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59 reviews
Price: $40.00 – $200.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • List your Shopify products on eBay and Etsy with ease
  • Also import your eBay and Etsy listings into your Shopify store
  • Automatically sync inventory and fulfill orders from Shopify, eBay, and Etsy in one place. Auto-end or hide listings when out of stock - no more overselling.

Easily manage your Shopify, eBay, and Etsy stores from one place.

SynCommerce enables you to list products from Shopify to eBay and Etsy and vice versa quickly and effortlessly. You can further create new products in SynCommerce and list to Shopify, eBay, and Etsy or monitor and fulfill orders in one place, and also keep your data automatically updated in real-time.

Merge and Link already Existing Products

Already have your items listed on your stores? Quickly merge them and have them linked in SynCommerce so they can be automatically synchronized.

Powerful Synchronization

In real time, the system automatically adjusts the inventory of your listings on other stores if you sell an item on any of your stores connected. You also have absolute control over the kind of synchronization you want, where you can choose to have different titles, prices, quantity, and description for your listings on the different store. You also have the power to choose to have your listings auto-ended when out of stock or not.

Hide zero inventory items

Avoid overselling and out of stock situations. Set your preferences to instruct SynCommerce to hide or not hide your items when it hits quantity 0.

List and sell on eBay globally

List products from one store to another with incredible ease and sell on all eBay domains across the US, UK, Canada, and rest of Europe

Bulk Listing

List multiple products to any store you want in minutes with SynCommerce bulk listing feature. Also create multiple variations of the same products.

Multiple channel integration

Connect multiple Shopify, eBay, and Etsy stores and manage them with a beautiful and intuitive dashboard that puts you in control.

Fulfill and impress

Monitor your orders from all connected stores and fulfill them in record time. You can also purchase and print your shipping templates for your orders right from your SynCommerce account.

Push all your orders to Shopify

You can set up your SynCommerce account to have all your orders from connected stores pushed to your Shopify store for fulfillment and processing, all in one place.

Customer satisfaction

Reach out to customers, get feedback quickly and easily notify customers when a product becomes available or a discount offer is available. (Social media integration coming soon)

Print packing lists

Print out packing list of orders from all connected stores with a single button click

Unbeatable support

You have never enjoyed support like this before. Ever!
We anticipate your concern and address them even before you know it.
Whether you are a premium merchant or on the free plan we give you a 5-star treatment with our email, live chat, Skype and phone support.


Issue with hiding and ending listings on Shopify and eBay respectively when inventory hits 0 has been fixed. Merchants now have the power to set up their SynCommerce account for listings to hide or end when out of inventory or not.

SynCommerce reviews

59 reviews
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  5. 1 star (14 reviews)

i couldn't even get it to sync


I wasted my entire weekend fighting with this app. Firstly the free trial version isn't sufficient to adequately test it. I took a gamble and paid for the base plan. Quickly realised this wasn't going to work either so stupidly decided to go all in and upgrade to the $100/mth plan. Immediately found a huge list of bugs in the app. The notifications all state they are 10 hours old, regardless of whether the event occurred just now or indeed, 10 hours earlier. The import option doesn't import all products from all channels and there's no way to filter what is imported. I spent an entire day fighting with it to try to import everything (the limit on this plan is 1000 products, I have around 600). The app imported 30 random orders out of a possible 3000+ and the customer import was the same. The inability to import everything makes this app completely useless. The import progress bar doesn't work so you have no idea what the app is doing. Although I had turned off the sync for everything except stock levels, the app managed to wipe over half of my ebay listings. It also jumbled the images between some listings which caused a huge amount of confusion for my customers. The app also altered all of my postage rates for every single item in my ebay store. I can't find a setting anywhere in the app to control this feature and I cannot figure out why it would change all of my free post items to a premium postage rate. No wonder my sales flat lined after installing the app. It's going to take me most of the week to manually check every single listing and rewrite every description. The damage this app has done to my online stores is huge. I contacted support and received a reply from Selma promising they would address the issues. I've since emailed three more times and had no response at all, not even a template confirmation. Nothing. Their promise of 24/7 help desk support is a total lie. I have requested a full refund given this product is not as described and not fit for purpose. The only way to cancel your subscription is via email. They haven't replied to my cancellation request either. No surprises there. I could have used the time wasted on this app, plus the time it will take to rewrite everything it wiped, to continue to manually update my inventory for the next 6 months. I have since been recommended to try Orderhive and with plans starting at $15/mth, I suggest you do same.


