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Shoppy Bot - Smart Assistant

Shoppy Bot - Smart Assistant

Developed by Lightning in a Bot

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  • Stop wasting huge amounts of time dealing with data and focus on your business analytics.
  • Choose how you get your reports: Ask a question or adjust metrics on your own.
  • Custom report development and consulting for businesses seeking an edge in the world of analytics.

Shoppy Bot is a freemium web interface that allows users to interact with their Shopify business data using natural language and traditional report building modules. Don't spend any more time manipulating your data, writing macros, scouring for errors, and repeating the same arduous processes.

Shoppy Bot is your concierge data analyst and can save you and your team hours per week.

Shoppy Bot comes with over 30 unique reports, covering everything from sales data, inventory counts, and advanced customer segmentation.

Reports include:

Sales Reports

  • Average shipping income

  • Best sales day

  • Best sales month

  • Best selling items

  • Total items sold

  • Product sales

  • Sales by product type

  • Sales by state (U.S. only)

  • Sales by vendor

  • Sales performance overview

  • Total sales

  • Total shipping income

Order Reports

  • Average items per order

  • Average order size

  • Cancelled orders

  • Largest orders

  • List recent orders

  • Total orders

  • Orders by state (U.S. only)

  • List unfulfilled orders

  • Refunded orders

Customer Reports

  • Total customers

  • Customers by state (U.S. only)

  • New customers

  • Returning customers

  • Top customers

Product Reports

  • Inventory counts by vendor

  • On sale items

  • Top inventory

  • One item left

  • Out of stock


  • Get product SKU

  • Get order shipping info

  • Get product SKU

  • Get order details

  • Get order contact info

  • Search inventory

Learn more about Shoppy Bot reports here.

Shoppy Bot also integrates with Slack! Ask Shoppy Bot your analytics questions with the @bot call out. Complex reports will link back to the interface.

Custom Reporting and Consulting

Despite our best efforts, Shoppy Bot cannot answer every question.
Your data and your business is unique! As such, one-size-fits-all reporting doesn't, in fact, always fit. However, our team of business savvy analysts and developers can provide consulting and custom reporting solutions.

The Shoppy Bot team will help you achieve your vision for custom analytics and seamlessly integrate your reports into the Shoppy Bot interface.

Brands currently using Shoppy Bot:

  • Wellen Surf
  • Great Lakes Clothing Co.
  • Everyday California
  • Pour This

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    Shoppy Bot is amazing. I use it in a few different ways and it saves myself and my team 10+ hours a week.

    The first way is in helping with customer service. I can ask it questions about customers and orders so that I can quickly and efficiently respond to support with solutions rather than having to go back and forth trying to understand the issues. I am able to get tracking information, inventory and customer info all with a few basic questions.

    Another main way that I currently use the bot is overall sales data, getting information quickly rather than doing Shopify exports and then having to work with the data in Excel. I can quickly compare the different parts of our business as well as what types of items are doing well. Letting us start to really make informed merchandising and demand planning decisions for the future.

    The team is really helpful and anytime I have ideas / questions they are quick to respond and offer solutions. I find myself continually coming up with ideas that I send them, the more the bot can do, the less I have to.


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