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  • Convert 404 visitors to customers!
  • Use 404 errors to your advantage
  • Display content based on the URL

Why do I need a "smart" 404 page?

The 404 page causes loss of customers without you even noticing and, as statistics show, most of the visitors following a bad link to your shop would not continue their search.

There are a lot of shopify apps out there that allow you to scan, analyze and redirect invalid urls.

While this is something that you definitely should take care of, a lot of visitors will still land on your 404 page for a number of reasons.

They may land on your 404 because

  • there is a typo in a url pointing to your store from an external site

  • they clicked a link to a product/collection/page that isn't available anymore (and no redirect has been setup yet)

  • there are typos in urls on you own store

  • You have switched to shopify from another platform and not all urls are correctly redirected correctly yet

How does Smart404 help?

404 pages aren't bad and can be a great opportunity to turn visitors into buyers!

That said, this app allows you to display content to your 404 visitors based on what they were looking for

  • If the bad URL contained the word "Men", suggest him/her your "Men" collection

  • If the bad URL contained the word "Shirt", suggest him/her a shirt collection

  • If the bad URL contained the word "Man" AND the word "Shirts", suggest shirts for men.

Smart404 allows you to add as many rules as you want.

You can show specific collections, display product search results, videos and more to turn your 404 visitors into buyers!


You can see the app in action here: Smart404 Demo

Here you can see a short continuos screencast on youtube, that shows you how smart 404 works.

Who are we?

We are a small team of passionate developers and designers that have specialised on building shopify Applications.

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good idea, but SUPER confusing implementation. I deleted right away and just added a search bar to my 404 page instead.


We have tried a lot of solutions for addressing 404 errors. The other solutions either redirected everything or required the user to manually setup a redirect for each missing page. Smart404 is different because it uses rules that apply one redirect to any product that meets certain criteria.


This looks like a good app but it needs FAQs orientation. Orientation before Instruction. Always.

From $3.99 / month
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