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10 reviews
Price: $19.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Increase your sales 20-30%
  • Create Special Offers: The most configurable offers app available. Buy X get Y, Buy X & Get Y&Z, Spend over X and Buy Y Get Z
  • Reward your visitors and convert them faster with custom offers!


Want to take a look before you install? We've got a test store where you can add any item to your cart and see how your customers will be prompted.

If you'd like a deeper look, would be happy to show you around. Email us at support@swagifyapp.com and let us know you'd like to give us a try!

Swagify will increase conversion rates by allowing you to create highly customizable offers for your shoppers and turn them into customers. Your store can be generating more revenue and increasing margins today!

How does Swagify work?

Swagify allows you to upsell and cross-sell products and bundles at the point of checkout based on the contents or dollar value of the customer’s shopping cart.

Why do you need it?

Your customers are the most important part of your business….You might say they are your business! So, why not why not ensure your customers feel valued and rewarded for choosing you, over the other guy.

Traditional retailers in every vertical have been doing it since the beginning of time. When you buy electronics they offer you accessories and a service contract; when you buy a laptop they offer you software and a case; when you buy a necklace they offer you matching earrings at 30% off; when you buy 1 suit they offer you the second suit for 50% off, or when you buy 2 you get the third one free.

Successful retailers rely on these sales and marketing methods to generate revenue and build customer loyalty because they work!

Swagify allows you to create as many completely customizable offers as you want and present them to customers at the point of checkout. You can offer a single product or multiple products based on what’s currently in the customer cart (product or dollar amount).

Offer “Buy One Get One” promotions!

Create discounted or free hidden items to use with your offers.

  • Create recurring promotions daily, weekly, or monthly.

  • Buy One Get One Free

  • Buy Two Get One Free

  • Buy One Get One 50% Off

  • Buy 4 of X Get a Free Gift

  • Buy 3 Get One 75% Off

  • Spend $100 Get a Free Gift

  • …the potential for creative offers is limitless!

Cart Page Promotions

Swagify lets you offer items to your customers right on the cart page. You can encourage cart growth by letting your customers add to their cart without even leaving it!

Smarter Sales!

Swagify encourages customers to add more items to their cart to get an extra discount or free gift. You will increase engagement and earn more from each customer, while they’re saving money. And along the way you will learn more about your customers’ shopping habits to retarget and make informed decisions about future offers based on past performance.

Have a Suggestion?

Since launching the product we have been receiving great feedback, and input on new features. We love hearing from you! We are letting YOU, drive the development roadmap based on the features YOU think are most important. Doesn't do what you want it to? Let us know here: support@swagifyapp.com

Happy with Swagify?

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Swagify reviews

10 reviews
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Well the support team is AMAZING!!!

My theme is not an easy one and a process that normally takes 5 minutes, took 5 hours! They were super helpful and never gave up.

Thank you so much!

And the app is so intuitive to use, it's nonsense. Just give it a try!

I will definetly recomend it!


As the other reviews say, Swagify has a fantastic and dedicated support team that makes themselves available to explain how the app works and they were able to get it set up with us pretty quickly! I'm glad I hit the "help me out" button and got connected with Hana!

There are a number of types of promotions you can use with this app, which is nice because it means we don't have to use a bunch of apps for banners, different promos, tracking conversions, etc.

If you're looking to do BoGos, like we were, you'll be happy with this app for sure.


Bugging a lot. Used it for one of my customer. Within' a few hours already two customers choose 2 and 3 gifts even though we set the maximum to 1.

I can't recommend this app until it's fully testet out and in.

My e-mail (if you want to contact): Kasper@sedia.dk


A great app and amazing service. The team at Swagify offer more than you could hope for when in need of help. A* service. Fully recommend.


I've had an awesome experience using this app for the past few months. I will admit that I was confused about the install since coding is not my specialty, but Nick responded right away and made everything really easy to understand.

I have had so much fun creating different promotions and definitely see an improvement in customer engagement. 10/10 would recommend


I've had a great experience with Swagify. I contacted the support team to install on my store and received a response immediately. They were a great help and even walked me through how to create a BOGO offer. The app functions beautifully, and is easy to use. Highly recommend!


I am totally happy with my Swagify App and most importantly with the support I received as a non developer. I do have some understanding of getting a few things done, but so appreciate NIck's patience and getting the final results I wanted. Thank you!


Solid app. Great support.

It isn’t hard to install — as a non-tech literate team, we simply followed the steps on the support page and pasted in the code. That said, we did have one question and the support team responded in minutes. Once we knocked that out, we were able to set up our first offer in under 2 minutes. The offer creation process is really clean, and there is a great amount of flexibility in the offers you can create. 

We’ll be tracking effectiveness to see if we should subscribe after the free trial…pretty confident it will be worth it. After trying a number of the other apps for bundling / upsell, Swagify was the only one that had a few of the features we needed. So far it's doing everything it's supposed to.


Update: This app is great. It helped us all the way through the big selling push this Holiday Season. They just released an update to the app that included features we suggested! Great team that actually listens to their users!


Don't go near this app - changed our prices to $0.00 even after we uninstalled it.
Altered our description to read Free. Created variants with a price of $0.00
We had it on our site for only a few minutes and it created a very big mess over the Christmas shopping season. We have been trying to get this problem fixed for over a week. Shopify doesn't know how to deal with it and Swagify doesn't either


Solid App that performs as indicated. The support team was top notch, especially Keith. They responded to my inquiries within minutes and fixed a little issue I was having. This app has huge potential to effectively promote my website and pos at a reasonable cost. Well worth the investment and highly recommended. www.nekkyd.com

$19.99 / month

Try Swagify for free for 14 days, then keep it on your sales team for $19.99/month.

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