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Social Autopilot

Social Autopilot

Developed by BOLD

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  • Save time by automatically posting new and updated products to Twitter!
  • Generate tons of great content for your social media followers!
  • Promote blog posts and new/updated product announcements in a single click!

★★★ Drive sales and make more money by automatically cross-selling products that are often purchased together with
The Bold Brain! Make better decisions with advanced reporting and insights about your business!
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★★ The One App EVERY Store Should Have! ★★

"Effortlessly engage customers and drive traffics to your store every time you add a product or write a blog!"

Put Your Social Media on Auto-Pilot! ... Ok, well at least most of it :-)

What does it do?

This app is designed to make your life just a wee bit easier by taking some work off your plate each day by doing something that you should always be doing anyway. It tweets new products and blog posts automatically, without having to write or schedule the message!

How does it do it?

Every time you list a new product or publish a new blog post, the app will Tweet it at random intervals with a different message (that you create). Thus effectively putting a large portion of your social media tasks on autopilot! Pretty sweet hey :-)

Unlike other apps, with ours you can set the intervals to any hour span you like so it doesn't clutter your twitter feed making you look like a tweeting robot! You can create multiple templates for the tweets so they're different every time.

When you compose the template you just stick the Product and Blog title merge fields wherever you like and wrap it with our genius marketing magic! So one Tweet might look like this:

We just released our latest product, the Super Product 2000! What do you think of it? http://linkurl.com

And then the next time it might look like this:

Good News! We now carry the Super Product 3000. We just got them and and they're going fast. http://linkurl.com

Setting it up is a Breeeeeeze!

STEP 1: After you install the app, click one button to connect to your Twitter account and away you go.

STEP 2: Next you just create a bunch of different Tweet templates for the Blog and Product announcements.

That's it, you're done!

You NEVER need to touch the app again, it will run in the background forever!! Now go focus on your business and let this app take care of your product and blog announcements!!


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Social Autopilot reviews

576 reviews
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  4. 2 stars (10 reviews)
  5. 1 star (22 reviews)

Just installed but I'm already impressed by how good it seems to work. Will report back but as it stands now, you get an easy 5 stars from me! :)



Good app can't complain at all. Does what it's suppose to do. Or what the free version offers.

Geeky apparel store:



Your product is one of the first ones I have found that allows me to integrate with social media(especially twitter) without having to give up one of my only indulgences (coffee) in order to make that happen! Quite frankly with the number of hours I spend online getting this done, coffee is more of a requirement than an indulgence! :-)

Finding apps and plugins that work without too much technical knowledge puts me one step closer to success. The best part is when everything works just as you anticipated if not better and all with very little effort outside of doing what I would normally do for my store. You have literally saved me hours of downloading and uploading to get my store and social accounts to work in tandem!


Great app! A must have for social media automation! Works very well and saves me time. Would highly recommend. Thanks!


Social Autopilot would provide an opportunity for better connectivity with potential customers.
I would not think that the product was well set up and advertised.
I want this application to improve my earnings.
Thank you for your support

Every app support team was explain great.
Here we have best support team in whole worldw


The moment that I set up the app, not only did it make it easier for me to not have to constantly be coming up with something to tweet, but we have never had any traffic come from Twitter before. Within 24 hours of installing the app I logged into shopify's dashboard and one of the cards that was displayed let me know that 53% of my social media traffic was now coming from Twitter!


Wonderful app. Works well. great customer service. Will recommend to everyone!



The app works great. Very simple to use and saves a lot of time and hassle. I'll be holding on to this one. Cheers guys!


Them dont work - unable to link our Pinterest Business account


There needs to be an option (even if a paid upgrade) to have more than JUST FOUR product-posting message templates. We should have the ability to create UNLIMITED message templates. AND should be able to post to more than just Twitter & Pinterest. Will be uninstalling and going with Around.io or Outfy instead.


This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit.

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