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The Gifts Finders

The Gifts Finders

Developed by Chief Software Solutions

Price: From $0.00 / month Free Trial: 30 days More info
  • Boost your sales by taking advantage of ‘Gifts’ scenarios
  • List individual gift cards or create bundles with existing products for each occasion
  • Be found where customers are looking for gifts

People are always looking to buy gifts for their loved ones, through out the year, for various occasions like Birthdays, Valentine’s, Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduations, Christmas and more!

Take advantage of the ‘Gifts’ scenarios to boost your sales!
With the Gifts Finders app, list your gift cards and gift bundles on The Gifts Finders website, to be found by online shoppers every day. We advertise The Gifts Finders on Facebook and YouTube to get users to our website, where they can browse and discover your gift cards and gift bundles for various occasions.

How does it work?

This app offers merchants the following:

  • List Gift cards and gift bundles for various occasions on The Gifts Finders website

  • Install the Gifts Finders app and use it to tag and list your store's gift cards and gift bundles (see screenshots). Once you list your gift cards, they will be displayed to customers who visit The Gifts Finders website. We actively market the Gifts finders website on YouTube and Facebook, to potential customers looking to buy gifts. Once a customer lands on The Gifts Finders website, they can view your Gift cards and gift bundles!

  • Bundle existing products into Gift bundles for various occasions.

Customers love gift bundles and gift baskets for various occasions. With this app you can also create gift bundles for various occasions. You just need to select an occasion, select the existing products that you would like to bundle together, the price for the gift bundle and quantity! We will take care of the rest. We will create a new Gift bundle product for you, by copying over the images, creating the appropriate description and updating the inventory count for the products in the bundle.

It’s all displayed on The Gifts Finders website for users to discover every day!

What if your monthly plan does not have gift cards?

If your monthly plan does not have gift cards, you can still use the app to create Gift bundles and post them to The Gifts Finders website.


This app pays for itself. We charge only when a sale is made from users who came directly from The Gifts Finders website.

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From $0.00 / month

7.5% of sales of Gift cards and Gift bundles, from customers directed from "The Gifts Finders" website.

30 days

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