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  • Do your same turnover on 20 - 40% less stock
  • Reduce stock-outs by a half
  • Save time ordering stock and planning your inventory

Reduce inventory costs

Reduce your overall inventory with more confidence that you're carrying the right goods at the right time.

Fully automated - save time

StockTrim is a fully automated demand planning and inventory optimization app that makes it easy to know exactly how much to order and when, so that you keep your inventory at optimal levels.

Easy workflow

Simply load your products and orders from your Shopify store with one click, then see your economic order quantities and optimal reorder points. You can also drill down to see the full trend analysis.

Built-in Intelligence

StockTrim's machine learning algorithm automatically figures out the best way to predict demand, then over time it will compare predicted demand with actual to learn and readjust your forecasts in real time for the most accurate trend analysis possible.

Manage inventory risk

Even products with variable or uncertain demand can be managed - carry enough buffer stock to meet your customers' demands within a configurable statistical level of certainty.

Affordable pricing

Affordable plans starting at $49/month.

Free trial

It's free for 30 days, so try it out now, and see how easy it is to make massive savings with your inventory costs!

Read more

Please visit our resources page to see more information on inventory optimization. You can also read some industry case studies to see how well businesses have been able to reduce their inventory levels and stock-out risks by using automated inventory planning.

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