This is about the third app I have tried so I can sync my Shopify products to eBay and Amazon. I must say after using the app for 24 hours I am very impressed. It is so simple to function and saves so much time. I honestly urge anyway who is looking to sync multiple platforms then try out syncommerce.


Way too many issues, right off the bat, can't even login back in. Wont synch with Amazon, which was way too painful of a task to begin with, and come on...really, you need to hire an expert?? Whats that? The idea and concept behind shopify is that we are a community of DYI.


I had some trouble at first trying to merge and sync two Shopify stores. It caused my products to be deleted from their correct collections, product images to duplicate and inventory counts to be Off. Needless to say I was highly upset and frustrated.

But upon emailing for help I received constant communication and assistance around the clock. My issues were all resolved and I was able to use the app with no problems. Thanks to Selma and Papa for seeing me through this in a timely fashion.


I can not live without it. At the very beginning, I feel so difficult to use it. but actually, there are some special skill I do not know , I asked for cancel, the customer service is so good and patient to help, they fixed every bug , actually that is because I do not know how to use it, not the app bug. Right now, I have 3 Etsy store, 1 shopify store and 1 ebay store. Can you image, I run them at the same time. after I smooth all the site, I am thinking about connect with amazon. That means I have another window to display my handmade products.
My income is doubled every day, that is totally amazing. Thank you so much !


another update: AVOID
I was using that app for good few months (I started when it was a beta version)
I was very happy at the beginning. Some bugs, but it was obvious for beta.
Then the things went wrong
- even though the app was set up only for price and quantity synchronization. the descriptions and PHOTOS was changed
- app completely ruin my tags on Etsy (I did lost 2 years of etsy SEO)
- app was not sync to etsy due to listings creation bug.


I asked for 2 month refund (as per using app as full service) but I was refused. I'm opening a case with Visa and stripe to get some of my money back.


I decided to give it a try but very soon started to run into major issues:
• It takes forever to publish listings on Ebay and Etsy and the "workaround" is to click the republish button. This causes the images on the listings to be overwritten or duplicated.
• Major issue: it pushes random weight measurements for every product, and since Ebay and Esty use weight calculators to quote shipping your rates can be stratospheric.
• Cancelling is a NIGHTMARE! I've sent emails to their "support" staff asking for a cancellation, because of course you can't do it by yourself, and I just keep getting emails asking for a reason why I'm canceling before they can proceed.


HORRIBLE! Nightmare experience! Ebay listings were imported into Shopify incorrectly, photographs duplicated themselves 3x and rearranged their order. 150 ebay listings lost their data and had to be manually entered again. THERE WAS NO SUPPORT from the company, they do not have a phone number. I have no way of closing my account and getting a refund. I've been scammed!


SynCommerce provides a unique solution to a common problem in the Ecommerce market place. We are impressed with how easy it has been to create listings on other giant traffic sales channels like Ebay and Etsy. Our team is eagerly awaiting the release of the Amazon Sales Channel, which will certainly take Syncommerce and its clients to more sales. Thanks for making this great app!

Oh Yeah, amazing customer support. Second to none really. :)

$40.00 – $200.00 / month

The most affordable multi-channel inventory solution. View pricing plans in detail https://syncommerceapp.com/pricing.html

14 days

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