Sticky Bar by Stickify

Sticky Bar by Stickify

by Flitzo

Supercharge Your Mobile Website Conversion With Sticky CTA Bar

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Easier mobile web experience

Make it incredibly easy for mobile web visitors to quickly checkout by adding a "Buy Now" sticky bar to product pages.

Better conversions on mobile

You give your mobile web visitors a better experience, they award you by giving you higher conversions.

Amazing sticky bar themes

Stickify has a ton of design and theme options so that you can tweak the sticky bar to make it your own.

About Sticky Bar by Stickify

Stickify - Sticky Bar helps you

  • give your mobile web visitors an easy way to quickly checkout by skipping the Shopping Cart
  • make your mobile web a better experience for buyers
  • increase your mobile web conversions

Stickify adds a fixed "Buy Now" button to the top or bottom of your mobile web product pages which help visitors skip the cart page and checkout immediately.

Not only that, but the sticky bar also has a dropdown through which buyers can choose the product variant they're looking to buy.

This saves an extra step from the buying process, gives your visitors a better, easier mobile web experience, and increases your conversions.

In addition to the powerful features above, Stickify's sticky bars are highly customizable, so that you can tweak them to your heart's content and exactly match your brand guide.

Why should I use Stickify?

  • Nobody likes fumbling with small buttons and unnecessary steps in the cart when on mobile. Stickify gives your customers a better experience.
  • Give your customers an easy and quick way to buy on your mobile website
  • Increase mobile web conversions!

Ok, but what if I need support?

The engineers who built the app and founders are available to sort out any issues you may have. Reach out to us on the mail given below.


Stickify does not modify your store theme. It will automatically go away as soon as you uninstall it.

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