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Shoppy Bot - Smart Assistant

Shoppy Bot - Smart Assistant

Developed by Lightning in a Bot

Price: From $5.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Stop wasting huge amounts of time on spreadsheets for business data analytics.
  • Perform natural language data queries on shopify data that are practically impossible manually.
  • Quickly and easily query inventory, sales data and orders by chatting with Shoppy Bot

Shoppy Bot is a chatbot that allows users to interact with their Shopify business data using natural language. No more spending hours downloading data from different time periods into spreadsheets and then writing macros just so you can find out how Q1 sales this year compared to Q1 sales last year. Just ask the bot in your Slack channel and within a few seconds you'll have the answer! Shoppy Bot also cuts out human error in your spreadsheet imports and formula. Shoppy Bot is your concierge data analyst and can save you and your team hours per week.

Shoppy Bot understands almost 50 distinct queries or questions about your Shopify data with an unlimited range of time and product modifiers that can be used. For example:

  1. "@bot How many t-shirts did we sell last month?"

  2. "@bot how many red t-shirts did we sell last month?"

  3. "@bot how many blue t-shirts do we have in stock?"

In addition to product questions, Shoppy Bot can help you learn more about your customers:

  1. "@bot who was our best customer last month?"

  2. "@bot how many returning customers did we have this month?"

Or maybe your customer service team needs to learn about your orders:

  1. "@bot show me order 1241"

  2. "@bot show me orders for email address bill@customersx.com"

See more questions Shoppy Bot can answer here.

Shoppy Bot can do all of this and much more, making your sales, customer service and inventory queries quick and easy. If Shoppy Bot doesn't know the answer to your question right away, we will work on adding it, so Shoppy Bot gets more smart and useful the more you use it. Not just that, but once a question is added for one user, it becomes available for all users!

Stop spending all of your time downloading your data into spreadsheets and start spending your time thinking up really interesting business analytics questions to ask Shoppy Bot.

Brands currently using Shoppy Bot:

  • Wellen Surf
  • Blu Kicks
  • Great Lakes Clothing Co.
  • Everyday California
  • Pour This

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    Shoppy Bot is amazing. I use it in a few different ways and it saves myself and my team 10+ hours a week.

    The first way is in helping with customer service. I can ask it questions about customers and orders so that I can quickly and efficiently respond to support with solutions rather than having to go back and forth trying to understand the issues. I am able to get tracking information, inventory and customer info all with a few basic questions.

    Another main way that I currently use the bot is overall sales data, getting information quickly rather than doing Shopify exports and then having to work with the data in Excel. I can quickly compare the different parts of our business as well as what types of items are doing well. Letting us start to really make informed merchandising and demand planning decisions for the future.

    The team is really helpful and anytime I have ideas / questions they are quick to respond and offer solutions. I find myself continually coming up with ideas that I send them, the more the bot can do, the less I have to.

    From $5.00 / month

    Our pricing model is based on the number of orders your store processes each month. You can see the details by clicking here.

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