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25 reviews
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  • Integrate your marketing tools, content, & store data
  • Analyze revenue & ROI attribution by marketing channel
  • Grow & optimize your marketing by taking smarter, data-driven actions

Springbot enables small- to medium-size retailers to take full advantage of even the most complex marketing data. We do it by delivering marketing automation and analytics in one dynamic platform, eliminating the need for separate tools and making the overwhelming task of running and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns ridiculously simple. Then Springbot does something unique; we offer data-driven marketing recommendations that give you the confidence to make smarter marketing decisions to help grow your revenue. That’s the true power of Springbot Data-driven eCommerce Marketing.

How Does Springbot Work?

Springbot provides advanced eCommerce marketing technology for small to medium- size retailers. We make the overwhelming task of running and tracking multi-channel marketing campaigns ridiculously simple, from e-mail and social marketing, to online ads, Amazon Marketplace and more. The key is Springbot’s integration with Shopify to deliver the power of data management, marketing automation and analytics. We then take that information and make data-driven marketing recommendations specifically tailored for your needs.

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Triggered Emails

Set up one-and-done automation rules based on customer interactions to generate revenue from shoppers when they interact with your site. You can create, automatically send, and track the performance and revenue data for your triggered emails which include:

  • Abandoned Cart Emails - Encourage shoppers to return to your site to purchase items left in their cart.

  • Welcome Emails - Make a great first impression by welcoming new customers to your store family.

  • After-Purchase Emails - Encourage reviews and repeat business after purchases with timely messages

  • Anniversary Emails - Send this email annually to customers one year after their first purchase to encourage loyalty

  • Win-Back Emails - Entice customers who haven’t made a purchase in a while to return to your store

  • Behavioral Triggers - Target shoppers who haven’t opened previous emails with a custom message

Advanced Retargeting Insights

Run dynamic and static ads on the web, mobile, Facebook, and Instagram through your Springbot dashboard with the included AdRoll credit, and gain a deeper understanding of which ads are directly leading to sales with your Springbot’s AdRoll analytics.


Customer Segments

Get to know your customer base with our pre-built customer segments -- including insights like gender, age, household information, location, and much more.

Custom Segments

Create your own customized customer segments to implement highly personalized marketing campaigns that fit the needs of your marketing campaigns.

RFM Segments

Ever wonder who your best customers are? Or which customers might be at risk for leaving? RFM segments lets you know who these key groups are, and more importantly, target them with specific messaging and offers.

Trackable Emails

Instead of sending email blasts to all of your customers, use your Springbot Customer Segments to personalize your email marketing (which leads to higher conversion rates!).


Social Hub

Gain more control over the content, timing, and reporting of every action you take across your social channels. Social Hub includes:

  • Mobile Access - Post to social on the go and even access your reporting.

  • Social Recommendations - Use our Idea Hub for recommendations and templates for what to post and when.

  • Powerful Analytics - Find out how each social channel is performing, and drill down deeper to determine conversions, ROI, and more.

  • Calendar - Quickly schedule all of your social posts from Springbot for the day, week, or month and get recommendations for content to post based on your store’s data.

Shoppable Instagram

Easily transform your Instagram account into a social storefront that drives social engagement and sales. Create a shoppable landing page to add to your profile’s bio section with your images and featured products to reduce the amount of steps to checkout from Instagram.

Trackable Links

View the performance of links you share through email, social, web, mobile, blogs and more by creating trackable links from your Springbot dashboard. We’ll also automatically make all links trackable in the email campaigns and social posts you create through Springbot.


Revenue and ROI Tracking

View exactly how much traffic, conversions, and revenue are generated from your marketing campaigns and the marketing actions you take.

Product Conversion Reports

Track the performance of every product in your store’s catalog based on views, sales, abandoned carts, conversions and more.

Marketing Channel Reports

See how each marketing channel (email, social, online, retargeting, etc.) is performing in real-time.

Promo Codes

Promo Code feature removes the manual process of pulling coupon code data and calculating the value of each promo code. Merchants can generate a Promo Codes report to monitor and track the performance of codes using five key metrics: total revenue, orders generated, cost to marketers, average order value, and return on investment.

Unique Coupon Codes

Take your discount strategy one step further by adding and tracking unique coupon codes through Springbot. Upload a list of bulk discount codes generated in the backend of your store and we’ll pull a Unique Coupon Code into each of the triggered emails you choose.


Amazon Essential

With Amazon Essential by Springbot, you can list, sell, and track your products on Amazon using real-time inventory and shipping information.

Match, Publish, & Optimize

Within your Springbot Dashboard, choose the products you want to sell on Amazon and quickly match them to existing listings on Amazon to save time on listing creation. Review and edit your listed Amazon products with reports on total orders, total revenue, total units sold and the status of the winning “Amazon Buy Now” products.

Order & Ship Sync

Springbot will auto sync your Amazon inventory with your store’s inventory for streamlined logistics. Following the purchase, shipping and tracking information is automatically synced with Amazon to keep consumers abreast on the status of their orders.

Marketing Recommendations

Our dashboard addresses many eCommerce problem areas you might be facing by integrating your marketing channels directly into our platform, leveraging your data in real-time, and monitoring marketing actions.

It then probes your data (customer, product, purchase, social, etc) for hidden insights so the springbots (your very own army of marketing robots) can help you understand not just the revenue generated but actually who purchased and what they purchased so we can automate the recommendations of what marketing actions you should take next.

