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The Bundled APP By Appiness Tech

The Bundled APP By Appiness Tech

Developed by Appiness Technologies

4 reviews
Price: From $10.00 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Synchronization of bundle stock made easier on Shopify.
  • Upgrade bundles, multi-packs & sets catalog smoothly.
  • Manage the quantity of products effortlessly.

What is The Bundle APP?

Bundle application is designed to make the combination or set of products selling process smoother. It links a group of products with a distinct product or variant easily. The best thing about the application is that it makes the inventory maintenance process very convenient. In fact, things made of diverse components can also be sold using this application as you would be able to trace the inventory easily.

How does it function?

Bundle verifies and harmonizes the products/variants in a bundle after every sale. It brings back all the products & variants back in synchronization in a jiffy after sales. You do not have to create new products or variants using this app, you can just link one product to various products. The process of adding the bundles is also pretty simple.

A bundle product in the application will be made by selecting the bundle products and their variants and choosing the related products/variants. Interestingly, a store owner can select multiple variants of related products as well.

Bundle application is used to manage the quantity of products. For instance, if a customer buys Bundle Product, the application will verify the minimum quantity of all the product variants that are available in that bundle product. Then, it will update the minimum quantity of those bundle products/variants in Shopify store.

A Store Owner would also be able to check the log of products ordered. In the Inventory Log, a store owner can check the updated quantity & old quantity of products/variants.

Does it require any alteration in templates or liquid files?

No, it's very simple. Bundle application manages everything automatically. You would just have to select the products/variants that are required to be added as Bundle along with other content, in the Shopify store.

Does it treat products & variants equally?

For Bundle application both products and variants are equal. You can easily make a bundle which contains both variants and products. This also implies that it also functions in the similar way when you let your customer select colors or sizes on the product page. All diverse sizes and colors will show individually when you make a new bundle.

The Bundled APP By Appiness Tech reviews

4 reviews
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I'm trying to bundle couples t-shirts & the app want's you to choose sizes for EACH item. So the customer can't choose, which defeats the purpose.


I couldn't bundle any apparel because the app want's you to choose sizes for each article instead of being able to let the customer choose.


Managing whole lot of products with variants and creating a new bundle to sell separately, is definitely a plus. Easy for users, so to say, never thought it would ease out stock management also. Its a cent percent app to double up sales, definitely deserves 5 star rating. This app will surely be recommended to all by our shop, way to go!


A good app to begin with. Easy to navigate and simple to understand,is surely a plus. Cheap for your pocket:) I would love to recommend this to my friends. Their support team is very helpful.

From $10.00 / month
14 days

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