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ShopMessage: Facebook Messenger Remarketing

ShopMessage: Facebook Messenger Remarketing

Developed by ShopMessage

53 reviews
Price: From $99.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase sales by recovering abandoned carts using ShopMessage’s signature Facebook Messenger automation
  • Get access to exclusive Messenger features with ShopMessage!
  • Free 14-day trial - See great results on Day 1 with no risk!

ShopMessage - The Best Messenger App to Boost Sales

ShopMessage is the most-trusted Facebook Messenger growth engine for Shopify’s top brands. That’s because ShopMessage pioneered cart abandonment automation on Messenger, leading to millions in recovered revenue for our customers. Recently, one of our shops recovered $20K in revenue in a single day using ShopMessage!

We’re proud to be featured by Shopify, which recommended ShopMessage as one of the top apps to boost revenue.

Increase Sales & Cart Recovery With Messenger Automation

ShopMessage generates up to 3x more recovered revenue through FB Messenger automation than any other solution. With a higher opt-in rate, open rate and click-through rate than email, ShopMessage generally recovers as much as 5X more than email.

Our app will make sure you have the highest conversion rates by recommending ideal send times and top performing messages. Shops can also customize messaging anytime to best reflect their brand.

Free 14-Day Trial So You Can See The Lift Yourself!

ShopMessage is proud to offer a 14-day free trial, so you won’t pay a dime when you sign up and can try our service without any risk. Most customers see their first sale on Day 1, and experience a boost to revenue between 5-10% or more. Our advanced dashboard will show you exactly how much revenue you’ve recovered, in addition to industry-leading open, click-through and conversion rates.

Quick to Install and Includes White Glove Support

ShopMessage is plug & play, and easy to install in just 3 minutes. Need support or customization? Our expert team of developers, designers, data scientists, and conversion specialists are on call so that you’re 100% satisfied with ShopMessage’s performance as well as look & feel.

How it works

Once you install the app, your product pages will have a "Send to Messenger" checkbox below the Add to Cart button.

If your visitor is already logged into Facebook, the checkbox will already be pre-populated with his name.

Once he adds the product to his cart, he automatically gets opted in to get Facebook messages from your store. Your Facebook page then sends 2 personalized follow-up messages only if he didn't purchase.

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How does ShopMessage compare to Cart Recovery by email?

ShopMessage leverages Facebook Messenger to produce unprecedented opt-in, deliverability, and cart recovery rates, usually generating up to 5X the revenue of email.

With ShopMessage, you get a higher opt-in rate since the customer doesn't have to type in their email. And, you, get higher engagement with 80-90% open rates.


Who is the sender of the Facebook message?
Your Facebook page automatically sends the message. During install, you'll be prompted to connect your Facebook page.

How many messages get sent?

We send three Facebook messages on your behalf. One will be 30 minutes the cart gets abandoned, and the following 2 will be approximately 23 and 48 hours after cart abandonment

In all cases, we check to make sure the visitor did not make a purchase before we message them!

Can I customize the Facebook message?

Yes, you can customize the body of the message as well as add a discount code. When a customer clicks your link, their discount code is automatically applied.

Is this within Facebook's terms-of-service

Yes, when your visitor opts-in through the checkbox, you are allowed to message him or her multiple times within a 24 hour period, and once after 24 hours.

I already have an abandoned checkout app. Would I still use this?

We see customers still benefit from continuing to offer cart recovery via email while using ShopMessage. While ShopMessage generally outperforms email, different customers respond to different channels, and they complement each other.

I'm seeing a lot more Facebook messages being sent than my abandoned checkout email app. Why?

Most abandoned cart apps are really abandoned checkout apps. They go after shoppers at the bottom of the funnel who already gave you their email address.

This app gets a larger number of people who just added to cart but didn't start checking out. Being slightly higher up in the funnel means you can reach many more users who still express interest in your product.

Can my visitors opt-out of the abandoned cart messages?

Yes. On every message that gets sent, there's also a "No thanks" button they can tap which will opt them out from receiving any more abandoned cart messages.

Can I move the position of the "Send to Messenger" checkbox?

Yes! By default, ShopMessage places the checkbox plugin directly after the Add to Cart button.

If you want to customize the placement of the plugin, just send us a note and our white glove customer support will take care of you!

