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November 22, 2023

I love the app just discovered it today and it does just what I need ❤️ creating bundles were easy just plan to have pics with the items grouped together. I created mine in Procreate and also what you want to write about for each product its pretty simple. Make all of your products inactive then activate them on the day of the sale how cool ☺️. Everythimg stays in bundle until next time ready for use. Also I would definitely create a bundle or gift section on the drop down menu on your site .

Robin Lewis Art
United States
9 days using the app
October 2, 2023

The app is easy to use, works well in making the bundles, adding them to cart however, there are a few fundamental things that could do with being addressed:
- the products are added individually to the shopping cart and have "Part of ~ bundle" underneath them which is great, however this information is not passed through the check out, so when using picking lists from 3rd party apps the product is not shown as part of a bundle
- bundle sales are not trackable or reported anywhere?!
- when viewing the list of bundles in the app they cannot be sorted by name or anything and no option to add columns, particularly SKU would be useful
- only 10 products to a bundle
Overall, it does the job but lacks some basic funcionality and reporting - I'm hoping Shopify will continue to develop the app and improve it

The Wasabi Company
United Kingdom
About 2 months using the app
October 12, 2023

Really keen to see some more enhancements on this app. It works pretty well however there are some key elements missing.

1. NO ability to report on anything related to the bundle performance (and I mean ZERO). e.g Which bundle is selling best? What contribution of sales are coming from bundles? So if you want ANY visibility on how these bundles are tracking, you won't find it. We have spoken with support and they have confirmed this. Something to note before you are installing.
2. It is very easy to use, its quicker to set up!
3. Stock is easy to manage, no issues with inventory.
4. NO ABILITY TO REPORT *its a huge downfall
5. No ability to use any 'sort by' feature for your product category (if containing bundles)

Alpha-H Skincare US
3 months using the app
Shopify replied October 15, 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! Our team is currently working on development related to reporting, so stay tuned.

November 20, 2023

Free, and very limited. You get just slightly more than you pay here. No reporting, limited marketing, like everyone mentions. There is hope, but im not holding my breath. Shopify also have consider their existing app ecosystem and developers I guess.
4 months using the app
October 5, 2023

SO SAD! Shopify makes an app that doesn't work with it's own platform.
Does not work if you have POS installed,
Shows inventory Sold Out when it's not
Support doesn't know and keeps pasting same message.. to check eligibility page - that page suggest to contact support if need help.

Other apps for $6.99 a month and work just fine.

Subscriptions App, Bundle App & Collaborator App all made by Shopify and don't work on Shopify.

4 months using the app
September 19, 2023

I love that Shopify added this. Working great for our store, saving us money on having to pay monthly for a solution.

United States
3 months using the app
September 26, 2023

Excited to see this expand and evolve, but we can't use it as it stands now. We're revisiting this app in the future and hopefully some of the cons here will have been worked out.

1- Auto price calculation and updating.
2- Might provide more accurate stock or less discrepancies ( which happen already very rarely with the other bundles app we use).
3- You can see that the line items are bundles in Shopify. You can't see this in the other app we use.

1- Can't show in any sale channel except online store, no POS and no IG social media. So it's affecting instagram marketing.

2- The line item "type" takes the "type" from components and doesn't have its own. This causes issues with our email flows so people don't receive an associated email we have set up. Changing the product type or tags on the components would affect all of our other collections conditions.

3- Stock tracking and adjustment history and committed orders don't show on the kit line item which makes stock investigations a bit more complex.

4- App feel like a work in progress features-wise

5- Bulk edit doesn't work on some of the features so we have to use another app for edits like the weight.

6- Can't be used on a pre-existing line item which means we would have to re-do ALL existing bundles. The investment of this work is high.

7- Printed invoices don't reflect that the customer has bought a bundle so it makes pulling and organizing orders harder (especially if it's a launch with bundles from different pulling locations in addition to non-bundled items).

Stephen & Penelope
4 months using the app
October 28, 2023

We were super interested to try the bundles app, it works semi-fine but it needs a lot of improvement.

- One of our customers bought a bundle, the items were added to the cart but were not discounted.
- We can not add a bundle to a customer's order from draft orders.
- Percentage discount

Suggestions: It would be nice to have a dynamic bundle: To have one of the bundled items manually selected from a collection

3 months using the app
November 3, 2023

It's very easy to create bundles with this app and easy wins the day when you have as many products as we have. I wish it would automatically pull in each product's photo and/or description into the bundles product. That's make even easier to use.

Brew and Feed
United States
3 months using the app
Shopify replied November 8, 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! Our team is currently working on development of this feature, so stay tuned.

November 7, 2023

Does not work on any sales channels. Does not even work on POS. Useless until it works on all sales channels.

Radiant Belle Med Spa
3 months using the app
Shopify replied November 8, 2023

Hi, thanks so much for your feedback on the Shopify Bundles app! Our team is currently working on development of this feature, so stay tuned.