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Smart Tags

Smart Tags

Developed by wehavefaces

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  • Easy to use! Get started within 3 minutes.
  • Better tags based on price, weight, quantity and more!
  • Affordable pricing & FREE plan available for lifetime!

Use Smart Tags to automatically tag your products, the smart way. Tag your products based on type, vendor, price, weight, variant, quantity and more!

Think of it like automated collections (smart collections), but for tags!

Easy to use!

Get started easily within 3 minutes (or less)!


  1. 1. Install

  2. 2. Select plan

  3. 3. Create smart tags

  4. 4. Profit!

It does not get any easier than that!

Why you need Smart Tags

Enhance your shop collections with Smart Tags

Have you ever used Shopify's automated collections and wished that you had more control over which products get included automatically?

Here's an example of how Smart Tags can help you do something that Shopify can't by itself:

  1. 1. Automatically tag product as "On Sale" if it's sale price is lower than its compare price.

  2. 2. You can then create an automated collection that includes products that are tagged with "On Sale".

  3. 3. Now you have a collection for products that's on sale! And it will be updated automatically when you update prices, without needing to manually tag/untag products.

The possibilities are endless!

Better tags to enhance your shop filter menu

Do you use a theme that allows your shoppers to filter products by tags? Do you find yourself spending too much time manually tagging products?

Then Smart Tags would be perfect for you!

Smart Tags allows you to create tags for types, vendors, prices and even variant options.

Smart Tags even can automatically untag a product if it falls below a minimum value.
You can now allow shoppers to filter Dresses in Size M, but only shown if it is in-stock.

Smart Tags is an invaluable addition to your business.

Available Smart Tags

Create smart tags with a variety of conditions / criteria to choose from:

  • Tag product with its type

  • Tag product with its vendor name

  • Tag product if its on sale

  • Tag product with its variant options (for e.g. Size, Colors, etc)

  • Tag product based on its price range

  • Tag product based on its weight range

  • Tag product based on its total stock quantity

Does your shop requires a specific condition that is not currently included? Don't worry, drop us an email, we would love to hear from you! (We might already be working on it, who knows)

Affordable pricing

Find the right plan for your needs

Choose from the following plans:


  • $0.00 / month (That's right, FREE!)

  • 50 products

  • Auto-schedule every 6 hours


  • $1.99 / month

  • 1,000 products

  • Auto-schedule every 3 hours


  • $7.99 / month

  • 5,000 products

  • Auto-schedule every 2 hours


  • $25.99 / month

  • 25,000 products

  • Auto-schedule every 1 hour

Install Smart Tags today!

You can get started easily, risk-free and at no-cost

We are proud to develop Smart Tags as an embedded app. It works seamlessly with your Shopify admin dashboard.

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How is the product limit counted for my plan?

    A product with multiple variants / SKUs counts as one (1) product.

    Hidden products (products that are not visible in the storefront) are included in the count, as well as products with zero (0) quantity.

  2. How fast can Smart Tags tag all of the products in my store?

    Currently, our Smart Tags app (including other apps by other Shopify partners) is limited to making 2 API calls per second.

    As such, how fast we can tag your products is limited to about roughly 1-2 sec per product.

    The bright side is, that all of this tagging is done automatically by our system. Imagine having to tag 2000 products by yourself, manually. Phew.

    Great news: We are already developing a feature that would help to overcome this limitation and we foresee that it would greatly improve the speed of tagging. Stay tune!

  3. Why does it say "Tagged 0 of 0 products successfully in 0 seconds" on the "Recent Activity" in my Dashboard?

    Smart Tags would only start to tag your products when you have define at least one Rule for it to apply.

    So, create a Smart Tag Rule in your Dashboard and start tagging your products now, the smart way!

  4. Help! I can't install the app / I get stuck during the "Loading App" screen!

    We have had a few reports from some users that they were unable to install the app due to some unforeseen browser restrictions.

    If you do encounter installation issues or any questions, feel free to contact us at our chat support or drop us an email at support@wehavefaces.net. We will assist you promptly.

Technical support

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our chat support or drop us an email at support@wehavefaces.net. We will assist you promptly.

Smart Tags reviews (1)


Very useful app, saves a lot of time instead of manually tagging my products every time there are changes to the stock quantity. Very helpful support as well.

From $0.00 / month

Available plans:
- Free: FREE! / 50 products
- Basic : $1.99 / month / 1,000 products
- Professional: $7.99 / month / 5,000 products
- Business: $25.99 / month / 25,000 products


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