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Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager

Developed by NinjaCoderz

5 reviews
Price: $1.49 / month Free Trial: 5 days More info
  • Remove URLs from your Shopify XML sitemap and apply NoIndex, NoFollow to stop search engines crawling where you don't want them to
  • Fix duplicate content issues and prevent search engines penalising your rankings, perfect for SEO!
  • 5 day free trial then just $1.49 per month to protect your store!

Remove URLs from your XML sitemap, apply NoIndex and NoFollow to safeguard your search engine rankings

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager is the first app that lets you manage your store's XML sitemap!

Remove URLs from your Shopify XML sitemap and apply the NoIndex, NoFollow directive to pages you want search engines to stay away from! This will help you tackle duplicate content issues and safeguard your presence in the search engines, increase rankings and bring in more customers. This will help with your Search Engine Optimisation!

Fix duplicate content issues

Tackle duplicate content issues that your store could be facing, resulting in lower rankings and being penalised by Google.

As you populate your store it will start generating multiple versions of the same page. For example lets say you run store selling televisions, you might have a collection called LCD or OLED. Within that collection there could be a filter by tags so in this example we might filter by 4k or 1080p. This will generate the following URLs;

  • www.example.com/collections/OLED/4k

  • www.example.com/collections/OLED/1080p

You could end up having thousands of different pages that are very similar indexed in Google. The same example applies to vendors and product types so as your store gets bigger can you imagine how many pages are going to be index that are similar?

You'll be spreading "link juice" to these pages. By using our app, you can NoIndex, NoFollow product vendors, product types and product tags to fix duplicate content issues and cut down the amount of useless pages that get indexed and as a result, you'll safeguard the most important pages. In our example this would be www.example.com/collections/OLED.

You can also use this app to NoIndex pagination results, for example /collections/test-collection?page=2, /collections/test-collection?page=3 etc.

Full control

You can manage your sitemap and NoIndex, NoFollow tag in the following sections:-

  • Manage your Shopify XML Sitemap

  • Products

  • Product tags (e.g. /collections/testtag)

  • Product vendors (e.g. collections/vendors?q=testvendor)

  • Product types (e.g. /collections/types?q=testtype)

  • Pages

  • Collections

  • Blogs and blog articles

  • Blog tags

  • NoIndex your entire store

  • NoIndex your search result pages (e.g. /search?q=test)

  • NoIndex your cart page (/cart)

  • NoIndex pagination (/?page=2, /?page=3 etc)

Bulk Edit

The dashboard is very easy to use, with bulk editing features that allows you to edit multiple objects in one go to make the process pain free. You can choose exactly which pages to exclude from your XML sitemap and block search engines from crawling those pages.

How will this app benefit my store?

Managing your sitemap is very important for SEO reasons. A sitemap is a document full of links to pages, products, blog articles and other content that helps search engines crawl your store and index it into its search results. It helps with search engine optimisation by making it easier for search engines to organise and find content on your store.

You may not want all pages being indexed because there can be many different versions of the same page which causes duplicate content issues. Your store can be penalised and have its ranking lowered as a result of duplicate content. By using our app you can exclude pages from your sitemap and apply NoIndex, NoFollow to them so search engines stay away, safeguarding your stores rankings.

Attract new customers

Sitemap & NoIndex Manager will eliminate any Google Penguin or Panda issues your store may have. Having duplicate content will cost you rankings in the search results,
Unless you tackle this problem customers won't be able to find your store.

Tackling this issue will ensure your store keep its rankings which will result in customers finding your store higher up in the search results. More customers = more revenue.

5 day free trial!

You can try our app free for 5 days to give some peace of mind.

One Click Installation

You don't need to edit your theme, once you install our app you're ready to go!

Recommended settings

We strongly recommend that you do the following to gain the best search engine results and fix duplicate content:-

  • Head over to 'Miscellaneous' and turn on 'Pagination' and 'Search results'.

  • Head over to 'Collections' then go to 'Tags, Vendors, Types'. Turn on 'Product tags', 'Product vendors' and 'Product types'.

  • Head over to 'Blogs & Articles' then go to 'Tags'. Turn on 'Tags'.


If you need any help please do not hesitate to get in touch with us! We're constantly listening to feedback and updating our app.

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Sitemap & NoIndex Manager reviews

5 reviews
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Highly recommend this app and the developers. They took on board my comments and amended the app, as I was having an issue with duplicate content caused by tags. They even followed up with me after installation to make sure it was working for me. 5 stars


Great app, simple and easy to use. Fantastic support too, would recommend.


Nice little app makes it real easy to keep the site clean and organized for indexing.


So far this app is simple to use and has the ability to exclude URLs out of the sitemap. First app I've found in weeks of searching with this functionality. The developers seem eager to improve and build upon their product as well.


At last, something that resolves all the duplicate pages created by tags and power tools variants filters. Easy to use and install, they even took on a few of my recommendations and installed whilst I was using it! Will report back on any success. Worth checking your site map before and after, then search console to clear up any other duplicate meta descriptions and titles.

$1.49 / month
5 days


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