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Shop Secure - Country Restriction, Disable Right Click and Copy.

Shop Secure - Country Restriction, Disable Right Click and Copy.

Developed by Eggflow

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  • Block or allow unwanted visitors from certain countries to your store.
  • Filter out potential scammers or people that are not your target audience.
  • Disable right-click to protect your copyright: Designs, ideas, content, etc.

What you can do

  • Filter out visitors from specific countries and regions. People from these countries will not be permitted to get access to your page.

  • Give permission to people from certains countries to get access to your page. People from other countries will not be able to enter your website.

  • Disable right-click in your store, prevent website visitors from copying your resources without permission.

Why you should do that

Optimize user experience

    Another reason one would like to block people from specific countries is when they focus on a target market. When your website is customized to serve people from specific country, it would not be relevant to be shown to people in other countries or cultural regions.

Fraud restriction

    Practical experience shows that trading in certain countries have higher return rate compared to other countries. At the same time, you may someday find out that people from certain countries are more likely to be fraudulent, aggressive or annoying. In these cases, blocking people from these countries would be ideal solution.

Protect your work

    Disable right-click to prevent your opponents from copying your work, clone your store and compete unfairly.

Why this app?

  • FREE: This app allows you to restrict access from unwanted visitors totally without charge.

  • Easy to use: Installation is super simple and can be done in 5 minutes. Plus you can blacklist/ whitelist countries with a few clicks.

  • No html or coding required.

  • Administrators of the web can still get access to your website even though you are based in the country being blocked.

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