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Speed Boost Ninja

Speed Boost Ninja

Developed by Shoptimized

12 reviews
Price: $27.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Instantly boost your conversion rate with page-load times under 2-seconds
  • Up to 4 x faster page-load speeds let you leapfrog your competition with an improved Google PageSpeed Insights score and better search rankings
  • Lower CPM’s and cost-per-click on your paid ads through better quality scores

Speed Boost Ninja - Page Load Speed Booster for Increased Conversions, Better Rankings & Cheaper Clicks

Finally, a simple way to turbocharge your page-load times and stop losing sales because of sluggish pages.

SpeedBoost Ninja is the simplest, easiest way to immediately and dramatically improve your page-load speeds. Simply install the app, click a button and the effect is instant.

Why are faster loading pages critical to your store’s success?

It’s no secret that slow loading pages mean you’re missing out on hundreds of sales. In fact, research carried out by KISSmetrics, reports that for every one-second delay in page load speed, your conversions will drop 7%. So for an average store generating $50k per month, that could mean $42k in lost revenue per year. But the bigger the store, the bigger the potential losses, just add another zero to those numbers and the losses look scary.

Even as far back as 2006, Amazon reported that for every 100-milliseconds they sped up their website, they saw a 1% increase in revenue. But since 2006, the average attention span of a web visitor has plummeted to just 8-seconds, so if your page loads in over 4-seconds, you have just 4-seconds left to impress them enough to stay and buy.

So what if you could slash 2-seconds off your load times? That would mean a potential 20% increase in revenue, based on Amazon’s findings.

Or you could see results similar to a more recent study by The Performance Beacon, who found pages that load just 1-second faster, experience a 27% increase in conversions.

See how much faster a site with SpeedBoost Ninja loads by visiting our Demo Store

How will SpeedBoost Ninja improve my search engine rankings?

Google openly states that sites with a faster page-load speed will rank better because they offer a better user experience.

The Google PageSpeed Insights tool was created specifically to help webmasters race-tune their websites. That’s why, inside our app you’ll be able to compare your store's before and after Google score so you can see the huge leap in performance.

And another thing, The Performance Beacon’s study also found that a 1-second increase in page load increases bounce rate by 56%, and as you likely know, bounce rate is a significant ranking factor for SEO.

With this in mind, it’s imperative that your site load speed is optimized because not only do you get improved conversions but also more traffic when you improve your page-load speed.

How will SpeedBoost Ninja reduce my cost-per-click on paid ads?

If you’re running AdWords, your quality score directly impacts how much you pay per click. And a significant factor in your quality score is your page-load speed. Google penalizes you with expensive clicks if your site loads slowly. This is nothing new, but Facebook is about to roll-out the same penalty as part of its quality scoring system for paid ads.

But if you reduce your page load times, you’ll be rewarded with lower CPC’s and higher conversions which mean you can outbid and outmaneuver your competition at every turn.

Works Seamlessly With the Top Shopify Themes

  • Shoptimized Theme (Version 4.1 and above)

  • Parallax

  • Icon

  • Retina

  • Testament

  • District

  • Pipeline

  • Grid

  • Showtime

  • Supply

  • Venture

  • Brooklyn

Please ask us first if your theme isn’t listed here yet, we’re adding more all the time.

Ramp up your conversion rate, reduce your cost-per-click and improve your SEO rankings by installing SpeedBoost Ninja today.

Speed Boost Ninja reviews

12 reviews
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  5. 1 star (7 reviews)

Its time to say goodbye to this USELESS app! Support is okay though but this app is not recommended!


Man, I hope I could give it 0 stars. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP. These are the type of apps that should be removed from Shopify.



You'll watch their presentation encouraging you on keeping the app on your site but it doesn't do shit.

Don't count on them for a refund either LMAO WORST DEVELOPERS ON THIS PLATFORM.

I'm so ashamed for real... Why would they even be on this. I'm pretty sure their good reviews are totally fake lmao. I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Don't do my mistake and never download this app.

BTW, I never write reviews good or bad but had to write this one.


82/100 > 80/100
67/100 > 67/100 congratulations


I’ve tried several page speed boosters with little success but speed boost Ninja works fantastic. The interface is very slow loading however it works fantastic to increase your site speed. Especially if you use the shoptimize theme. Recommend for sure!


Yeah, really just not that impressed with this app. Too expensive for what it does, and it really doesn't do much. Would be worth $5, not $27


I've had no problems with support and run the them they sell - all is fine! I'ts a great idea to speed up your site1


I wish I could give this app less than 1 star. The developers are the same lousy coders who brought us the Shoptimized theme. Slow, bulky, overpriced. TERRIBLE customer service.

If you are a masochist and feel the need to cause yourself massive amounts of frustration and pain, by all means get this app.


wooooow i bought the shoptimized theme and i USE it, how can you not edit your own theme? you made my buy button and menu button not work for the entire day, i just noticed it so i got 0 sales today thanks to you lost 100s of dollars. i rolled back my theme to the previous version and everything works now. if you can edit your own theme and you develeopped it i dont see how this app can be usefull for anything. and you want 27$ a months for it?


Didn't improve my website. Developers couldn't even fix. Not happy, waste of time!


Needed help from support to fix an issue with a line of code caused by another app. Peddy was fantastic. Speed Boost Ninja works great, we shaved over a second off our page load time.

$27.00 / month
14 days

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