Service and Support from Springbot

  • Plug-in activation

  • Onboarding and training

  • Daily activity reports

  • Continued support

  • Overall Benefits:

    • Integrates all of your multichannel marketing tools into a single dashboard

    • Automate marketing actions through triggered emails, scheduled social postings, and more

    • Understand the ROI of your marketing through customer demographics, purchase behavior, and marketing channel revenue attribution

    • Receive tailored marketing recommendations from the springbots on SEO, email optimization, social media, and other areas of your marketing strategy

    • Schedule 5 types of triggered emails to automatically send to customers and generate revenue, and add Springbot's Unique Coupon Codes to encourage more sales
    • Ready to see Springbot in action? Schedule a 30 minute demo with our eCommerce experts here!

Springbot reviews

25 reviews
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  5. 1 star (5 reviews)

EDIT: 07/12/17

We were contacted continually over the course of three-four months by one of their sales representatives. They were pretty good at selling the product, making all kinds of promises. Eventually we decided to give it a go. $499 a month... Once we signed up we scheduled an on-boarding call which didn't go well. I was told that the first call was 30 minutes and couldn't run over. We had lots of questions as we wanted to get the best out of springbot immediately. The integration was set over SIX weeks of single 30 minute phone calls. The email tool was terrible, use Mail Chimp!!! The analytical data was inconsistent and didn't match what we knew from other tools. They say 'no contract' but when you cancel they try to take an extra months payment. In comparison we use Mailchimp Yotpo and Zenstores. All three of which have been fantastic, good customer service and worth the investment. These guys are a bunch of misleading condescending rip-off-merchants. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. 0/5 stars.


Springbot reached out. It turns out they did indeed charge us for a second month, after confirming that they wouldn't via email. Having communicated with them a little further they refunded both payments. So as a business we aren't left with close to $1000 down the drain. The whole experience wasn't great. But the most recent contact from Emily was much better. She was really considerate and objective. In her own words she gave us a amicable exit, which was much easier than the emergency exit we used initially. The first part of the review is reflective of the experience. Although I feel Emily's customer service efforts have been very good. So I have adjusted the review to 2/5 stars. I wish springbot all the best in the future, and hope other customers receive better service than I did. I think Emily should teach some of the other members of the team about customer service.


We were very disappointed in springbot and how they conduct business. When they gained access and we signed them up they contacted a lot of our competitors which they would of found from reports they did for us. They contacted them using us as leverage using a generic email that had mistakes throughout. This not only showed us that we could not trust them but that they are obviously not thorough in how they conduct business. It was very disappointing and time wasting experience. We did contact them and they did respond however we were not happy with their response/excuse.


We were very disappointed in springbot and how they conduct business. When they gained access and we signed them up they contacted a lot of our competitors which they would of found from reports they did for us. They contacted them using us as leverage using a generic email that had mistakes throughout. This not only showed us that we could not trust them but that they are obviously not thorough in how they conduct business. It was very disappointing and time wasting experience. We did contact them and they did respond however we were not happy with their response/excuse.


I continue to be very impressed with this service. With as many clients as they must have, I am always impressed at how connected they are to my business; like the fact that they are actually subscribed to our newsletter and generally seem to have the pulse of what's going on with us, and thus, where improvements are needed. I highly recommend Springbot to any small, medium or large e-commerce business.
Furthermore, you can call them by phone and an actual person answers and helps you on the spot; no email, opening a ticket and someone will get back to you. This alone puts them over the top on my book. Thank you.


I am extremely happy that I went with this app. I am being trained by an associate whose name is Matt. He walks me through the application so that I understand what I am doing. Later on, I go into the app and make my adjustments. I have been looking for this type of app to send emails to my customer base when they visit, make a purchase, remind them about my site, follow up emails and an integration on social media. I will be doing ads on the internet through them. All in all I would recommend them to everyone.
Tom B


We have used Springbot for the last 9 months, and have been very impressed with the ROI. We noticed an uptick in conversions very quickly! Our assigned customer service representative has been very helpful and has given us some great advice. Definitely worth the investment!


Kristen is the highlight of our experience, I have been working with her and her customer service has been great!! Spingbot need more of her!!


My experience with this company has been horrible. It all started with a cold call. They mask their Atlanta phone number as a local number to get customers to pick up the call. I heard the sales girl Christina out and since we are in the middle of launching a new product line I asked how they could help with that. She explained all of these different ways they could target this new market I am seeking. Eventually the cost deterred me, they offered me a deal (still crazy expensive) and I figured okay, I'll try it one month. It is absolutely useless. This offers NOTHING you cannot do on your own with Adroll + Mailchimp. All of the extras they said they could do to help target a new market cost MORE MONEY! They spread the training across 6 weeks (yes, 6 WEEKS) of 30 minute phone calls. The technology behind Springbot is glitchy and full of inaccurate information. Your Shopify reports tell you more than this does. I highly highly discourage a partnership with this company. Upon cancellation they said I would be charged for another 30 days. This is such a joke, it is just a money making scheme that promises the moon and does not deliver.


We have been using Springbot for over and year and are quite happy with the ROI that we have seen with the remarekting emails. We also like that the Adroll remarketing ads are included with a subscription.


Worst app ever. Complete waste of money. When I used this app it seems that it was a beta version full of glitches and nothing worked correctly. Support was no help. I am not willing to pay $300 to be a beta tester for you poor software. Stay away from springbot. They promised the world but in the end was over a $1000 mistake. Don't waste your time.

From $299.00 / month

No contracts. Monthly pricing.

Springbot’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you have in your Shopify online store and newsletter. We have pricing that starts at $299 per month.

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