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Developed by Mavericks Technologies Ltd

Price: $40.00 – $200.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • List your Shopify products on eBay and Etsy with ease
  • Also import your eBay and Etsy listings into your Shopify store
  • Automatically sync inventory and fulfill orders from Shopify, eBay, and Etsy in one place. Auto-end or hide listings when out of stock - no more overselling.

Easily manage your Shopify, eBay, and Etsy stores from one place.

SynCommerce enables you to list products from Shopify to eBay and Etsy and vice versa quickly and effortlessly. You can further create new products in SynCommerce and list to Shopify, eBay, and Etsy or monitor and fulfill orders in one place, and also keep your data automatically updated in real-time.

Merge and Link already Existing Products

Already have your items listed on your stores? Quickly merge them and have them linked in SynCommerce so they can be automatically synchronized.

Powerful Synchronization

In real time, the system automatically adjusts the inventory of your listings on other stores if you sell an item on any of your stores connected. You also have absolute control over the kind of synchronization you want, where you can choose to have different titles, prices, quantity, and description for your listings on the different store. You also have the power to choose to have your listings auto-ended when out of stock or not.

Hide zero inventory items

Avoid overselling and out of stock situations. Set your preferences to instruct SynCommerce to hide or not hide your items when it hits quantity 0.

List and sell on eBay globally

List products from one store to another with incredible ease and sell on all eBay domains across the US, UK, Canada, and rest of Europe

Bulk Listing

List multiple products to any store you want in minutes with SynCommerce bulk listing feature. Also create multiple variations of the same products.

Multiple channel integration

Connect multiple Shopify, eBay, and Etsy stores and manage them with a beautiful and intuitive dashboard that puts you in control.

Fulfill and impress

Monitor your orders from all connected stores and fulfill them in record time. You can also purchase and print your shipping templates for your orders right from your SynCommerce account.

Push all your orders to Shopify

You can set up your SynCommerce account to have all your orders from connected stores pushed to your Shopify store for fulfillment and processing, all in one place.

Customer satisfaction

Reach out to customers, get feedback quickly and easily notify customers when a product becomes available or a discount offer is available. (Social media integration coming soon)

Print packing lists

Print out packing list of orders from all connected stores with a single button click

Unbeatable support

You have never enjoyed support like this before. Ever!
We anticipate your concern and address them even before you know it.
Whether you are a premium merchant or on the free plan we give you a 5-star treatment with our email, live chat, Skype and phone support.


Issue with hiding and ending listings on Shopify and eBay respectively when inventory hits 0 has been fixed. Merchants now have the power to set up their SynCommerce account for listings to hide or end when out of inventory or not.

SynCommerce reviews (45)


HORRIBLE-Although there is a responsiveness from Christian, this app has errors daily. I have used it for two months and it has DAILY caused problems-duplicated my listings on Ebay, ( over 950 of them) removed photos, merged two listings into one on my Ebay, and has not synced my pricing changes across platforms. It has cost me greatly as a high volume seller and hurt my integrity also. IF you "merge" your listings and even choose not to add all the photos together-the app will pick up any listing with a matching word in it, and then merge them into 1 listing and update that way across all platforms! For instance: 2 pair of Louboutins were listed as 1 with BOTH photos on the listing and the incorrect pricing listed after the merging and sync.Christian had access to my stores and couldn't remedy it! NIGHTMARE!


Ok, so it is only my first day - and there are some kinks to work out, but I can't WAIT until this ap has Amazon! Once that is done, this ap will be exactly what I need. Being a small manufacturer is tough - I often wonder when am I going to turn a profit again - after creating & storing the product so it is available for immediate shipping, Amazon/retailer fees, shipping both ways and tons of software running on the back end & each taking a slice - there is almost nothing left. I had been using channel advisor - which I signed up for because they talked me into it being this big magical software worth 1000 a month & a % of sales - I got on & 1 month later I was livid - there was nothing special about this software - someone has to come up with a cheaper alternative & believe me I have been looking.............in comes stitch fix at 500 a month plus fees - too robust - not what I needed..........then, I came across this free ap - so I thought - what the heck do I have to lose. in about 10 minutes flat I uploaded all of my stuff from Shopify to ebay. Am upgrading to the paid version as soon as I figure out how to do everything. Great ap, exactly what I needed at a price I can afford. Sincerely, JS


I like this app a lot.
It saves my time. They always try to help whenever there is any problem.
I highly recommend this app.


Not ready yet. When it works should be nice. I think that they are overloaded at the moment.


Software continuously creates multiple records for single sales. Duplicates orders imported from Etsy when the option to import into Shopify is used. Customer Service took a couple of days to respond and promised they had fixed issue. But happened again after i re-enabled the software. No luck. Now i have several hours of cleanup work to do AGAIN.

Needs lots of fixes before this is ready for production (both in support and software).


Syncommerce has a potential future for big success. I have been lucky to try them out twice, once during their early development stage and again recently. They have improved A LOT during the past few months.

It is a shame that I am not destined to stick around with them for too long. The first time I signed up with them, I wanted to use the service to list my items on Rakuten. Unfortunately Rakuten have shut down their operation in the UK-EU market so I had to walk away.

Then, I re-joined recently because I wanted to use Syncommerce with Etsy this time. All went smooth (with minimal issues. Christian from the development team was very helpful and accessable on Chat and by email) and I successfully managed to list a few items on Etsy. Unfortunately, Etsy have suspended my account due to their strict policy for vintage-used goods, and as I am a drop shipper who is selling new items; I have been caught and Etsy do not seem to be willing to believe that my goods are older than 20 years of making, despite sold as new.

Overall, despite that I am leaving Syncommerce again; I am pretty sure that their tool would be fantastic to manage items on eBay, as well as Amazon (very soon). Therefore I am fully confident that I'll be back and use them again at some stage in future. I highly recommend giving them a try. Their service is amazing and it is very handy for every seller who wants to manage his products on Shopify and sync them across other platforms such as eBay and amazon among others.

It is not goodbye. It is "until I see you again". Thank you guys for all the help. It has been a pleasure working with you.

Best regards,
Zed Sefi
Director of United Scents & Perfume Brands


I have been using SynCommerce for over 3 months now and absolutely love it. As an Etsy shop owner, this app has literally saved me HOURS and HOURS of work - for my Etsy shop and my Shopify store.

There were some issues along the way, as others pointed out, but I waited to give my review until I felt I could give a fair assessment. The team at SynCommerce has gone out of their way to offer excellent customer service, and believe me, I did not make it easy for them! I had to change stores, remove one Etsy shop and add a different one, delete products that we decided we did not want to carry...and the SynCommerce team helped me every step of the way.

This is the best listing app I have found to date, and by far, the easiest to learn. There are very few apps out there that can do what this app does, and if you value your time at all, you should get this app.

Thank you so much for building this app SynCommerce!!



Don't waste your time here, not enough options to define products to import. To accomplish a strategic sync would requires as much work as relisting your products.


The app is not consistent and keeps crashing and missing items when importing from Shopify. It created multiple listings on Etsy for some items which caused me to loose listing fees. The support contact tried to work out the issues for couple of days then stopped responding to my tickets completely!

The app idea is very good, however the performance and support are terrible at this point


Easy to use and will save your hours of time by automating all your products to be synced on multiple platforms. Great tool to make fast and easy money. 5 Star

$40.00 – $200.00 / month

The most affordable multi-channel inventory solution. View pricing plans in detail hhttps://syncommerceapp.com/pricing.html

14 days

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