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Straight to checkout - Skip Cart

Straight to checkout - Skip Cart

Developed by Globo

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  • Reduce number of abandonment cart. Skip the cart page and send customer directly to checkout after they click "Add to cart" button
  • Increase sales. Display sticky "add to cart" in product detail page. This will improve your sales
  • Display popup when your customer click "Add to cart" button. Instead of show cart page. the app show popup cart & user will see cart overview from the popup. They can go to checkout page from the popup

Skip the cart page and go straight to checkout

Do you think the checkout process is too long and complicated? Why don't skip the cart page to make it more simple? If you do that, it will absolutely increase your conversion rate.

"Straight to Checkout" directs your users to checkout page after they click "Add to Cart" button.

The app doesn't remove shopping cart page. The page is still accessible in other ways. "Straight to Checkout" only skip the cart page when the user clicks "Add to Cart" button.

There isn't only one "skip cart" feature in the apps. We also developed other features to increase your conversion rate.

Show popup after click "Add to cart"

This is an option if you need show the cart details to the customer. The popup allows the customer to choose "Continue Shopping" or "Go to Cart" or "Checkout". You are fully custom the option. Example remove "Go to Cart" and "Continue Shopping" in the popup.

The popup is fully editable. You can change everything on popup: Color, font-size, background, font-family, text, border etc

"Straight to Checkout" has 3 pre-made popup templates. You can choose a template for your marketing purpose.

The popup is fully replace the cart page, your customer will be able to change product quantity, delete product in cart, view cart total etc...

Increase your sale with "Add to cart" Sticky bar.

Naturally, the user will tend to click on "Add Product" if the button is always displayed on the screen.

Your product details page is very long on both desktop & mobile. Your customer can't see the "add to cart" button if they scroll down to view product's description.

The "Add to cart" button is always displayed on top or bottom of the page with "Straight to Checkout" app.

The app has 7 different sticky bar templates. Display perfect on both mobile and desktop. Your customer is also select product variant in the sticky bar.

Sticky cart

This is an option to always your cart on the screen. Reduce the abandonment cart. Encourage users to view their cart & process checkout.


Skip cart is easy to use. You can install the app and use the feature without any other steps.v

Compatible with all of themes & fully responsive. The popup & sticky bar are display perfect on both mobile (iOS, Android, Ipad) and desktop.

You can custom everything without technical experience.

All of text is translate able to your language.

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