I'm not seeing the messages being sent within the Sent folder of my Facebook business page's Inbox

You'll only see the message threads when your visitor replies. Most folks just see your automated message and take action without replying. So you won't see them in your Sent folder. But rest assured, messages are being sent for your abandons!

How do I get support?

You can email us at support@shopmessage.me. You'll find that we're very responsive. We're also very happy to talk over the phone or Skype (just email us your contact details)

Can I see an example store that has this setup?

Here are some of our happy customers:

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ShopMessage: Facebook Messenger Remarketing reviews

53 reviews
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  5. 1 star (8 reviews)

I would rate it 10 stars if i could. In about 3 weeks, I have made 9x my return on investment. They said it would take a month to get the checkout box automatically checked but mine only took a week. I had one small issue where the code slightly shifted my "select quantity" area. I contacted customer and they had fixed in just a few hours. If you are driving any traffic to your site, this app is a must. and no there was no incentive's in any way for this review. Just really glad im capturing sales that others wise would have been lost.


Perfect app , just add some discount on messages then booom !


Arjun is SO helpful! He personally answered all of my questions (I ask a lot of questions) and helped get my pre-checked box within a week. It's comforting to know the Founder of a company is so involved and you will get all the support you need.


So far SO good, recovering lots of lost revenue and it seriously took me under five minutes to install/setup.


Must-have app!! ShopMessage should be included in an ecommerce start-up kit. I can't tell you how amazing it is for recovering lost revenue. You'll be hooked by the end of the free trial - TRY IT!


Definitely works like a charm and easy to setup. The support team is really patient in answering my queries. Kudos to Arjun and his team for creating such a great app.

Some apps require a additional cut from your retargeted sales on messenger which I do not like. ShopMessage charges a flat fee + additional rates on additional number of people to send, much like how MailChimp and Klaviyo charges. It's affordable only if you have consistent traffic to retarget.

Try it out yourself and I'm sure that it will work for you too.


Awesome app, outstanding customer service! We compared many FB Messenger apps for abandon cart campaigns and this is the best by far. Had a few minor issues when we installed the app but the outstanding customer service solved all issues in no time!


I hate to have to leave this review, but I feel I have no choice. I had the app installed on another store. After a terrible initial CS experience with multiple attempts at contacting support going ignored, I finally did get the support I needed and was willing to change my review to reflect that. Fast forward to now, several weeks later.

1. The app is still not working as I'm still not pre-checked. I suspect this is a FB issue, and likely in light of GDPR that this is something that they will be unable to do going forward. It would be nice if someone actually told you what was going on though.

2. Again, multiple requests for support have been ignored.

3. Now I have been charged $99 for a month when I was told I would get a free month for all the intial trouble I had. Shopify are insisting that they need confirmation from the developer before they will refund, despite me providing proof. Guess what? No reply from the developer.

Honestly, it's a lot of money. If the app worked and the support was there, it would be fantastic. But it doesn't, and it's not. And likely never will (on both fronts). Don't waste your money.


I would like to give 10 stars, but its not possible.

It work very well.

I can recommend this app in any case. You will get help from support if you need help.
I am very happy.


This is my honest review of the ShopMessage app.

1. What drew me to it: The fact that once you have FB approval to have the checkbox pre-checked, it does what no other app does and that is allow you recover lost carts a step earlier. This is huge. I have a lot of abandoned carts - 9 times out of 10 they never get to the checkout stage so an app like Recart is useless. With this, once the customer clicks the add to cart button, it's recoverable. Game changing.

2. Installation: I had a bit of a nightmare with this. For some reason it wouldn't install on my store. I have no idea why as I believe I followed the correct steps. It could be my theme, not sure. Not being super technical I reached out to support. The CS has been nothing short of outstanding. They corrected the install issue for me and when I made a change that uninstalled it again (domain change) they fixed that too. No quibbles. That kind of CS goes a long way.

3. Still waiting for FB approval on the pre-check so I can't comment on how it will affect conversions. I'm not worried about the time-frame, it's only been a week, as this is out of the developers control and is entirely in the laps of the Facebook Gods. With things as they are at the moment, I would expect delays.

Overall: It's a no-brainer for me. If 1 out of 10 ATC's get a message with Recart and 9 out of 10 with ShopMessage ... well, you just need to do the maths really.

From $99.00 / month

Learn more at ShopMessage.me.

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