Simile | Personalization Suite

Simile | Personalization Suite

by ScopeMedia

Dynamic AI Personalization for Individual Customers

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Automated Personalization

Tailor content to each of your customers for an enhanced & personalized shopping experience.

Unique to Each Customer

Integrate our deep learning AI to keep track of individual customer preference over time.

Easy Setup Without Coding

Plug and play with one click installation plus background sync to keep everything up to date.

About Simile | Personalization Suite

Why Personalization:

  1. Personalized & predictive retail is among the highest contributing factors to increased repeat purchases.
  2. Shoppers seeing personalized recommendations see things aligned with their interest, creating more opportunities for conversion.
  3. Personalization boosts conversion by enticing customers with relevant products.
  4. Personalization enhances customer loyalty and overall experience.

How will Personalization improve customer experience?

Each customer will experience your website in a dynamic and unique way. Your site will react to customer inputs, such as browsing and purchase history. Simile will predict which content should be displayed based on its knowledge of the users inputs. As a store owner you can be sure each customer is receiving a tailored experience on your online store, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

What is eCommerce Personalization?

Personalization in eCommerce allows retailers to display different content to individual users based on their preferences or browsing history.

Personalization allows you to tailor your customer service and build better customer relationships, leading to repeat sales.

How is the app displayed?

The app displays as a widget that presents unique recommendations as a slider on your pages of your choice.

Available locations include:

  • Homepage (What's Trending)
  • Product Page (Inspired by Your Browsing History)
  • Cart (Recently Viewed)
  • Conformation Page (Inspired by Your Purchase History)

The items displayed are based on user behavior and purchase history recorded on your store.

How does personalization work?

The Simile AI creates an index of your products and their attributes. As your customers browse your store the AI uses this information combined with customer actions to make intuitive suggestions about complementary products.


  • No Manual Tracking Required
  • Build Customer Loyalty Over Time
  • Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue

No Manual Tagging Required

Simile works by analyzing view and transaction data in order to gain insight into customer preferences. It is not necessary tor tag your products or assign rules for the system to work.

Build Customer Loyalty Over Time

Increase loyalty with personalization that encourages repeat purchases and increase overall lifetime value of your customers.

Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue

Personalization is shown to increase customer loyalty and cause repeat purchases. The compounding effect is increased MRR that helps your business achieve sustained and accelerated growth.

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