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Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Developed by Orbis Labs

22 reviews
Price: $1.49 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Manage your Shopify XML sitemap and NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags to stop search engines crawling where you don't want them to.
  • Options to also hide objects from your stores internal search.
  • Fix duplicate content issues and prevent search engines penalising your rankings, perfect for SEO!

What is Sitemap & NoIndex Manager?

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager gives you complete control over your Shopify generated XML sitemap and NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags.

Applying NoIndex will tell search engines not to crawl those pages and stops them being indexed.

The app features various different options, for example, if you just want to NoIndex a page without removing it from the sitemap, you can do so.

You can also use this app to hide objects from your stores internal search so if you don't want customers to search for certain products you can do so with this app.

What sections can I manage NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags?

  • Products

  • Collections

  • Pages

  • Blogs

  • Blog articles

  • Collection/Product tags/filters (e.g. /collections/collection-name/testtag)

  • Collection/Product vendors (e.g. collections/vendors?q=testvendor)

  • Collection/Product types (e.g. /collections/types?q=testtype)

  • Collection main page (e.g. /collections)

  • Collection all page (e.g. /collections/all)

  • Blog tags

  • Entire store

  • Search result pages (e.g. /search?q=test)

  • Cart page (/cart)

  • Login page (/account/login)

  • Pagination (Multiple pages such as /?page=2, /?page=3 etc)

What sections can I manage Sitemap URLs and hide from search?

  • Products

  • Collections

  • Pages

  • Blogs

  • Blog articles

NoIndex Any URL

We've recently added a new feature that gives you the ability to NoIndex pretty much any URL. So if you can't find what you're looking for in the app i.e a custom URL with filters etc you can save this URL in the app and we will NoIndex it for you!

This new feature as well as existing features gives you complete control over what you want to NoIndex.

What options do I have?

Sitemap + NoIndex + NoFollow + Search:
- This will remove the object from your Shopify generated XML sitemap, apply NoIndex, NoFollow.
- This will make sure it will not get indexed by search engines.
- This will also make sure objects are not searchable through your stores internal search.

NoIndex + NoFollow:
- This will apply NoIndex and NoFollow.
- This will make sure it will not get indexed by search engines.
- Objects will still be searchable through your stores internal search.

NoIndex + Follow:
- This will just apply NoIndex but allow links to be followed.
- Objects will still be searchable through your stores internal search.

How will this app benefit my store?

Managing your sitemap is very important for SEO reasons. A sitemap is a document full of links to pages, products, blog articles and other content that helps search engines crawl your store and index it into its search results. It helps with search engine optimisation by making it easier for search engines to organise and find content on your store.

You may not want all pages being indexed because there can be many different versions of the same page which causes duplicate content issues. Your store can be penalised and have its ranking lowered as a result of duplicate content. By using our app you can exclude pages from your sitemap and apply NoIndex, NoFollow to them so search engines stay away, safeguarding your stores rankings.

This app will also benefit your store if you want to hide certain products from being searchable via your stores internal search, for example if you have a product that you only want to advertise elsewhere and not searchable through your store, you have that option!

Fix Duplicate Content Issues

This app will also help you fix duplicate content issues your store maybe facing, resulting in lower rankings and being penalised by Google.

Tackling this issue will ensure your store keep its rankings which will result in customers finding your store higher up in the search results. More customers = more revenue.

Bulk Edit

The dashboard is very easy to use, with bulk editing features that allow you to edit multiple objects in one go to make the process pain free.


To make your life easy when using the app you can filter products by its title and collection and filter collections by its title.

5 day free trial!

You can try our app free for 5 days to give some peace of mind.

One Click Installation

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!


If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We're always willing to listen to feedback and update our app.

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Sitemap & NoIndex Manager reviews

22 reviews
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works like a charm and a very helpful customer care.


Excellent ! Perfect tool for noindex


Excellent tool. Saved me days of work


Super app, and they even customised a section of it for us! We have been struggling with how to noindex our old tag urls for YEARS (and shopify themselves have been particularly unhelpful with this). Thank you very much to the team behind this awesome app.


This is an amazing app with great customer service. What more could you ask for?


Great app, very easy to use, well designed, and fair price. The app provides good general SEO recommendations for your store. No Index / No Follow statements in your theme code can block large amounts of data from being seen by Search engines, so make sure you know exactly what each setting does. If in doubt you should consult with an SEO expert or your Shopify support team before making any major changes.


An extremely helpful app which helps deal with all duplicate content issues which are a lot more difficult to resolve using search console. Also, the customer service is prompt and second to none. Highly recommended !!


Love this app! If you want to hide a product from Shopify's search results, you can do it with this app. I tried several apps and none of them worked. For instance, I want wholesalers to view a certain page... I don't want Google to find it or for it to be found thru my theme's search results. This app did the trick! And it's so easy to use.


App does the job. Best thing about it is their app support! Quick and prompt on answering queries. This deal is too good to pass on. Makes your life way easier. Highly recommended.


Please link this on EVERY THREAD that says 'how can I hide products on search that are for certain customers, etc'. Its a life saver!! SERIOUSLY. I have tried tons of codes on the Search.liquid nothing works. This - you tick a box and its done

$1.49 / month
5 days

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