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Upload Bliss by MRH.io

Upload Bliss by MRH.io

Developed by MRH.io

8 reviews
Price: $5.00 / month More info
  • Extends the native shopify contact forms, no special forms required
  • Embeds links to the uploads within the native contact email that Shopify sends out
  • Simple installation - only requires one theme edit.

Simple Uploads - Nothing Less, Nothing More

You want to continue using the built-in contact form functionality, but you also need to add a file field to get uploads from your customers. This is a very common issue Shopify Merchants face, and this app is how you can fix it.

Unlike other upload apps, this one:

  • Integrates with the native contact form flow

  • Does not require any third party subscriptions or registrations

  • Allows multiple file uploads

  • Utilizes the AWS cloud to scale maximally

After a very quick install, and for only $5/mo, you can add a file input to your form and links to the downloads will be embedded in the same email you're used to getting.

This plugin should work with any image (JPG, GIF, PNG) and any PDF.

Upload Bliss by MRH.io reviews

8 reviews
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I love this app. I am going to refer to my friends who have Shopify sites. I had trouble installing due to another code on my site but mark, who responded rather quickly to my email. Fixed it within 5 hours. I found this extremely helpful especially since i was still in the free trial. Use this app for your customers upload needs!


Really needed a simple to use platform to host and share documents with our customers based on their test results, a solution that would allow customer access to those results on their account page and this worked like a charm. I'm not as code literate and their support was really responsive and helpful too which I feel like you just don't get on here any more. Good work!


I was having a lot of trouble finding a way to allow customers to upload files to my site Casprints.com . I thought I was going to have to go through some extensive coding and lots of trouble but Upload Bliss turned out to be extremely effective and really well detailed on how to install, great app.


Great job !!! Well done works well!


Great App. Works great. Awesome customer support!


Terrific App which was recommended by our Developer AnywayDesigns.com we are very happy with Marks attention to questions and accommodations as it related to its integration. Thanks once again. Great App. Great Service to boot. - Gore Global Group Inc.


I was looking for an image upload solution and Mark's app worked perfectly for our site! The instructions are simple to install and Mark provides great customer support in getting set up or making sure everything is working properly.


SU 's Upload Bliss is Brilliant in its simplicity! If you need a professional app that allows your clients / customers to upload files or picture seamlessly AND with ease THIS IS IT.
SU also provides full support via email or PHONE....we need more apps are their for support like SU.

$5.00 / month

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