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  • Outsource your t-shirt orders to streetshirts in one click
  • We print and drop-ship to your customers on a white label basis
  • Your orders are marked fulfilled in Shopify automatically

NEW: Switching service

Sell over 10 items per week and would like to move to streetshirts? We can update your products free of charge. Contact us for more information.

Outsource your printing to streetshirts

100% White Label - Your orders are dispatched directly to your customers in plain packaging so they don't know we are involved.

State of the art print quality - We only use direct-to-garment printing machines from the most premium brand, designed for demanding industrial use. Your products will be high-street quality.

Discounted - We offer a 2.50 discount per item initially, rising to 4.00 per item for very large volumes. This means shirts from £4.33 + VAT including printing.

The Fastest In Europe - We have large stocks of blank garments, so the vast majority of your orders will be in the post the same day we receive them. This fast service will translate directly into increased sales for your brand.

Print On Demand - We only print once you've sold the item, so no large orders or keeping stock.

UK Based - We print every order from our base in Lincolnshire, so no hassle with import duty, international postage or slow shipping to your customers.

Pay As You Go - Quickly Top-up online, your balance is reduced as you send orders through.

How does it work

  1. Install our plug-in

  2. Create your products using our T-Shirt Design Software.

  3. Click to add the product to shopify (all variants are created for you automatically).

  4. Once you have an order, one-click sends it to us for fulfillment.
    Or, turn on 'Auto-Send' to leave you free to concentrate on other things.

  5. We'll mark the order shipped in shopify and update your customer automatically once the shirt has been dispatched.

Pricing and profit

Prices start from £4.33 + VAT per shirt, and prices depend on volume. The seller service works by offering a percentage discount on the prices in the 'Create & Buy T-Shirts' section of our site.

View full pricing information

Economy UK delivery is £1.63 + VAT per order

Standard UK delivery is £2.46 + VAT per order

European delivery is £3.29 + VAT per order

World delivery is £4.96 + VAT per order

You are obviously free to set your own prices to your customers on your own website, blog, channel or in your shop.

Product range

Our product range can be seen on the Create & Buy T-Shirts section of our website.


Our production capacity means we can offer the fastest white-label t-shirt printing in the UK. We work 24/7 at peak times meaning we can dispatch 4,000 items per day.

80% of all orders are dispatched from stock; we print and post the SAME DAY as the item is ordered.

Print quality

Streetshirts is one of the UK's leading Direct On Garment printers with the capacity to print 1000s of items each day.

We currently run 7 Kornit DTG printers (including the new Hexa R2) and 2 huge dryers. Our prints are soft to touch, 100% organic, and 100% safe for children and infants.

The prints are ink-based and form part of the garment rather than being printed on top, so the print feels soft and stretches with with shirt.
Washed normally the print will last as long as the garment. You can even tumble-dry.

Streetshirts Is

Responsible to our employees - We pay all of our staff and contractors in excess of the Living Wage and we are an accredited Living Wage Employer

Responsible to the wider community - We have an annual fund to sponsor charitable work for good causes.

Responsible to the environment - Our print process is 100% non-toxic and produces no harmful waste.

Responsible to the planet - We are a carbon-neutral company. We reduce, recycle or reuse all we can, and offset those emissions we can't.

Streetshirts reviews

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Customer support is really poor and their app fails over half the time.


Would not reccomend at all, there pricing seems to be made complex on purpose, We ended up doing a test and was charged £15 for a t-shirt which is retail :o sent an email to the company to see if we had been overcharged and got a response back asking for the invoice number which we gave. 1 week later still no reply! and t-shirt received today which is probably worth £1 and looks terrible.

There are other better options out there and we will be using them!


6 or so times out of 10 it wouldnt save to my store constantly run errors i have tried several times, gave up not worth it


I have used Street Shirts for odd orders since we started. The quality of the shirts is excellent on Gildan apparel. Printing is OK though on some garments we noticed odd faded images, IM sure this was a one off odd thing as most orders we have been happy with as were our customers. Customer service is good too. Pricing is based on a tiered volume system so the more you sell the better discount you get.

Thats great if you are selling loads but the postage is very expensive in my opinion. £2.50 +VAT for a one garment shipment?

Inkthreadable are £1.52 per garment so if SS can lower their shipping costs on a per garment basis it would be more credible to use them for dropshipping sourcing.


This app is great, easy to use and really well documented. I was reassured when I read that they pull in the mockup from your Shopify store so the person doing the printing can see what it should look like and I can confirm the shirts I just received after placing an order on my store look exactly as I intended and the quality of the print is really good.


EDIT - Feb 2017: Having used SS for a few months - we have now moved away to another supplier. The main issues we've struggled with is the surge in refunded goods (quadrupled) as a result of unhappy customers, other issues like misaligned prints and marks on tshirts and the general appearance of the t-shirt when it's opened have really been the nail in the coffin for us. The app works fine however, Steve is constantly working towards improving this journey which is positive but for us the basics weren't delivered this time.

Dec 16: Having migrated from POD services in the UK we have found in Steve a dedicated and efficient supplier for some our Sweats. He has also added at our request garment types we use so we hope to be expanding our product range very soon! Great App, Great Service.


Awesome app. Steve and the team at StreetShirts are brilliant. The app itself is amazing and painless to setup. I have used a few other t-shirt app integrations and had issues with data connections etc. Not with this app. Yes theres some leg work to setup but the tighter control it gives you is amazing. All my future Shopify sites fir garment printing needs are and will be covered on this app.


However good an app may be it would be pointless if it didn’t connect to a an equally good company. In this case not only is this an exceptional app, it comes from a company with exceptional communication combined with great product and delivery.

The way that this app combines with the “Edit Variants” facility within Shopify can allow you to copy and paste sku codes for garment colour and size combinations along with artwork file urls in the ‘barcode’ area with great ease, and is especially handy if you want to fine tune artwork files to better match garment colours. You can for example paste in the artwork url for a file that would go just on black shirts, and another more suited to white shirts in a matter of seconds.

The usefulness of this hosted artwork system, whether it be on your own server, drop box or wherever is a real boon and far outweighs any initial setting up concerns.

Processing printing and delivery has been prompt and painless too.

I set up shop using another app, and not only was that a tedious process setting up products with a variety of colours and artwork combinations, the printing and delivery times where terrible compared to the exemplary service and ease of use that Streetshirts have provided.

This app is just a ‘must have’.


Simply put this app is great if you are a Street Shirts customer / reseller. Makes the art of processing orders easy as 123. A bit of setting up for your products but once you do a few its simple and the workflow to get it done is easy. Street Shirts customer service is beyond what you would expect with enquiries and questions answered in a timely polite manor. I now have three shops on Shopify that use the app. Makes processing my third party sellers orders simple too. Get this app. Its great. My main website is https://tshirtwearz.com


There are no fees to use this app, you only pay for items we print and dispatch to your customers. T-shirts start from £4.33 + VAT per shirt (including shirt and DTG print). Your price will depend on how many shirts you send us to print per month, and full details are here.

Economy delivery is £1.63 + VAT per order to the UK

Support & Sales

TS Foundry Ltd t/a Streetshirts
0203 773 6350
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