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Simple Coming Soon

Simple Coming Soon

Developed by KAD Systems

12 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month Free Trial: 3 days More info
  • Make your own coming soon page without any programming skills in a few minutes.
  • Customize the coming soon page for your corporate identity for increasing brand loyality.
  • Keep in touch with your customers while developing shop or making technical works.

What is the Simple Coming Soon?

The Simple Coming Soon is an app that will help you to make coming soon page without programming skills in just a few minutes.

The Simple Coming Soon app works with any Shopify store. Anyone who isn't logged in to your site will see the Coming Soon page, while you or any other logged-in staffers can access the site as normal and do not see the Coming Soon page which allows you to work on your changes or content.

Why do you need a coming soon page?

Merchants need a coming soon landing page because it gives them another way to build a larger audience of prospective customers in order to make a bigger announcement for the offering when it’s released.

Coming soon pages help you create intrigue, urgency, and demand. Therefore, when your offer is ready to release, you have that much more momentum and exposure than if you didn’t have a coming soon page.

If you want to get the word out to people about your new site launch, it’s much easier if you have something to actually share. For example, it is much easier to ask your followers to share the link to your coming soon page, rather than ask them to tell their followers that a website of some girl/dude is launching soon.

Benefits, Features and Options:

  • Adaptive coming soon page that looks great at any screen.

  • Customizable texts, seo data and appearance of the page.

  • Social networks Buttons.

  • Live countdown timer.

  • Import subscribers in your store's Customers.

  • Fast and responsive support.

  • Native shopify settings page interface.

Future Features

  • Bug report and idea suggestion tool.

  • Subscribe button's and input's square corners.

  • Google fonts support.

  • Auto deactivate the app when the countdown timer will be reset.

  • The Coming Soon page will appear on the domain root.


The installation is simple. Just go into the App listing admin area of your Shopify store, then click over our App icon, inside the app settings press Activate button.

Note, that you need to disable all similar applications before use.

If the app doesn't work after installing, and you see a default password page, you should disable it. Try to do this:

  • 1. Go to the admin panel and click the "Online Store".

  • 2. Click on "Preferences".

  • 3. Uncheck "Enable password page" in "Password page" block and save the changes.

  • 4. Activate the Simple Coming Soon and click on icon of eye in the top right corner of the app settings, now you should see the Coming soon page.

If you always redirected to coming soon page even if you logged in to shop admin panel, try to do this:

  • 1. Log in to admin panel of your shop.

  • 2. Find link "Online Store" in the left menu under "SALES CHANNELS".

  • 3. Click on eye icon to the right of link "Online Store".

If you change theme you need to:

  • 1. Got to app settings page.

  • 2. Untick Activate checkbox.

  • 3. Save changes.

  • 4. Tick Activate checkbox.

  • 5. Save changes again.


Before uninstallation you need to deactivate app. You should do next:

  • 1. Go to app settings page.

  • 2. Untick the "Activate the application" checkbox.

  • 3. Save changes.

If it doesn't work and you redirected to app's page, try to delete redirect code manually:

  • 1. Go to the admin panel and click the "Online Store".

  • 2. Click dropdown "Actions". Then press "Edit code".

  • 3. Click "theme.liquid" in the left menu.

  • 4. Find "window.top.location.href".

  • 5. Delete all code between script tag (from "window.top.location.href" to "apps/simple_coming_soon/';") inclusive tags of script.

if something went wrong, please, contact us. We are glad to help.

Version history

  • 0.7 (9.01.2018)

    • Added 3-days free trial period.

    • Fixed the problem with zoom for mobile devices.

    • Fixed the problem with settings form fill in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • 0.6 (13.12.2017)

    • Added new settings: Text color, Font-family, Text below timer, Button color, Button text color.

    • Fixed problem with datetime of countdown timer.

    • Fixed problem with showing countdown timer.

  • 0.5 (06.12.2017)

    • Fixed problem with rights to save a subscribers.

    • Added subscription form display switcher

    • Updated cooming soon page styles. Now it looks good at any screen.

  • 0.4 (30.11.2017)

    • Fixed images caching. Now images update immidiately after upload.

    • Changed the default background.

    • Added buttons to shopify's top bar.

    • Added "Get Support" buttons.

    • Now the subscribers are have been automatically imported in your store's Customers.

    • Added app charge.

  • 0.3 (16.11.2017)

    • A 3-step protection is made to prevent errors when the application is deactivated.

    • The subscription form is not displayed now if the recipient_email is not filled in.

    • Changed a view for mobiles.

    • Fixed the problem with user's image for background.

  • 0.2 (20.10.2017) Fix problems. Now shows to unauthorized users only.

  • 0.1 (04.08.2017) First version, basic functions.

Support work schedule

  • Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm GMT+0 London.

  • iMessage: response time up to 12 hours

  • Email: response time up to 1 day

About developer

KAD::Systems is web developers team. We work since 2013. Every year we solve more than 600 tasks for our dear customers. Now we started to work with shopify, and we want to help many shopify merchants to make they buisiness profitable.

We are responsible for our work and are ready to help you promptly if something goes wrong.

If you need custom application, we will kindly develop it for you!

Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kadsystems/

Simple Coming Soon reviews

12 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (0 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (0 reviews)

The app is very easy to install, very intuitive to use and looks great! It is well worth the price if you want a super nice looking landing page that can collect email address and increase your social media following up until the day your store goes live.

Plus, the support team is very nice, helpful and super responsive. So important! I would use it again for sure!


Easy and quick to install. Not as many settings as it could be, but enough for us. This is exactly what we were looking for!


Everything works good! Greate app for great price


Good app. Responsive support. Easy to install and setup. Recommend!


Best coming soon app! Many thanks to developers! I didn't have any problems with deactivation. Looks like previos reviewer could't just deactive app before uninstalling.



The developer contacted me the following morning and was keen to resolve the issue. Although this was good, it was too late for us.

They asked for further details so I can only hope this is resolved quickly so it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

They requested several times for me to change my review over Facebook and email, but as the app ended up not working I cannot give any higher than two stars. It would be misleading to give a positive review.

FYI, we were using version 0.2.


Great, at first.

The app malfunctioned and did not let us deactivate. Checkbox to deactivate was stuck on and would not accept that it was deactivated. Timer ran out and we ended up being embarrassed to our customers on launch day.

If you try removing the app when in this state, your site will still try redirecting to the app's coming soon page, fail and refresh over and over again. We had our access temporarily suspended for a few minutes because of unusual traffic.

Tried contacting the developer by email and FaceBook but they did not respond. Ended up receiving support from Shopify to manually alter the damage done to the theme's code.


Super easy to setup and looks great :) has everything you need to shut down your site temporarily. Simple and effective


These guys are on it! When you upload your own background image it will now perform on a multitude of devices without tiling. A big thank you!
Will definitely be checking back to see what they make in the future.


I recommend it, very good. Thanks!


Amazing app! Simple, quick, and easy to use! Was able to transform my landing page in minutes and increase subscriptions. Only note, subscriptions don't sync to the customers page (at least, I couldnt figure out how to) so you have to manually enter new customers into shopify.

$5.00 / month

Try it for free. If you like the app, after 3 days of free use, you will be charged of monthly plan of $5 USD. If not, just deactivate and delete the app in 3 days, and do not pay anything.

3 days


Password page should be disabled
Every similar app should be disabled

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