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Price Drop Alerts

Price Drop Alerts

Developed by The Watchlyst

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  • Direct increase in sales with existing traffic
  • Automatic email capture for customers with purchase intent
  • Reveal willingness-to-pay point for each product

The easiest way to increase sales with automated price drop alerts

You’ve invested valuable time and money getting customers to your website. However, 98% of them leave without making a purchase. Many are interested in buying a product but are not ready yet or find the prices too high.

The Watchlyst makes it easy for customers with future purchase intent to quickly sign up for a price drop email alerts.

The moment an item drops in price, your customer is automatically sent an email with a buy now button. You’ve made an extra sale, plus your customer is left with a good impression of your store, rather than a bad taste in their mouth because they couldn’t buy what they wanted.

The Watchlyst Impact

  1. Direct increase in sales

  2. Capture 25% more email leads

  3. 4% increase in traffic

  4. 20% higher order value

    1. Send emails your customers love and build loyalty

      Customers will love getting alerts from your site which are based on the products they’ve told you they want to hear about. Send 1:1 personalized emails and engage with 25% more visitors.

      Never lose a sale because of bad pricing

      Price is a sensitive issue for consumers. Massive sales are lost because of bad pricing. The Watchlyst reveals the willingness-to-pay point for each product to help optimize for maximum orders.

      Measure demand, not just sales

      Every store owner needs to know what items do customers most want to buy? Use our dashboard to see product demand trends & quantities to order. Increase profits by knowing rather than guessing demand.

      Simple setup

      Installation takes less than 30 seconds. Simply hit Get App and a button saying ‘Notify me when price drops’ will immediately appear on all relevant product pages.

      This button automatically connects to a pop-up form that has a field for target price and email address.

      You can customize button position and email parameters. Simple!

      Automated price checking

      The Watchlyst bot monitors the prices of each of the subscribed products 4 times in a day. You simply have to update the product prices and your customers will receive an automatic email alert telling them that the item they want is has dropped in price.

      Update inventory ... await flood of customers !!!

      Need More Information?

      Visit our website: https://thewatchlyst.com/shopify or just drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Price Drop Alerts reviews (1)


Smart idea! Works perfectly as stated. Already started to get new orders for us. Also helps me know what prices customers are willing to buy and what products are in demand.

Excellent support.


$0.15 per return visitor

No upfront (monthly or yearly) subscription.

Everybody gets first 50 return visits free to test drive the app.

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60 days

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The Watchlyst
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