Loyalty Rewards and Referrals

Loyalty Rewards and Referrals


Reward your customers and gain insights today.

4.0 of 5 stars(25 reviews)

Increase Repeat Purchases

Increase repeat purchases by encouraging customers to come back and redeem their points.

Branded Experience

Upload your logo, pick your colors, name your points - customize everything to fit your brand image.

Gain Customer Insights

Gather powerful customer insights directly from EVERYAwards, and use them to grow your business.

About Loyalty Rewards and Referrals

Join the retail revolution with the EVERYAwards Shopify App.

Free to try

Our app is free to try and grows with your business: only pay for the level of service you need.

Marketing automation made easy

Welcome email and transaction email templates are turn-key and ready for your business as soon as you sign up. Begin automatically welcoming users to your rewards app the moment they sign up without lifting a finger, all with our white-labeled email templates.

Grow your customer base

Increase repeat purchases with your own, turn-key loyalty program. Gamify your online store so customers collect more points when they buy from you more often.

A powerful customer insights and market research tool

Build the business your customers crave. Gain customer insights that you can leverage to improve your marketing, buying, and pricing strategies with EVERYAward’s built-in customer research features.

API available on all paid plans

Integrate EVERYAwards with your own custom loyalty application, generate custom reports, or integrate with other third-party commerce applications.

Real results

Over 190,000 loyal customers are shopping at businesses around the world using EVERYAwards.

Seamless customer experience

Update the name, color, and logo of your loyalty program so that it's a seamless extension of the brand your customers love.

Flexible ways to award points

  • Orders - Give customers 5 points for each dollar they spend with you, with the flexibility to exclude or include tax & shipping
  • Insights - Give customers points for telling you about how, why, and where they shop
  • Referrals - Give customers points when they refer their family and friends to your business, plus set up a two-way referral benefit so that everyone involved gets a bonus
  • Points at Signup - Encourage customers to sign up at your site by offering them points to join your rewards program
  • Membership Anniversary - Automatically give points to your members every year on the anniversary of the day they joined
  • Birthdays - Automatically give customers points every year on their birthday
  • Mix-and-match - Choose which features you want to offer your customers. You can enable or disable any features you wish to make your program fit perfectly with your business

Flexible ways for shoppers to redeem points

  • Automatically create discount codes for percentages or fixed amounts, limit codes to minimum order amounts and set up rewards for free shipping
  • Percentage off or fixed amount discount codes
  • Set a minimum order amount (ex. $5 off orders $50+)
  • Offer free shipping codes for points
  • Offer free products in exchange for points
  • Prefix your codes for easy searching within Shopify
  • Unique codes that can't be duplicated

POS Support

Give both your in-store and online customers the opportunity to earn points

Integrates with

  • Mailchimp,
  • Stripe,
  • Paywhirl

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Pricing 7-day free trial

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  • Up to 250 active members

  • Many features available, while some features are slightly limited

  • No custom development



  • Up to 500 active members

  • All features included

  • API Access



  • Up to 1,000 active members

  • All features included

  • API Access



  • Up to 6,000 active members

  • All features included

  • API Access

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.0 of 5 stars
Based on 25 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    68% of ratings are 5 stars
  • 4 of 5 stars
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  • 3 of 5 stars
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    20% of ratings are 1 stars

Most recent reviews

Five Skincare

I don't really feel like dealing with Every (formerly Spruli) anymore, but I feel it's my duty to inform future users. We installed the app on our shops this summer after a long consideration and spared no effort for the adjustments. Since there are many loyalty apps on Shopify that disappear after a short time, I asked Spruli about their future plans. I was assured that everything would go as planned, etc. Not even one month after the installation I suddenly see a strange app in our shop. Without any information Spruli was taken over by Every. Absolutely no communication in advance, just nothing! For us Every is useless, because several important elements cannot be translated and the customers are asked really stupid questions, which completely confuse the customers. I have complained to Every several times. My questions were always answered, but my complaints about the unfortunate takeover were not answered at all. We will uninstall the app shortly. I would have wished for it differently and would have been ready to make the necessary adjustments and would have accepted an apology for the bad communication. Unfortunately Every missed the chance completely. Absoult not to be recommended!

Go Fetch! pet food

I would have to recommend not using this app.

I installed this app back in January when it was called Spruli. It was a nice app that worked well and had great support. I wrote a glowing 5-star review at that time. It was deserved.

Not anymore.

Spruli was taken over by a group named Every, that revamped the app and it has been an absolute train wreck ever since.

First issue, they changed the points awarded per dollar to a set amount that is 2.5 times what I had set up in Spruli. The great part is they never notified me of the change. Awesome.

Next issue, the app was awarding points for signing up even though I had that option unchecked. A lot of points. How about $20 in points for signing up? Awesome, huh?

Next issue, I unchecked the option of awarding points for an order so that I could use the app as a referral program only. Yep. You guessed right. Still kept awarding points for orders.

Next issue, a group of questions suddenly appeared in the app for customers to answer. All fashion related questions. I am a pet business. No way to change that in the app admin. Even better, the app awarded 10 points for every question a customer answered. No way I could change that in admin either.

There were other issues too. Basically, much of the app did not function properly.

Every time I contacted Every support, they had to fix the issues in their 'back end" despite being things the store owner should be able to control from the app admin. Sometimes they were polite. Sometimes they were argumentative and pointed the finger at me.

Just an awful, unpleasant experience. In my opinion, Shopify should pull this app until it is fixed.

Sorry Every, but you earned this review 100%. Fix your app.

(oh yeah - I deleted Every and switched to another app that actually works)

SoCal Queen

They bought out Spruli who had very good customer support - perhaps that's why their lack of support is so disappointing - not existent for my business and worse for my customers

OK since my 1 star rating they have reached out to me and are fixing thing in their "back end" - they are going through some growing pains but seem earnest in wanting to be good at customer service so I am upping them for now to a 3 and if things happen as promised it will go up again - stay tuned