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Simple Bulk Tag Editor & Scheduler

Simple Bulk Tag Editor & Scheduler

Developed by Fully Loaded Apps

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  • Edit tags for any amount of products in bulk
  • Schedule your tag changes to run now or at a later date
  • Create bulk tag changes easily and efficiently

Simple Bulk Tag Editor and Scheduler

This app was created to provide a tool that allows users to update the tags of their products in bulk. It allows you to make changes easily, while still providing the flexibility you need to customize your tag changes and apply them to a distinct selection of products.

To get started with using the app, there are only three steps you must follow.

  • Step 1: Filter Products. Filtering products is how you narrow down a selection of products that you want to choose from. There are several different filters to choose from, such as text matching and price comparison.

  • Step 2: Select Products. Once you have filtered your products, you can now select the individual products you wish to apply changes to. For every product you select, there is a preview section where you can see which products are selected.

  • Step 3: Schedule a Tag Edit Job. Now that you have selected all your products, you then determine when you want your tag changes to be applied, and for how long. Additionally, you will define how you want to change the tags, such as adding or removing tags from certain products. Once you are comfortable with your changes, you simply press a button and the job is created!

There is also a page where you can monitor the status of your jobs, so you can see when the price changes are scheduled to be applied and when they are actually applied.

By scheduling tag changes, you can make your business more efficient by automating some of the difficulties associated with manually updating tags in bulk, and you get the benefit of having it scheduled at any specified date. Further, you can increase conversion by strategically shifting prices to align with demand.

Note that this app is intended to make your lives easy, and our team is always open to suggestions for improving the user experience.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy using our product!

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