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  • Spend more time selling, and less time messing with the your store.
  • Take back control by easily inserting Tabs, Buttons, FAQ Sections, Lightboxes and more – no coding needed!
  • Save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in development fees with this copy-paste set of tools to enhance your website

For the first time EVER on Shopify: Shortcodes is a powerful tool to give you an easy way to create the features you want - without writing code (seriously!).

Spend your time selling products and running your business - not on coding or Googling ways to add features to your store. This App will help you do that - and more - saving you time and money.



You want to sell more and have a beautiful store with features your customers expect... BUT, you don’t want to learn to code yourself, and you don’t want to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a developer every time you need a feature created or to change the colour of a button. You want a powerful toolset to do that for you.

Here’s what you’ll get when you install this App (7 day FREE trial and great support from one of Shopify’s top-rated experts):

  1. You don’t need to learn code to create a beautiful features your customers expect - use this App instead

  2. You save time and money which you can spend on more important things - like running your business and making sales

  3. You’ll please your customers by improving your site's layout, and presenting information in a way that’s quick and easy, and helps them get to the “Buy Now” button faster.

  4. These features come as a result of our work on over 100 Shopify stores. We regularly receive requests for these features, and they’d normally cost hundreds of dollars each to develop. We wanted a way to make it easier and more cost-effective for store owners to take control.

    Try it out for 7 days (free trial), and be blown away by our famous customer support (over see 60+ positive reviews on the Shopfiy Experts Portal). Or read on for the specific features you'll get...


    The simple tools below -- which ALL come built-in with this App -- will help your customers, save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in development costs, and give you control over your content:

    • Tabs to organize your content like Description, Shipping, Size Guides, Product Care and Designer Details. Your customers will LOVE this - they won’t need to click onto different pages to find out about your products. This is how all the big brands do it.

    • Open/closing sections for easy FAQs and product pages. Have you ever visited an annoying FAQ page where you need to click 20 links to find your question? Don’t make your customers do the same. Instead, easily create sections that open and close to keep all your FAQs neat, organised, and quick to view. Help your customers, and save time on support emails too.

    • Lightbox popups to capture email addresses, show videos, or display a size guide without going to another page - meaning your customers get to the CHECKOUT faster.

    • Boxes and lines to make your pages more professional and easier to read

    • Tooltips to give hints and guidelines in context (again, don’t make your customers open a new page!)

    To get all these, you don’t need to do any coding. Just click a few buttons, then copy and paste. Shortcodes are a quick and easy way to create what would normally take a long time and cost hundreds -- or thousands! -- of dollars to develop.

    Try it out for 7 days (free trial), and be blown away by our famous customer support (over 75 reviews on the Shopify Experts portal).


    Ready? Click up the top right of this page to install The App (7 day free trial.)

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4 reviews
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Used it to build our product and store FAQs. Very easy to use and really useful shortcodes.


Really good app - saves load of time coding. Have used a number of times throughout the site


This is just to let anyone who comes to this page know that as of Aug25 the customer service team for this app has assured me they are still actively working on the new version, but - do not install this one right now. It looks really promising!

I'm leaving 5 stars since support was prompt.

$7.99 / month
7 days

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