponents from copying your work, clone your store and compete unfairly.

Avoid heavy fine for GDPR non-compliance

Stay away from GDPR's heavy fine with a quick consent banner. Until visitors grant their consent by clicking accept, all activities using their cookies will be suspended.

Why Shop Secure?

  • Block visitors to your store by countries for free.

  • Easy to use: Installation is super simple and can be done in 5 minutes.

  • No HTML or coding required.

  • Administrators of the web can still get access to your website even when you are based in the country being blocked.

  • Stay GDPR compliant easily within a few steps and for free.
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Shop Secure - Country Restriction, Disable Right Click and Copy. reviews

14 reviews
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July 29th. I thought I would install it once more, just to see if they fixed the issues. This time I noticed they require access to each and every product's script tags. What are they doing with this VERY valuable information? Selling it to other store? I spend MANY HOURS coming up with my script tags, and there is no reason at all that an app, designed to block visitors based on their country, would need access to..well..everything they require access too.

Yeah, I uninstalled it..again.

June 11th review.

I would rate this ZERO, but that isn't an option. So instead I will paste my email to "Support" (That's tough to type without laughing) and the response they gave.

My recommendation: Go with literally any other app.

My message to Support. I could have been more "clear", but surely I was understandable.


I am having trouble with the country blocker app. I blocked all countries except for the U.S., which is the only country I ship to right now.

I'm in Canada, but I understand that the app doesn't block administrators. I used an incognito browser to check if I would be blocked, and I wasn't.

Then I opened up my VPN and set my IP to France. I opened a regular browser, and I was not blocked. Then I also tried an incognito browser, and I wasn't blocked.

It is just that there is a delay after initial installation, and I need to give it some time?

Support's response.

Hi ,
The administrators of the website will not be block in any case. Can I ask why you would like to block admin of the website?


Pending- Stay Tuned.. Pending- Stay Tuned.. Pending- Stay Tuned.


First time user. I like that it is free. There is a cost to block specific IP addresses. Relatively easy to use, did leave my first two sessions with one or two questions. Will keep the app and hope that it helps.


I can declare that the app works well. I checked it after the installation thank to the support team, that has been fast and polite.


does not work, I tried to email the support but they didn't reply me.


Great APP! Have been looking for something like this. Easy to install and takes effect immediately. I highly recommend the app. Many features to protect our site.


Initially, I was only interested in right click blocking because it was the only app that I could find 100% free! :)

However, I mistakenly did not think it worked because after I set it up, I could still right click and download on any product (photo).

So, I contacted their support dept. and they told me that as an administrator I could still right click and download. They told me to open up an incognito window and try to download again. They were correct, of course, I COULD NOT RIGHT CLICK!

Obviously, I missed the info about administrators...oops. They were very patient and courteous. I also blocked a few countries which I am sure will work! :)

I recommend that you give the app and company a try. How often can you get an app that really WORKS...for free?!


PS. I realize that pro hackers can still figure out how to download a lower quality image...but I am blocking the hundreds of people who may try to steal our images for their own use instead of purchasing.


Great app, and great support too.

Thank you very much Amrish!


one of the easiest apps to install and set up-wish all othe apps were this easy! thankyou.. horsecharmz.com for all horse lovers


Very friendly and supportive team. Asked me if I had any problems and offered to help even when problems with the app are solved. GOOD JOB.

Free – $10.00 / month

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