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Spruli Loyalty Program

Spruli Loyalty Program

Developed by Spruli

9 reviews
Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Add a loyalty program to your website and Shopify POS!
  • Translate into any language to represent the voice of your company
  • Customize everything to fit your brand

API now available on all paid plans!

Use the API to integrate Spruli with your own custom application, to generate custom reports and to integrate with other third-party applications.

Free for up to 500 active loyalty members

You can use Spruli for free if you have less than 500 active members. Active members are customers participating in your loyalty program who have points in their account. We won't count members who have a zero point balance.

Make more happy customers :)

Increase repeat purchases and customer engagement with your own loyalty program. Gamify your online store so customers collect more points and buy from you more often.

According to Shopify, merchants with active discount codes are 8x more likely to receive a sale, and 20% of all orders on Shopify in the last year included a discount code - that's a lot!

Want to see it for yourself? Try the demo here.

Take control of your loyalty program with an app built exclusively for Shopify.

Get the tools and features you need to run a successful customer loyalty program. Easy-to-read graphs and charts help you measure your program's performance at a glance.

Easy Setup Wizard

Worried setting everything up will be too much work? Don't stress. We know how much work goes into running an online store so we've made setup a breeze!

We've pre-selected popular settings for everything and will guide you through setup with a 60-second wizard where you can customize everything to your liking.

Install the app and you could be up and running a few minutes from right now!

Invent your brand's currency.

Call your loyalty points anything you want! "Tokens", "Credits", "Gold" - anything! Get customers excited by naming your currency something relevant to your brand.

Whitelabeled experience.

Unlike some other loyalty apps, we don't brand our widgets - even on our free plan! We stay out of the way so your loyalty program looks totally custom for your site.

Award points for orders and events.

Give members points for each dollar they spend with you. You can also award points for birthdays, membership anniversaries and referrals!

  • Orders - Give customers points for each dollar they spend with you. You decide how much each dollar is worth (available in multiple currencies). Exclude or include tax and shipping.

  • Referrals - Give customers points when they refer their family and friends to your business. You can also give the friend bonus points when they sign up.

  • Points at Signup - Encourage customers to sign up at your site by offering them points just for signing up!

  • Membership Anniversary - Give points to your members every year on the anniversary of the day they joined!

  • Birthdays - Give customers points every year on their birthday.

  • Mix-and-match - Choose which features you want to offer your customers. You can enable or disable any features you wish to make your program fit perfectly with your business.

Get your customers talking with a referral program!

Award points for referrals when your customers share your website with friends in real life and on social media.Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ sharing is built in!

Customers trade in points for rewards.

Automatically create discount codes for percentages or fixed amounts, limit codes to minimum order amounts and setup rewards for free shipping!

  • Percentage off or fixed amount discount codes

  • Set a minimum order amount (ex. $5 off orders $50 or more)

  • Offer free shipping codes for points

  • Offer free products in exchange for points

  • Prefix your codes for easy searching within Shopify

Built for Shopify!

Spruli was built exclusively for Shopify. Rest assured - working smoothly with your platform of choice is our primary focus.

Spruli Loyalty Program reviews

9 reviews
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This by far the best loyalty program.. I emailed support and I received quick response explaining in details why they don't offer social media sharing points which changed my mind instantly when they explained it to me

Top app and no branding any where when customer signs up


Interesting App. Easy to configure and functional. Recommend it.


honestly!! it's the best Loyalty Program app that i found


I am really surprised that I am not seeing a LOT more 5 star reviews here. This is a really great app and the pricing is very helpful for new stores just starting out. Like mine.

Easy to set up and understand how to administer the program. Looks fantastic too!

I will be using around a dozen apps and this is my favorite to work with so far. Really looking forward to seeing it assist in growing my business when I launch in a few weeks.

Update 1/18/2018: I have reached out to support twice for assistance with setting up my rewards program and I want to give kudos to Jon. Amazing support with very quick and detailed replies that solved my issues both times. The best support I have received from any app I have tried!


Wow! Smooth install, looks flawless with my store, hope more ways to reward will come soon. Had a small issue with registration/log in links not working and it was resolved in 20 minutes. Thank you!


I’m not sure I want my competition to know about Spruli, now that I have an edge of a “Customer Loyalty Program”. 

As a Small Business owner. Building an online store has its challenges. I read a great way to gain loyal returning customers is to start a ‘rewards program’.

Again, small business, not much cash flow yet! My research led me to Spruli. The review of their Customer Service grabbed my attention.

Second they’re associated with Shopify, third the price. The new member threshold gives me enough time to build my membership . Before I pay the monthly fee. Which by the way, compared to other companies is very reasonable.

Customer Service…. Wonderful
First day I loaded it. An outside problem arose. Contacted Spruli. 24 hours later, several solutions suggested. Used one and it worked.

Easy To Install….. Too easy
I thought I did it wrong. It took all of 10 minutes. It would have been shorter, but I’m not good at math. Make sure read the provided documentation, carefully and thoroughly before you install.

Easy to Use…. Oh Yes!!
If you get confused on the math, changes can be made easily before you give the store away.

I recommend Spruli to everyone but my online competitors.
Yes I'm a real business. No I'm not associated with Spruli.


Great app! Everything nice and clean! Installation without problems.


I downloaded the app because I was looking to reward my customers with point system aside from other discounts and I have to say that this app is very good!

Everything was smooth and easy to setup thanks to their Setup Wizard, customization (like colors, point's name, points adjustment as well as what kind of rewards that you want to give) are a big plus.

No Spruli Brand Logo on the pop up on free account. Free account can have up to 500 active members (which is a lot for seller like me that just started)

Excellent customer service as well


I can't believe we're writing the first review for Spruli - They've been amazing! I expected to come on here and find a whole list of five-star reviews already.

We had used a different loyalty program for about six months, but it wasn't serving our needs very well. It's a big decision to change loyalty programs, as customers are used to a certain set-up, balances need to be transferred, etc., so I really grilled Jon at Spruli before we made the change to them. Over several emails, I asked every question I could think of, to make sure this would be the best program for us for the foreseeable future. Jon answered every one of my questions, and even included screenshots to show me how each feature would look and feel, both to us on the back-end and to our customers.

He gave me confidence in Spruli and in their customer support that showed me this is the program we want to use. The set-up was easy with their wizard, which walked us through setting up the rewards we want to offer, the amount of points we give for each purchase, and other "events" we want to reward, like referring a friend. Jon stayed in contact as we set it up and tested it. We sent a csv of our current loyalty customers with their point balances from the old program, and he transferred them to the new one, so that all our customers were happy!

The tiered rewards and the graphic that shows customers how many points they need to reach the next tier are simple and wonderful! Customers are more likely to keep saving points to get to the next tier, which means more (and larger) orders for us, and I can easily adjust points on the back-end if I want to give a customer a bonus, etc.

Everything about Spruli has been easy and pleasant. Since the program is new, we made a couple of suggestions to make it even more user-friendly, and they were implemented within 24 hours! These guys have made my work easier and made my customers happy. Oh, and did I mention: The price per month is LESS than it was for our old loyalty program? Even our margins are happy!

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