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Statbox Email Reports

Statbox Email Reports

Developed by Pexeto Pty Ltd

Price: $5.99 – $9.99 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Receive detailed email reports of your store performance on the go
  • Track 14+ enterprise-level eCommerce sales metrics directly from your inbox
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly email reports that you can easily share with your team

Statbox provides daily, weekly and monthly sales performance reports directly to your email. Make data-driven decisions based on your store performance by tracking 14+ enterprise-level analytics and reports on the go.

We don't always have the time to check how our store is performing. Even when we do, there is always a lot of hassle in navigating trough complex dashboards and building custom reports just to get a simple idea about how well our store is performing. Wouldn't it be nice if instead of you going to check the reports, the reports came to you?

This is why we have created Statbox - a simple to use, yet advanced store sales performance reports that you get right in your inbox. There is no dashboards to login to, no filters to apply and nothing to learn - just install the app, add your email address and you are good to go. Our app connects to your store, collects all the data needed, crunches the numbers, measures 14+ metrics and builds custom report just for you. Your custom report is then sent to your email first thing in the morning, so that you are always in the know of how your business is performing.

Product Features

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Beautifully designed email template that works and looks great across all devices

  • Metrics change tracking - compare how every metric changes from your previous report (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Track more than 14 eCommerce metrics (like New vs Returning customers and Average Customer Spend)

  • Best Selling Products for the period - every report comes with the top 3 best selling products from your store for the period

  • Try it 100% risk-free - all features are included in our free trial

  • Easy setup - be up and running in less than a minute (no technical knowledge needed)

  • Timezone aware - reports are generated and sent based on your store's timezone

  • Share Report - sharing your store reports with your team is as simple as adding their email address to the receiver email list

Report Metrics

  • Gross sales

  • Net Sales

  • Total Sales

  • Average Order Value

  • Number of Items Sold

  • New Customers

  • Returning Customers

  • Average Customer Spend

  • Number of Orders

  • Discounted Amount

  • Number of Discounts

  • Refunded Amount

  • Number of Refunds

  • Bestselling products of the day/week/month (top 3)

  • Change from the previous day/week/month for each metric

How it works

Statbox is very simple to use - just install the app and activate the free trial plan. After that, just enter the email addresses that you would like to receive the report to, and you are ready to go!

You can easily share the reports with anyone on your team without the need to provide them access to your Shopify account. Just add them to the email list and they will receive the next scheduled report.

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Great app worked great for our website www.talkingoutofturn.com

$5.99 – $9.99 / month
30 days


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