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9 reviews

Ninth Nation

I can't praise these guys enough! The team at SuperFast POD are amazing! The delivery time is super fast. They answer every question quickly. I researched POD companies, and although this one doesn't have a lot of reviews (Maybe because they don't hound you inside the app to leave a review) There were no complaints at all. And I'm so glad I chose them. If I could give them more then 5 stars, I would. They are based in the U.K. but ship worldwide. You won't be sorry you chose them. 100% review from me. Thank you for all your help :)

Geeks Unleashed

This app is awesome! There is a huge variety of products. There are two problems I have with this app.
1) They have specific dimensions that must be followed to a T when uploading images and only allow Jpgs as the supported image type. Other POD systems allow you to upload PNGS, PSD or even EPS and allow you to scale the image how you see fit.
2) This one is more insignificant then the other. However, I am in the states I dont want to have to convert prices for the products and shipping on my own. You should look into adding a currency converter so people can know without google what a product will charge in their currency.
When those two issues are fixed let me know and I will 100% use this POD system.

Developer reply

January 1, 2020

Hi Geeks

Thanks for the review and the feedback it is very much appreciated and if I might address some of your points

On the image uploads we pride ourselves on our colour accuracy and profiles and as such when we launched our app we wanted to focus on one image type to make sure everything was as accurate as possible so decided on JPG We are though over the next few weeks going to start allowing the upload of png's too so customers will have the option and we will continue to broaden the image file upload format as we grow our app.

In regards specific image sizes when we studied the competition there appeared to be 2 ways of uploading images

1: Upload one image and apply it to multiple products or

2: Uploading a specific image size for each products

Some of the apps we looked at did mass upload by stretching the image to fit which we didn't like so we opted for the 1 image as this guarantees the customer gets exactly what they want but I do understand this is a matter of preference.

In regards the charging in USD we are a predominantly UK / European supplier so we priced in UK Pounds however your point on adding a currency converter is a great idea and we will get that done in the next few weeks as I have been asked this question a couple of times over the last few weeks.

Glad you like the app overall we have some great plans for 2020 in particular adding large format products and all over print apparel plus you will be pleased to know we are setting up manufacturing in the USA so we will be able to reduce shipping costs for the North American market.

We have had a great end to 2019, shipping 100% of orders on time which really tested our app and production and we are now looking forward to scaling and bettering our offering and software and its thanks to this type of feedback we can do that

Thanks again and will update you once we have made the changes



I found Supefast POD by accident and what a find i have made. I Installed the app and uploaded my designs. TOP customer service - Paul helped me by explaining the importance of the DPI and the placement of one of my designs which enhanced the quality of the image on the product and all which was greatly appreciated by myself as a non tech/design guy. Superfast printed, shipped t shirts and phone cases which where received by my customers in a superfast 7/8 days. I can confirm the shirts and phone cases are of the highest quality with customer service to match. We are now in the process of using Superfast as our preferred supplier by adding more of their products to our range. We highly recommend Superfast POD. John


So far I've ordered a wallet case from here and the quality is very good. The printing quality, small details and the case have a premium feel to them

My design was black and white, the front of the case itself is printed on a white surface with color layed on top of it. If you're going for black, choose #000 as a shade of dark-gray might have a tint of green to them, which is normal for stuff like this. The case closes very firmly with a magnet and the feel of the faux leather is very great and comfortable!

The customer support is also very fast and helpful, the delivery time was very fast - I think the product arrived in less than a week, but my local post office forgot to notify me so after a week I went to check and the item was already there

Definitely suggest using their wallet cases as they feel premium, you can price them higher than others!


Very professional and reliable service. If you are looking for a POD company then I would 100% recommend these guys.


A new jewel has emerged in the POD world. Top quality products - they look like luxury brand items. Shockingly fast delivery from the UK to the US. Responsive and friendly support. So excited to continue to build out my store with their products.


Superfast POD is called that name for a reason...I've used them a couple of time for most of my orders both within the UK and international shipping, and the speed at which they produce and deliver products to my customers is top-notch. The quality of their products are super high, and customer service is the holy grail of their brand, as its super responsive and always available to help merchants. If you're having second doubts about using them, I suggest you have this app integrated on your store if super fast delivery is an option you want for your store.

Manic Made In Manchester

excellent app the only one i use and the help from customer support is second to none. thanks from


Without doubt the best POD app on the app store!
I've tried many different apps over the last few years and nothing is as straight-forward as this. It really does give you the ability to put a comprehensive website together with Shopify in days. The quality of the products is outstanding - plenty of my most recent orders are word of mouth referrals from happy customers.
It's the missing piece in my POD goal to switch my secondary income to my primary.