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Similar Product Recommender

Similar Product Recommender

Developed by Streamoid

Price: Free – $29.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Automatically recommends “Similar Products” based on color, pattern and style.
  • Guaranteed Increase in Customer engagement.
  • Significant increase in Conversion and Average order value

★★★Works only for Fashion products- Garments. Footwear. Bags. Accessories. ★★★

The very general recommendations used by all retailers currently, such as, “Customers who bought this item also bought”, makes a lot of sense for product categories like Books, Electronics, Gadgets etc. but not as much for fashion products.

The fashion shopper is unique. What others bought is not relevant to them. They wish to see an array of products similar to the item they’ve chosen, before making a decision. It mimics their purchase pattern as in a brick and mortar store.

Similar Product Recommender by Streamoid, acts like a virtual sales assistant and recommends similar products from the store, based on color, pattern and style. Our Image recognition engine is fine-tuned and works ONLY for fashion products. With this app, you will see up to 5 similar recommendations for the fashion product being viewed.

How does it work?

  • Shopper clicks on a product.

  • Our advanced Fashion Artificial Intelligence platform does a pixel to pixel match with the retailer's product catalogue.

  • It displays the closest match based on color, pattern and style within milliseconds.

  • Once installed, the entire process is automated and seamless.

Where are the recommendations displayed?

When a customer visits a product page, our widget will display the similar products under the header - “You may also like”.

The Widget will automatically appear at the bottom of the page after installation.


What makes Streamoid’s Similar Product Recommender unique?

  • Our advanced Artificial intelligence engine has been specifically fine-tuned for fashion images and our international clients have seen great results across their websites.

  • Because of RELEVANT recommendations, more shoppers clicked on the recommended products and explored a wider catalog.

  • Increased customer engagement led to more sales and a significant increase in basket size.

  • Try the product Free for 30 days and experience the increase in sales.


  • Free trial period: 30 Days.

  • Monthly pricing is based on number of impressions shown.

  • Up to 35K impressions = $ 9.99

  • Any thing above 35K impressions = $ 29.99

Simple plug and play Integration:

Similar Product Recommender has just one line of code. For customers with a large inventory, it will take 12 hours to go live and for smaller inventory, it will take much less.

All this is done automatically and the widget will go live in a few hours.

Post installation, no further action is required.

Zero effort, zero maintenance.


Streamoid can supply analytics on the performance of the similar products widget. It can help one keep track of important metric like impressions.

Start increasing customer engagement and maximizing conversion today.
Start Your 30-Day Free Trial!


Can we use this widget for our non-fashion products also?

No. This widget will work only for Fashion products such as Garments, footwear, bags and accessories.

How long does it take till the widget goes live?

Once we get the feed everything is done automatically. The widget will go live in a few hours. The maximum time taken based on size of inventory is 12 hours.

What will happen if there are no similar products in stock?

There will be no recommendations made. A notice “ No similar products” will appear.

Is this Widget Customizable for price, etc?

No. This widget recommends only products that are similar in colour, pattern and style. It does not consider other attributes such as price, brand etc.

Can I change the location of the Widget?

Yes, the location of the widget can be customized.

Can I use this on the Out of stock page?

Yes. This can be used on Out of stock page.”

What are impressions?

When the Product detail page is opened, the app automatically recommends up to 5 similar products. Each of these product is considered as an impression.

How long does it take for new products to appear in widget's results?

It will take a maximum of 3 hours for the new products to appear in widget's results.

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This app doesn't install, says "internal server error". Must be a bug.

Free – $29.99 / month

★★★ FREE FOR 30 DAYS ★★★

0 - 35K impressions = $ 9.99
More than 35K impressions = $ 29.99

Monthly pricing is based on numbers of product impressions shown in recommendations

30 days


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