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Simple PO

Simple PO

Developed by GhostApps

Price: $9.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Quickly create and send purchase orders as emails and PDFs
  • Automatically import order data and dropship to your customers
  • Save cost prices of all your products and variants

Simple PO was created with one mission in mind, to allow Shopify store owners to quickly create and send Purchase Orders to their vendors, all while never leaving the Shopify app!

Tired of manually dropshipping products? With Simple PO you can set up your dropshipper's details and add the cost price of their products. Whenever you make a sale, you can create a PO with your customer's shipping details and order as an email and PDF with a couple of clicks

Simple PO does this with the following features:

  • Create a Purchase Order based on an order, a product and it's variants or for all the products linked to a Vendor

  • Store Vendor details and link them to all their products and variants in your store

  • Store the cost price of each variant of your products and automatically import it into the purchase order along with the Vendor's details, your shop details and your customer's if you need it

  • Quickly create and send a Purchase Order to your vendor in under 60 seconds with either your address or your customers if you dropship

  • Supports all currencies Shopify does

Setup couldn't be easier, simply install Simple PO, fill out your Vendor's details and cost price for each product variant, we match Vendor name's across products so you don't waste time retyping their details our for each product

We support multiple currencies and the Purchase Order and email that goes to your Vendor is fully editable before you send it

Don't just take your word for it, start your 7-day free trial now and see how much time you can save!

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Depending on what you need this could be a great app for you. In the orders view you can start to create a PO. Before that you need to go to the individual products add a cost price and then when you create the PO assign them to a vendor. You can create the PO and then mail it. That's basically it. As far as I can see the PO's arn't stored, they seem to be once of generated.

$9.99 / month

We like to keep pricing simple, so its just a flat monthly fee no matter how many purchase orders you create

7 days

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